The Best Skyrim Mods of All Time

This video features a collection of a large variety of different Skyrim mods, mods that I consider to be the best I've ever used. This list isn't exhaustive of all of the mods I enjoy, but merely features the mods that I think at the most impressive. Some of these mods focus on immersion, realism, and difficulty. Others focus on design, adding new items, weapons, armors, and npcs into the game. I will keep the list of these mods updated regarding their compatibility with Skyrim Special Edition. It's possible these mods will eventually come to console, but I don't own one so I unfortunately can't answer any specific questions regarding that.

All music from The Witcher 3 by Marcin Przybyłowicz

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Race Menu:

Audio Overhaul 2:

Skyrim Unbound:

Interesting NPCs:

Immersive Armor:

Immersive Weapons:

Ultimate Follower Overhaul:

Convenient Horses:

Immersive HUD:

Realistic Needs and Diseases:

iNeed: (Also included in Skyrim Remastered)

Unique Uniques:

Wet and Cold:

Climates of Tamriel:



Requiem The Roleplaying Overhaul:


Enhanced Camera:
  • BigBlue

    resize just about everything hey

  • Cian Mattson

    I must be the only pc player in the world that think skyUI is overrated.

  • MrJamedawg

    lollll you cant recommend stuff enough a lot!

  • John Harrison

    Enhanced UI, remove crosshairs + scoped bows mod is a good combination. Love the realism mods, and followers like Chinook the bear. You rescue him & raise him from a cub to a killing machine.

  • Alexander the Great

    Ordinator, wildcat und apocalypse magic are musthave too imo.

  • Noah Proulx

    sup w/ the witcher music this is skyrim

  • Pim P

    Dat witcher music tho

  • Geico

    rustic clothing isn't very good. there are a lot of textures that doesn't look right. take ulfric's coat for example. looks like he's wearing a coat with laminated wallpaper

  • Beat91Sms

    im sorry but skyui its the worst mod of all, skyui its a stupid mod just to put everything tiny like ppl use in mmorpg likes tons of windows covering the screen and no gameplay view what so ever, unluckely i have to use skyui coz a lot of mods require that crap but some guy (a god) saved me by making (skyui away) that alows you to have skyui but have the beautifull menus vanila that r soooo cute, soooo sorry skyui its worst than the worst mods out there even worst than tomas the tank engine not animated that replaces the gorgeous dragons with a stupid train so yea skyui its 1000 times worst than that

  • A Random Ravenclaw

    I'm sorry but immersive armors and weapons won't appear on my Xbox mod searches anyone know why?


    I have installed a bunch of these mods but the game still looks the same!

  • Anna Johansson

    Hey! I thought I'd take a minute and send a proper thank you for the time and effort you've put in making these mod compilation and highlight videos. I just yesterday dusted off Skyrim, haven't played it since release (the first one! Gasp!) but I wanted some variation from Fallout and back in the day I didn't know of mods, so I have quite the selection now. 😏I remember enjoying Skyrim but not to the extent that I continued playing after the main quest. It fell a bit flat for me, especially the characters felt one dimensional and I sort fell out of love after the first 300 hours. With the help of your excellent videos though I've most certainly fallen back in love with the game! Since there's SO MUCH to choose from they have been a great help in narrowing down the selection for a new startup, and I'm customising my new playtrough to be exactly what I want. Frostfall, Wet and Cold, iNeed and that one with the remade clothes, I can't remember what it's called now dammit, went straight to the top of my list in an instant. We seem to appreciate much of the same things in our games, so I'm very happy to have found your channel!Hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday and an even better new year. See you around! 😁

  • shatti soud

    does the (intreasting npcs) works with ufo or eff

  • Joe Cobb

    "things you can hear from a very far away away" lul


    Audio overhaul 2 sucks, because your footsteps still make sounds when you’re muffled

  • Máté Dajka

    Hi Koubitz! I really liked your video! Thanks for the info U shared!


    went in thinking oh well am bored let see what this is came out downloading every mod

  • Daniele Palmones

    That witcher soundtrack on the background... idk why but it makes me fucking lonely and cry a bit

  • João Pedro Munhoz

    Very nice video, congrats!! Are all these mods compatible between themselves? I've just played Skyrim in PS3 up to now, so I've never played any Skyrim mods, but I know some mods often cause bugs if they're installed together with non compatible stuff, right?

  • dad

    I like you your voice is on a different plain

  • Mr Poool

    Completely inappropriate music mod

  • I Control My Fate

    Why the F**k would you want to bw able to contract diseases and have to drink water

  • Tuntalunta

    your voice is no soothing

  • G and e gaMing channel

    Boy of you don't get yo you in look looking self

  • h4ck3rist

    I decided to brush the dust of my skyrim copy today and spent the whole day digging trough nexus mods... I'm gonna try the setup with most the mods of this video. Well done.

  • MrJamedawg

    Great video! very helpful and insightful! =)

  • Ludwig Von fox

    Are they all compatible together?

  • TheMrWillje

    I just want good conversations. If you walk into an inn, there's like 5 different conversations going on at once, and it's not just small talk. Imagine being able to approach people and join in a conversation, give your opinion, tell a story, for no other reason than immersion. I don't think I've ever had an interesting conversation in a video game that wasn't for any particular purpose like a quest.


    Am I seriously the only person who likes the default inventory system? xD

  • Percibol

    of all the MODS on this video, the last one, "Requiem" would be my most sought after. Unfortunately, it is only available on the regular Skyrim. Is there a different version for the Special Edition version? The only Requiem MOD that I could find for Skyrim SE only changed up the blessing stones

  • Simon Zamora

    what enb are you using it looks really nice

  • Mary McAllister

    Do you use an enb ? Your game looks amazing and not over the top with the dof and bloom

  • Nigerian Prince

    Installing mod 44/332.I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a loading screen to the knee.

  • Erik Ramirez

    Your voice is so fucking annoying

  • Nic G

    Hey the music is from witcher 3

  • Syris Graves

    sorry to ask, bur r u a boy or a girl? XD rly can't tell

  • Captain Jack

    music from wicher 3, nice...

  • Tom Rogers

    I really like 'living takes time' - it's fully customizable (if that's a word) and one of the best things is that reading levels up your speech based on the amount of time you spend reading both providing an incentive to read books and also making a bard/scholar/non violent character much more viable.

  • JackkerFL

    Is it possible, if you can go out of your way, if not, that's fine. If its possible, can you maybe link the Steam counter-parts?

  • Jakauras1

    one mod to rule them all!

  • AurochsReborn

    Thumbs down for saying "bangin-est"

  • Eddie Lopez

    Just what i was looking for.

  • Steve Dodds

    Newcome question: how many of these mods can you run on the Xbox 360 at the one time?Oh, and great video; very engaging, articulate, and full of premium content.Um, and another question off topic (yes, I am fully aware this video is not about graphics mods): what do you think of sxve? Is it too big? Worth it for Xbox 360? Thanks for your videos. Cheers in advance for any help you can give.

  • Aaron Mack

    Tks I'm starting to play with mods its fun I got 2 copies of skyrim on steam I ended up getting the SE version free no diference between the 2 really so I'm keeping SE vanilla and modding the other very helpful tks

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