Skyrim Secret Vampire Legend

The Legend of Half-Moon Mill's Secret Vampire in Skyrim!


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  • DLAssassin 56

    Her husband is a vampire because I took a contract for the dark brotherhood and it was to kill her husband and I got a dialogue option of "assassin Vs vampire I wonder who will win"

  • Fazz Faiez

    I use healing hand to confirm.... If the targer resisted then they are definitely a vampire

  • joery vanwaeyenberghe

    ancient werewolf instead vampire !! LMAO

  • delldor Buffington

    Hert is a thrall to her husband.

  • Christopher Capps

    If you do the Dark Brotherhood questline and listen then you find out that her and her husband are vampires

  • King Drago

    I think she had Sanguinare Vampiris and wasnt a full vampire that is why she had no vampire dust.

  • hello food?

    She's obviously supposed to be a vampire but you're not supposed to kill her dumbass cuz if you were supposed to kill her then there was be vampire dust

  • ThePikaJew

    maybe shes a werewolf

  • Kaustuv Pradhan

    0:50 the exact same thing happened with me when I was hunting bears

  • N30n Dawn

    Or North West of Falkreath then west of The Lady Stone.

  • Gamer Zoid

    Is it me or does it look like the eyes are amplified to another shade of red plus the dawn guard textures

  • Johnny Mcgladery

    you will get if somone tells u

  • Kevin Lucey

    It caused me actual pain that you never realized there's a dark brotherhood quest that flat out tells you she's a vampire..

  • ??? ???

    I think that the 'Unofficial Patch' mod puts Vampire Dust in Hert's inventory

  • Johnny Mcgladery

    vampireif you go with the dark brother hood you will get a quest to kill the man

  • Istvan Andras

    They used to transport logs from the mountains using rivers thats why the logs are in the water. They would make a makeshift raft out of the logs using rope and on destination they would just untie the logs and get them out of the water.

  • Ville Vilfred

    He said Leona Lake. Anybody read Eragon? There's a location in the book Eragon called Leona Lake.

  • iqbal khan

    She actually is! On my main she used vampiric drain.

  • Soja Sucré

    the easiest way to discover if they are vampire is to use detect life magic (not the shoot)

  • BiggsN15

    Maybe she was a Vampires Thrall?..

  • Caleb Marshall

    I stayed at they're house at night one time and they both tried to kill me, while using vampiric powers.

  • ArekkusuYT

    she could be a vampire immigrant because each Provence has its own strain of vamperism with the dawngard skyrim has 2 strains

  • KittiDrawz

    Her face kinda gives it away XD she kinda looked like an Orc Dunmer thing for a minute

  • BadgeurM0B

    to be honest if you cant tell that they are both Fang Bangers well they dont really hide it too well :)


    She's not a werewolf?

  • sinfearless robo1

    She's a werewolf

  • John Waggoner

    Or...she's a werewolf? Which is why she only eats meat, she can walk in sunlight, doesn't drop Vampire Dust, has a book about werewolves, and isn't with a coven.

  • Jenifer Rivers

    If you are in the dark brother hood they will send you their to kill her husband wich is a vampire then she will come in and try to kill you I did it at night I don't know about day time

  • Gamer Zoid

    Between 0:25 and 0:30 ESO so says half moon mill is is west of riften And I go bruhThen a texts pops up and says I mean riften And I go not even looking at the scream Just gotta teleport to riften and walaEpic win

  • Shade Slayer

    It’s a dark brotherhood mission to kill the vampire at half moon mill, the mission is to kill her husband, so it’s a playable mission

  • Chancellor Palpatine

    I know a secret vampire her name is serana and she's the hottest woman in all TES games and her dad is evil unless you become a vampire like her ( oh yeah you can't marry her btw so umm.....FUCK YOU BETHESDAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Warriors By Shadow

    She is a vampire, but the game code has her as non hostile

  • sonic4250

    what does it look like they are doink you moron having dinner

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