Skyrim Combat Mods 2017 V3 fast and realistic.

I had to remove music from first fight because it was copyrighted, but after I did it, for whatever reason youtube removed rest of the music, combat sounds basically everything and added some random ass music instead...

00:00 giant
01:30 2h
3:14 1h + shield
4:53 2 high level bandits

Before we begin, this is important for smooth 3rd person gameplay

Add : fControllerBufferDepth=0.01 under (Controls) in your Skyrim.ini. This will reduce the input delay in 3rd person and make it behave like in 1st person.

If you're using Enhanced Camera mod, it will overwrite this value, you have to go to SKSE\Plugins folder and find SKSE_EnhancedCamera.ini. Open it and find "fControllerBufferDepth3rdOverride" and set it to 0.01

I just recently found out why this line in Skyrim.ini wasn't working for me and that Enhanced Camera was overwriting it. Because of that only the last fight with bandits is actually recorded with this smoother movement.

Core mods :

Deadly Combat LITE



Dark Souls Combat
WARNING NFSW SITE, be sure to have adblock on


Combat Behavior Improved

Blocking combat behavior improvement for Skyrim

Grimys Combat Patcher

These are core mods that will change mechanics

Now to make the game harder you will need :

High Level Enemies

Advanced Adversary Encounters - Ultimate Edition

Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim(NPC's will also get them from ASIS)


ASIS Improved INI Files

My ESP Load Order regarding combat mods :

MO Left panel Load Order :

You create patches in this order 1.TES5Merged 2.Bashed Patch 3.ASIS Patcher 4.Grimys Combat Patcher

In Game Settings :


Dark Souls Combat

Deadly Combat



My combat camera settings used in this video FOV 80

Potion driking mod

This setup isn't as script heavy as you think.
Wildcat scripts are completely disabled. We're only using it's attacks of opportunity, some combat styles and difficulty management
SkyTweak doesn't run scripts during fights
Grimy Combat Patcher is just an esp

Dark Souls Combat, Vigor and Deadly Combat are using scripts.


If you don't like Dark Souls Combat, or it doesn't perform well on your PC, you can create similar setup without it.

Download all core mods except Dark Souls Combat, and set them just like in screenshots, the only difference is :

In Vigor turn on Poise and Full Body Stagger
In SkyTweak go to scripts tab, tick "Enable Player Stagger" and set the values like here

ARMOR MODS USED IN VIDEO with and optional black cloth and leather replacer hood was from


Dodge mod is "The Ultimate Dodge Mod" which is currently down on Nexus, but it will comeback soon.

ENB use translator

    Please, give me your assembly.

  • Rightful Dig

    This looks like a poor mans dark souls

  • Jesse Bostic

    this needs to stop this is cancer

  • Wilco v Dijk

    Noo.. just no, well the roll and jump back could be implemented, they are nice. But no to the rest.

  • Woody Boi

    If you want dark souls just buy it

  • A Majestic Goose

    How do you install that hud mod I think I used the same one (customizable ui) and it's was being really buggy

  • IMRavnos

    Why do people use the word realistic so wrong?  This looks like a student project dork souls

  • Naeloo Pardayan

    Fuckin' amazing dude...this is how Skyrim should have been from the start...just like the Souls...hardcore,challenging but also with means, tools and tricks to overcome that,not some retarded clicking.It's the reason this game had so much to loose on the long term.Look at the Dark's still praised even today,even by the casual fucks who love to slay dragons with kitchen knives...

  • MRVukable

    I think its a bit too much like Dark souls, i mean how would you fight in a tight room of a dungeon like that.

  • Ger Vang

    What was the cape you were wearing in your second fight?

  • Ivan Soto

    Idk why everyone likes that enemy health bars mod, the glaring red font makes my eyes bleed.

  • morrigan2001

    Dark Souls combat...

  • DaXpt S

    Abyss Dagon Watcher!

  • Migel the sloth

    Where are the animations from?

  • Nataku & Saiya

    More than anything else, I really liked the clothing you used and the physics even more than that, which mods did you use?

  • cyanical

    from what mod is the cape your character is wearing in the clip starting @1:30

  • Confracted Goose

    how to set up dark souls combat

  • SKUB

    links to ultimate dodge?

  • Darksinner

    someone made dark souls combat into Skyrim.

  • Benjamin Jones

    What is the mod which lets you do that stab on the ground but doesnt kill them???

  • Xavier

    Fantastic video! Subscribed to your channel and I wish hope you post more. Keep doing the great work!I had a similar mod set up but I changed to yours since its looks more fluid and in my tastes better (I don't like some stuff in original Skyrim like the ugly and retarded looking NPCs, and the autistic boring, slow and far from realist original combat system) I just had to swap 3 mods. But I noticed my skytweaks disappeared from the menu few minutes ago. May I disable it before using ASIS patcher or there is other way to make SkyTweaks to be loaded again by the in game menu?Also, about ASIS which options may I tick? May I only select spells, perks and enchant fix like your old setup?

  • iFrozen PIE

    I'm not going to play Dark Souls

  • Rodolfo Cuao Guillen

    this is a mod of dark souls

  • Andrey

    At 1:30 what cloak is used? What mod did you use on your raincoat?

  • Ninjascorpioxd

    Can u say what animation mods for weapons you use?and mod for animation of enchant of weapon.Please


    Author, please give me your build.

  • Andrey

    На 1:30 какой плащ используется? Какой мод вы использовали на плащ?

  • Someone 90

    He looks like abyss watcher from ds3

  • chris winter

    Can you still use these mods when playing with a controller on PC????

  • A Majestic Goose

    What is that armor and cape 😮???

  • Wang Hai Feng

    Fantastic job with the mods, I have huge respect for games that allow for mods because this is how game design grows and and games that allow modding is in my mind limitless to what they can do. Three of the biggest games being played in the world right now, CSGO, DOTA 2, LoL all came from mods. Ignore the haters mate, great video. The best version of Dark Souls one is the Prepare to Die edition on PC with the DSFix mod, so anyone who looks down on modding should realise the best version of the game they love is objectively the modded one. Huge props to everyone in the modding community, hopefully you guys can some day make games of your own.

  • Jzargo

    wich mod allows you dodge attack? i instaled TK DODGE but it just allows me to roll

  • The Legionnaire

    how the hell did you do the animation for the backwards dodge

  • TheAncientRuin

    Lets be honest... still better than Skyrim combat

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