Skyrim Secret Vampire Legend

The Legend of Half-Moon Mill's Secret Vampire in Skyrim!


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  • Omen the God

    She is really high off local herbs (explains the red eyes) she is mistaken as a vamp but is in fact a cannibal (explains no vamp dust)

  • NunezBobby1

    I think its pretty obvious, that you're a murder!

  • Killsper YT

    Have you never played the Dark brotherhood????? You kill two vampires at that mill, her and her husband

  • Ivy Ravenwood

    If you do a dark brotherhood quest you find out that her and her husband are vampires because you have to kill her husband for the contract.

  • Istvan Andras

    They used to transport logs from the mountains using rivers thats why the logs are in the water. They would make a makeshift raft out of the logs using rope and on destination they would just untie the logs and get them out of the water.

  • Dave ModelMan172

    I think you were bored.

  • SalmonMan King of the Ocean

    She's a thrall to heart before the dark brotherhood, and a full blown vampire after the sickness consumes her?

  • XxJAB105xX

    play the dark brother quest line nazir subcontracts and ask about hern when u get hat one

  • AND3R

    Lol when you said i meant riverwood, you put riften again.

  • Bor Jager

    In the brotherhood nazir will sent you to kill hert. And he mentions that they are vampires. So yes, indeed. Your right eso

  • A.C.E._King

    the couple at that mill are apart of a specific field of a vampire like race known as night spawn.

  • BadgeurM0B

    to be honest if you cant tell that they are both Fang Bangers well they dont really hide it too well :)

  • Beels Maxime

    They suck at logging. Why are these logs in the water? Because back in the day the easiest way to transport logs of wood downstream was by....tossing them in the stream. It's as lazy as it is brilliant...

  • Emma McCaw

    Those are hens not roosters! stop calling the hens he or mister chicken! other than that I enjoy watching your videos.

  • Ryan Fairbairn

    Logs were floated downriver to save moving them to and carrying them on carriages, the mill uses the river for power anyway, might as well use it for transport.

  • King Drago

    I think she had Sanguinare Vampiris and wasnt a full vampire that is why she had no vampire dust.

  • ArekkusuYT

    she could be a vampire immigrant because each Provence has its own strain of vamperism with the dawngard skyrim has 2 strains

  • Ryanator

    My sister and I found this when we were doing heart fire and my sister didn’t trust her

  • Rachel Haynes

    Im a vampire in skyrim

  • Joe Nanamous

    Of course shes a fucking vampire. If you do the side contracts for the dark brotherhood, on of your targets is her husband, and he says they are a pair...

  • Adoknight Official

    Here's another case: hestla.... she claims to be a vampire but her eyes are normal

  • Owen Travis

    There is a darkbrotherhoid quest where you will her husband who is a vampire

  • Baba Bane

    dude keep it pg its not like your playing anything over 7s is it

  • N30n Dawn

    Or North West of Falkreath then west of The Lady Stone.

  • Unlikely Heroes

    i thought she was a werewolf forever

  • DarkSkyLeopard

    Make a video turning your spouse into a vampire without the quest "The Gift" no mods

  • bhcwombat

    There is also a question for the dark brotherhood where they have you kill her husband, and the description says that they are vampires

  • iqbal khan

    She actually is! On my main she used vampiric drain.

  • Cutypie 083

    She is a vampire because in one of the dark brotherhood quest you have to kill a vampire in the vampire is no one other than this beautiful one right here

  • A.C.E._King

    I grew up playing Skyrim, I have played it ever since it came out for Xbox 360 whight

  • Kevin Yo_man

    The chicken was the vampire

  • Tom Kimmel

    So is this a usable homestead for a bachelor hoarder who is a vampire lord? Pre/post brotherhood quest. Like storage that doesnt respawn and items that do like food that wont be stolen.

  • vipervenom888

    Where's her husband you talk about. Let's kill him and check. For science

  • hjab alex bncv

    well i think she ate the boy

  • CozyElderich 7785

    You can also use the detect undead to show she is a vampire

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