Skyrim Mod: Immersive College of Winterhold

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Immersive College of Winterhold

CC BY 3.0 -

"Frozen Star" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • AchtungFreud

    I really hope this comes over to SE someday. My poor PC can't keep up with all the mods I want.

  • Wolf Predator

    Sees modthinks is coolinstalls mod walks to winterholdgame crashestrys 3 more timescrashes 3 more timesuninstalls modcrashes when your in a general area near winterhold, being about a 20 second horse ride from sarthall towards winterholdhelp

  • Dylan Hollister-Graham

    Compatible with ETAC and JK City Holds Only?

  • Azizguy101

    Does it make actual lectures? It is a college after all. I hate how there's only like two of them with the same teacher. I want a mod that adds new voice acted teachers and students with ACTUAL FUCKING LESSONS!

  • foogi

    I'm really disappointed with how the college was treated in game i feel like it should be a place where the masters go like instead of them doing a stupid ward they should show off spells that novices can't even comprehend and it should be bigger.

  • TheStinglash

    there´s a quest when you are archmage and enter the midden, but either its bugged or i just cant figure out how to even damage the final boss of that quest...

  • sentinental

    Tolfdir in only a mage cowl and his loincloth lmfao 3:25memories of encountering Big Hat Logan xD

  • Spockitans


  • Philip Turner

    is this on the Xbox one right now [April 22nd 2017]

  • Alix

    This mod is absolutely wicked. The only thing it's missing would be more NPCs. The College still kind of feels a bit empty people-wise. If it just added at least 7 more NPCs, no unique dialogue, quests, items even, I think it would do the College justice.

  • Jake Orosco

    it's cool to see how this mod has progressed over time

  • Michael Champion of Ash

    Is there a way I can make this mod compatible with SSE

  • SomeOne

    It would be really cool if you could help the old college of winterhold become this new one. When you first enter the school you see a boring school, and with time you help it grow, and it would make it so that you actually deserve to be the arch mage

  • Zer0

    What happens if you're in the middle of the quest line when you download this?

  • Alvo Sonata

    A shame it still messes with modded NPCs :/

  • KingOfNutella

    Dude... I have a problem with this mod, I installed and when When I open it I get out of the game (is crashing)... but when I disable it the game works without problems... I have the same problem with another immersive mage mod....Help me pls ;-;

  • boulevard 4broken

    this mod works on xbox one?

  • Trevor Trowbridge

    I'm wondering if this or many other mods will work on a PC, that can just barely run the base game with high texture resolutions, but no AA.

  • Steveus Neo

    Skyrim was Lazily made now I am enlightened. Still a great game though. ^_^

  • Bad aim Sam

    had to use the oldest version, the newest is way too ugly

  • Cheese Sticks

    Hope you can find a ton of skooma in J'zargo's room. Fingers crossed

  • YourPalCal

    Anyone else notice the KSP music?

  • 2Hot2Handle

    I don't usually try to impress mage organizations, but when I do it's to gain admission to the College of Winterhold.

  • Edberaga The Magician!


  • The Meme Archives

    This better be on xbox one

  • Sean_O_96

    are they making this for special edition

  • mats nijmeijer

    is this (just like winterhld rebuilt) available for Skyrim Special Edition?

  • Miasimon

    It's mods like this that give Skyrim so much replayability... I swear if I'm still playing this after TES VI comes out, I'm going to cry.

  • swankybri

    Does this mod add random "student" npcs? Not the main three?

  • i love burritos and

    Yah I completed the qeust line of the college of windhelm I will now re play it

  • Trenton Gebert

    when you want a mod but don't have all the DLC it needs

  • eagleman4758

    God this makes me Wana get skyrim on pc, And on a actual gaming pc!

  • CmeCrazyCow

    i want a mod where u can be a teacher and teach magic to students cuz being a arch mage dont do shit tbh

  • darius kerby


  • Trex

    College of winterhold was the first guild I joined and the one that bored me the most

  • Video game player 1

    I got lost because everything looked the same when going to certain areas

  • Leila Isaac

    is this mod avaliable for xbox ?

  • TrollForce


  • Wesley Molt

    I despise Nexus! All I want is to register so that I can get the mods that Steam doesn't have, and I discover that it costs money to do so! I can't do that, nor would I want to be a member for long! Could SOMEONE take the Nexus mods and add them to Steam?!

  • Jose Angel Rentroia

    Just look that fps, is orgasmic

  • Marmer

    It has a fcking pensieve

  • Daniel Quintero

    I don't know what is happening, but for some reason I can't enter in the college

  • vinicius cardoso

    Just by immersion I'm going to download this mod and the winterhold reborn only when I become archmage

  • MarcheEX

    I want immersive food

  • Account Name

    the clock looks horrendous

  • Jay Fowler

    I fell really sad how all the good mods need the DLC

  • Tovis

    It's like Hogwarts! :D

  • Carsamia Haromir

    Would it work with holds the city overhaul?

  • Willie Watra

    any clue where is tolfdir alembic now?

  • Vincent Yu

    The Fall of Winterhold quest keeps crashing every time I attempt to complete it, I don't know why

  • Blizzic

    I can't help myself. I've downloaded too many mods thanks to this channel.

  • Brennen Flanagan

    can skyrim mods transfer to special edition?

  • Dan Smith

    I've played "vanilla" skyrim for 5 years without mods and still loved the game. But mods were a welcoming refesher. Playing without mods made me appreciate them more. If a new elder scrolls game comes out, i wont even look at mods untill i felt i have done everything first.

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