The Best Skyrim Mods of All Time

This video features a collection of a large variety of different Skyrim mods, mods that I consider to be the best I've ever used. This list isn't exhaustive of all of the mods I enjoy, but merely features the mods that I think at the most impressive. Some of these mods focus on immersion, realism, and difficulty. Others focus on design, adding new items, weapons, armors, and npcs into the game. I will keep the list of these mods updated regarding their compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition. It's possible these mods will eventually come to console, but I don't own one so I unfortunately can't answer any specific questions regarding that.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Race Menu:

Audio Overhaul 2:

Skyrim Unbound:

Interesting NPCs:

Immersive Armor:

Immersive Weapons:

Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

Convenient Horses:

Immersive HUD:

Realistic Needs and Diseases:

iNeed: (Also included in Skyrim Remastered)

Unique Uniques:

Wet and Cold:

Climates of Tamriel:



Requiem The Roleplaying Overhaul:


Enhanced Camera:
  • Vazda Bilo

    i cant use skyrim unbound like u i dont have that menu why ?

  • Alexander F.

    Is there a port of the Requiem mod for SE? My regular Skyrim doesn't want to start, giving me an error every time. But SE works fine.

  • wolf robinson

    omg I love you right now thank you for all the jamazzingklasjdfl;kjaslkjed mods :D

  • Blake Bauman

    "Resize just about everything"Oh boy, you just started a meme...

  • Honoured LeGaCy

    I'm really late.. but does anyone know how to change your Nexus Mod Manager from Skyrim, to Skyrim remastered. Cause I have a crap ton of mods that I'd rather play with remastered

  • Pimp of Hell

    Pls, pls tell me if any of these mods are available for Xbox because I'm getting one soon.

  • Ajguile

    SkyUI will never be on console

  • dork fiend

    R these nexus bethesda or any other type of mod site

  • Duster Gaming Co.

    Bro I had the same voice problem

  • Juraikken

    We need Elder Scrolls 6 to come out soon, so we can MOD IT!

  • Doc Nook

    thanks for sharing your mind

  • CrosSMindeD NINJA


  • Dom Julien

    hello can u see ur face next video ?

  • eric Jacobs

    Question. If I mod my current game will my progress be lost?

  • DragonJarvis

    I play the old version of skyrim and I have currently 73 Mods active, lol.

  • William Allison

    i was under hte impression UFO was defunct? fully replaced by EFF?

  • jay sullivan

    Nice work. I really don't have a problem with the way this game looks but I wanted to see what other things people have modded; this list definitely has a few things I should add for my current playthrough and others I should add for future playthroughs.

  • Dusk Runner

    almost a year :O happy birthday koubitz video

  • Zuxx

    Is it only my computer or me or is the Immersive Armors mod broken? Everytime I download and try to install it the NMM says "a problem occured during install"

  • YesteryearsGamer

    Requiem is a great mod, in my opinion... but holy *crap,*, does it conflict with damn near every other mod I have an interest in!Not saying you should avoid it, but I really think you should try to "cut the fat" from the load order as much as possible.

  • Darksiosa 1200

    I download 2 of the mods but when i got to the Intresting NPCS when i saw it was 2 gb... i blew

  • Sana#11860

    It's a girl youtuber. Time to subscribe.

  • uday kumar vatti

    As a non English speaker i find difficult to organize what I want to say....the way you introduced and organized your content is very good keep it up

  • Kean Giledaks

    Suggestion for musthave: Wildcat :3 loved the vid

  • WolFang

    Hello I dont have any elder scrolls game. Im planning on getting Skyrim legendary edition. Is the game good on its own? like without any mods? Im getting the xbox 360 version.

  • Ferhad Semseddinli

    Skyrim video Witcher music

  • Zachary Saenz

    will you go to prom with me? i think its amazing that your a girl gamer

  • Annie Peterson

    I may be the only Skyrim player in existence who doesn't like SkyUI.

  • Dank Finn

    requiem is just too hard and needs grinding I couldn't even clear the first dungeon on the main quest also you can have couple of problems with it

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    "when NPCs live somewhere cold..."Oh you know, like the entirety of fucking Skyrim.

  • Barbara Watson

    IDK if this is a mod but a Progression mod would be cool like having people discover things like electricity and it would take over as the basic light source.Or another example would be getting cars,T.Vs and MOAR KRABS.Or in less words From dark ages to modernization.Your character will also age and you can have kids (non adopted) and be them.They'll also be a drahonborn due to you being born dragon blood. GOD this is a long comment Also if you make mods please try to make this.

  • Wojciech Skrzypczak

    Are all these mods compatible with eachother???

  • SonnieDae

    How do you get these mods ? I play on a console,,PS3. How do I go about downloading them for my Skyrim game ?

  • Cjs awesome world of gaming

    Watch my skyrim videos

  • Briar Gierhart

    audio overhaul breaks my game :(

  • TheUKNutter

    Why not add mods with extra missions, such as The Forgotten City?

  • Duarte Silva

    "I cannot recommend this mod enough."

  • blaizeluvsilver

    Great work here! Only advice is to keep your intro a little bit shorter. It takes you 2 minutes to start

  • Kapil Sarma

    Your video helped me in selecting mods from the thousands of cool mods out there and i was, at first, started downloading everthing that got max likes and downloads. Thank you

  • Matt Allen

    I'm always pitchin a tent when I get cold :-)

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Awesome video, I just bought a pc and obviously had to buy skyrim and I've been looking around for great mods.

  • Modern Talking Central

    Awesome video! Thank you and darn you!... Now I'm going to have to start all over in the Skyrim Special Edition, with all the mods you just showed, with the exception of the 1st person locked mod, since I like scrolling the camera in and out constantly for various reasons. I also will add those 2 last ones that you mentioned with more NPC's in the world and more companions option, plus I will be looking for a mod that makes more children available for adopting and the number of children you can adopt, maybe 4 instead of 2. I'm also looking for that mod where there are more homes available to purchase or build and lastly, a mod that I can have my wife put on regular clothes when at home or where I can lock in what I want them to ware in their inventory at any given time, if a mod like that even exsits?... But this is such a great game and one if not, my all-time favorite game (despite the many bugs). Nonetheless, I'm addicted to the game! I heard from ESO's channel that Bethesda will be selling a Mod that is basically the Campfire+Frostfall mods. Thanks again for suggesting these mods!

  • frosted flakes

    Wdym you have to click on the items to look at them? Just hover over them..I like the scroll feature and I feel like SkyUI would be extremely uncomfortable to use, but it is REQUIRED with so many great mods. :/ Still never installing it.I do think RaceMenu is better, but that's a little different from the inventory you use the whole game.

  • Captain Absol

    to be frank, i came here because i was looking at the Steam workshop... it's a shame i don't know how to use manual installs.also, it seems like 80% of youtube people who make videos on Skyrim are guys. it's refreshing to hear a girl talk instead of a guy for once. just gonna leave that there.

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