Skyrim Mods: Immerging Immersive Mini-Immersion Mods!

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Featured Mods:

SkyrimSouls - Unpaused Game Menus

Lockable Locks

Immersive Merchants

Cobb Encumbrance

Extra Mods Shown:

Skyrim Radioactive:

Immersive First Person View

Hunter Archer Armor

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  • dino seen

    Real-time menus is a goddamn game changer... Maybe I really oughtta re-buy skyrim classic on PC...

  • 10midgits

    I get exited seeing these videos now lol

  • David Air

    What mods do you use for your citys?

  • Phantom Assassin

    I really like your graphics mod combining,very relaxing.

  • Ducks

    rip 4 year old intro song

  • Ekacahya Garfiantama

    If i may ask what texture mod that replaces the interior of Warmaidens?

  • Roba che Spacca always be shure leaving endorrbbzhzbbzbz enjoy, if you are interested in more nifhbzfhty immersion mods emmgon dozzzvezen vide on screen now!:_D

  • Matt Stutz

    Hey brodual or anyone that might know, what mod are you using to make the game look this good visually in the showcase?

  • Dustin Miller

    Why are these new videos showing things for skyrim and not SSE?

  • Harrison Wall

    My whole life is waiting for the mod muscular khajits like is showed at the beginning of the video to come out on skyrim special edition Xbox one

  • Long hair, leather jacket

    Wait, let's think about this logically. How would you actually be able to be crushed from carrying too much? Sure, maybe you'd collapse from exhaustion but i can hardly see someone being crushed

  • Eduardo Barreto

    What is the head bobbing mod?

  • Skullcat

    The immersive merchants mod, do the items reappear when the merchant's inventory resets or once you've bought everything on display, is the shop just bare and empty forever?

  • Sunless

    3:25 there is now patches you can download to do just that!"Radioactive Bannered Mare Patch""Radioactive Arcadia's Cauldron Patch"

  • LadyDaemontus

    > reads a book> peacefully minding my own business> witness a dragon wipe out riverwood

  • Mateo Lopez

    What mod do you guys use for vanilla hair texture?

  • Zaetren

    you sir have never seen a sweetroll eating professional, they can eat 1000 sweetrolls in a second so not being able to pause in the menu would not be an issue. atm my current skyrim character is a sweetroll addicted khajit who would murder his mother for a sweetroll xD

  • Endless Void

    What#s the thumbnail armor

  • henbri19

    what mods did u use to get ur game looking that good?

  • Taylor Zumwalt

    are these on Xbox one???

  • Porter Donahue

    Any unpaused menus for xbone?

  • Jeremy Jacob Gutierrez

    Hey, what's that armor called with the backpack, and the coat? It looks really cool.

  • Our Savior

    What's the camera/first person mod you're using?

  • Wanted Walrus

    "We love finding the types of mods that help you sink into the world of Skyrim" background picture of a dead NPC surrounded by blood and sweet rolls

  • [ITA] Sam

    Hey Brodual or anyone else, can someone tell me what mod were they using for the immersive merchant mod showcase part? It didn't look like the vanilla headbob or the enhanced camera headbob, what mod were they using for the head moving? Please answer

  • Mikasa Ackerman

    im srry if im late on the mod, but how did you get that writing texture? also great vid

  • Archer

    Does anyone know how he gets his game to look so good like at 2:16

  • Psychotic Muffin

    i love how we all love immersion so much here at the brodual community that it's become an inside joke

  • Cookies R us

    "It's a lightweight mod"finger guns AYYY

  • devlin9871

    you forgot to add special edition links. here are the ones I could find:Lockable Locks: Merchants:

  • MICKEY -renraw-

    Finally a no pause menu mod, this was my top 5 things i wanted in Skyrim in the first few days of release and I'm happy to see it finally arrive,also, it's long over due, great videos, i've enjoyed the channel for years :)

  • Jedd Rowbotham

    WAIT! just stop fucking stabbing me while i unlock this fucking door lel

  • Leto85

    SkyrimSouls is an skse plugin.I thought skse wasn't out yet for the Special Edition.

  • Squatting Slav

    anybody know the enb??

  • Cross VG

    What enb do you use?

  • gaba taka

    ууу.. ненене. Я не хочу отменять остановку времени

  • ZenakuShinigami

    lol talking about immersion while you lock a ghost into a jail cell

  • Shajirr

    Another channel promoting these G2A scumbags? Great...Damn it, so this is where they get their promotion. Is every youtuber who covers Skyrim mods partnered with those pieces of shit?

  • Deal Wolfstriked

    Not immersive enuff!!

  • Seamus McMillin

    Did mxr conform the immersive

  • Squatting Slav

    personally, not immersive enough

  • TheCourageousLink


  • Joey Diamond

    Put immershunnn~ infront of your mod's name to guarantee its popularity.

  • Bogibogi 123

    What is that graphic mod ur using.

  • Titan Power

    with money i can buy money

  • Andrew Finch

    Why would you be crushed to death by your backpack

  • Thomas Bane

    "My backpacks getting too heavy to move"Grabs more stuff"Ahhhh its KILLING ME AGHH"Grabs more stuff"WHY WOULD I DO THAT"DiesAren't you supposed to be like a legendary dragon slayer or something?

  • sivoism

    Oh my god... The Immersive Merchants mod is exactly what I was looking for for my survival runs some months ago. IT EXISTS NOW! HURRAH! I no longer have to steal items I need and that merchants wont know to sell you!

  • Paistin Lasta

    The warm and cozy feeling of when you open a Brodual video and the music plays and you hear "Hello, and welcome to Brodual" from one of the softest male voices there is.

  • watch out ASSASIN

    What is this mod when you die in firs person

  • ThatCrazyDrunk

    What armour mod were you using in this mod ?

  • Sean Paterson

    what the graphic mods you using

  • ModelRR-072

    I need these mods I just got done with a completely insane play though there we're flying trains I was a orc with a pistol and my blue cat had a grenade launcher

  • 2prize

    needdd more immersion garfunkle

  • Limitless Beast

    I like the key one. Is there anyway to have kicked doors on Skyrim special edition like build one of the locks and attach it to your house door or a chest in vannila? Like anyway to lock things?

  • Blake Bauman

    The ENBS they are using are awesome.

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