Skyrim: French Mods, Winterhold Restored, NN RANT

This will not end well....
  • HappyFace 73

    For French mod Fantasy SkyrimENGLISH TRANSLATION (from google translate):A powerful magic awoke. His presence is felt in all Bordeciel. To the point of resurrecting ancient magical creatures ... Would the snow elves be the cause?(!) How to install, uninstall? - I recommend placing the lowest mod in your Load Order and even if possible last. - Restart your xbox after downloading the mod (Upgrade included), if you uninstall, restart (press and hold the xbox console start button for 10 seconds while the console waits to turn off after 10 seconds restart)What does this mod do?Replaces many trees in the gameTrees do not move more with the wind, I did this for a gain of FPS.-Lod for trees (fir trees (except dead trees) and for birches)-New meshes and textures for the ragnards-New textures for spiders, falmers, lucereines, harvesters, carnivorous fish -New textures for water-Additions Poisoned Flowers in the Morthal SwampsSpawns additions to butterflies, fireflies and dragonflies of different colors.Teleport Altar Additions (!)Compatibility?Compatible with Veydosebrom - Grasses And GroundcoverCompatible with Green RiftNot Compatible with Divine AtmosphereNot Compatible with Realistic Water TwoNot Compatible with Lush OverhaulNot Compatible with HD Trees (2k)Not Compatible with Treeslod_23Not compatible with Bigger TreesNot compatible with Skyrim Is WindyNot compatible with More Colorful CrittersNot compatible with Unicorn SENot compatible with Wayshrines of Tamriel (and all mods with wayshrines ^^)Not Compatible with Beauty SylvestrePerformances? I have not had an FPS drop with this mod on Xbox one.Use with Mythical AgesUse with Veydosebrom - Grasses And Groundcover or Grass FieldUse With Landscape Fixes For Grass ModsUse With Less Grass And SuchUse With Fps Please DropUse With Insignificant Object RemoverUse with Underwater Grass Deleted

  • James Cook

    Restored Winterhold will overwrite Divine cities Prem. I really like having both but I don't know if it will interfere with tarshana`s missing houses npcs.

  • David Dougher

    Do u use realistic water 2?

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