Skyrim Mod: The Dragon Engine

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The Dragon Engine

The mod is compatible with all types of mods, including the Realistic Dragon Texture Overhaul:

The author of The Dragon Engine recently released a compatibility patch for Deadly Dragons:

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • bladeshifter16

    How awesome would it be if someone made a fully voice-acted female dragon follower mod?

  • Undead Insanity

    I don't think you will notice the differences.

  • Harley Beretta

    I love the Blood Dragons. They're my favorite out of all of the dragons. Though, I prefer them with a mod that makes their pupils vertical instead of horizontal. I also like the mods that take away the 'fins' on the head, back and tail. I like them better with just the horns and spikes, But I do like the fins, they're unique and they're beautiful as they are. I just prefer Spikes/Horns. 😁

  • T.A.P. Gaming

    The mod author hid the page saying he was done for now and focusing on what's next.So why not leave the page up so people can enjoy what he has already done.Stupidity Reigns I guess

  • Amirullah Izzan

    but im not using racemenu...

  • Øyvind Høyland

    Is there any mod that has different dragon skeletons for different type of dragons? Right now there is only one type of dragon skeleton for all dragons, and although it isn't a bit issue, it does annoy me slightly to see the standard skull start popping through a very differently shaped head when their soul is absorbed. I would like to see at least their skulls and horns match up with how their head used to look like when they were alive.

  • Gerry Larry

    There is a mod called "Diverse Dragons Collection" that shows completely new dragon models. Will this mod change the colors of those as well?

  • Gareth Alford

    I just had an epiphany skyrims dragons are actually Wyrverns 2 wings 2 legs . Dragons have 2 arms 2 legs 2 wings

  • Manic

    when I installed this mod, most dragons I encountered were mostly a inky black. not sure if thats a problem with the mod or just RNG being weird. Does anyone know anything about this? i'd love to know. Please respond.

  • Dreamer Olcrim

    You said it only selects colours in a range to prevent rainbow dragons. Is there anyway to increase/remove this limiter?

  • Purr Se

    The mod looks interesting - so I really don't care why it is hidden - it is not available. It's too bad for Brodual really - time wasted to show us something we can't use. Still loving your channel, guys. :-)And to the mod author - saw your post from 7 days ago, can't wait to give your mod a whirl!

  • WarriorBoltz

    I'd love to see a unique dragon skeleton mod. I hate seeing the same dragon skeleton every time I kill them.

  • RDon Somov

    make it for skyrim plz

  • deeg

    This mod is hidden on Nexus Mods as of 7/25/16: "Done for now. Examining what I'm doing in the future."

  • WarriorBoltz

    What if alduin and the other "dragons" were just imposters since the real alduin (2 arms 2 wings 2 legs) died?

  • Austin Stivanson

    how the fuck do you do a mod video on a cool sounding mod when your using a mid for the mod you fucks

  • Necro Pro

    can you link me the mod that shakes the camera when being attacked just like in 2:00

  • Flamboyant Warlock

    TIL: Dragons look different. I thought the only (vanilla) variation was Dragon type(I.e, Blood, Ancient, Serpentine, etc) and colour.

  • IraqI GaMer


  • nobody important

    Fun fact: the distinction between wyvern and dragon didn't exist in the middle ages.Wyverns however have legs BELOW their wings, not as back legs. They also had spines, were aquatic, and had venomous fangs instead of fire.The dragons in skyrim are wingfooted dragons

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