Skyrim Dawnguard part 30 - Become a Vampire, Enter the Soul Cairn & more

Welcome to my gameplay session for the Skyrim DLC Dawnguard. In this video I decided to let Serana turn me into a Vampire so that we may enter the soul Cairn, thanks for watching!
  • Tyler circuit

    i messed up i wanted to become a werewolf but for got to make a save point and i became a vampire and now i can join to dawnguard

  • trivlock

    i believe that was intentional. Vampires to the dawnguard are weak sauce. Compared to Vamp. Lord they are more powerful. So thats my guess

  • Thomas Hutton

    I am human Imperial. I was first quests companions werewolf. I like dawnguard and vampire. I did join Dawnguard. I don't want Harkon a lord vampire is evil. I help with Dawnguard quests and Serana follow. Than I become a vampirism go to soul cairn. I more quests. Last Falion cure vampire to me normal human. I kill Harkon. I save Dawnguard and Serana. I have all guests the end. I will be vampirism. My alignment true neutral. I don't want form lord vampire. She too.

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    well I was hoping that I could still be with the Dawnguard and stay a vampire (i.e. a vampire hunter who is a vampire.....where have I heard of that be4, blade anyone ;) but when I came back to the Dawnguard fortress they wouldn't even talk to me and I couldn't proceed forward with the Dawnguard quests ;( so I changed back into a werewolf.

  • StayCalm&BelieveIn God

    Can u become a werewolf still.. If u choose to become a vamp?

  • IndiebomberZ

    I finished the dawnguard story line but i cant get back through help me!

  • styles cooper

    yooooo we both "39" hardcore werewolfs haha and just became blood suckas Lol

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    We sneaked in through a side entrance so we avoided the main section. I think if she Soul Traps you, you become weaker (not sure exactly how much weaker though),

  • bigT tmoney

    is this a quest for the dawnguard if that is true can your become a vampire lord and then turn back into a werewolf and go mess around with the dawnguard

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    Yes you will lose the ability but if you completed the companions side quest Aela the Huntress can turn you back into a werewolf.

  • Cole Becker

    If you pick to become a vampire lord on the mission are you still Able to continue the dawnguard missions as a hunter or are you basically changing sides?


    wait this bey sound like he Bahamian in dat case hell yea bahamians into makin gameplays now oh yea 242 boy

  • Mardi Gras

    Will u get rid of the werewolf ability if u accept to be a vampire FROM SERANA?

  • Rolando Portillo

    Dude vampires are so much better then ware wolves

  • Luke Mitchell

    Can u make yourself human again plz answer

  • dannyboy l

    so could i become a vampire for the soul cairn part of the quest and then once i finish that if i cure myself of vampirism. then could i continue with dawnguard?

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    Interesting, do you think that may be a glitch or do you think it was intentionally done that way (and if so why hate on the vampire lords)?

  • trivlock

    while i was still playing for the dawnguard i notice that when i turned a quest it said right after that i became a vampire because i did not cure my disease. however the dawnguard did not turn me away for that. so if u r a regular vamp. they will accept you but a vamp. lord that in turn is a no no for them.

  • trivlock

    :( you became a vampire lord. I'm sorry to say if this was multiplayer I would hunt you down. I chose the partial soul trap route. Ya the regeneration sucked and you lose 45 points of health, magic, and stamina, however it did prove to be a real test of me as a distance fighter aka sniper man. No not spiderman........sniper man.

  • gamingarcadiaHD

    I was unable to continue with the Dawnguard missions. Isran wouldn't even talk to me (guess he really hates vamps). I was basically forced to cure my vampirism (which sucks cause I thought it would be cool to be a vampire hunting vampires)

  • bigT tmoney

    oh and one more thing if your with dawnguard how the hell did your get into the castle and do your know what happens if she were to soul trap you

  • styles cooper

    made two saves though so im both

  • shadow05 PW

    What happens if your a werewolf and she bites you?

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