Skyrim Mod: Immersive College of Winterhold

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Immersive College of Winterhold

CC BY 3.0 -

"Frozen Star" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • Leila Isaac

    is this mod avaliable for xbox ?

  • El Sopa Cartoons

    No review of skyrim Reloaded or ICBINE 4, ;(

  • K Moore

    wish it was on Xbox one

  • Cheese Sticks

    Hope you can find a ton of skooma in J'zargo's room. Fingers crossed

  • AchtungFreud

    I really hope this comes over to SE someday. My poor PC can't keep up with all the mods I want.

  • YourPalCal

    Anyone else notice the KSP music?

  • JoeDoidao

    Does it work with Expanded Towns and Cities?

  • jaquane patterson

    how do you fix the naked characters bug?

  • Johan Johansson

    HELP!! I accidentaly used the telescope on the roof of the college and now my fov is messed up, hiw do i fix it. (sorry for my bad spelling, im freaking out)

  • mats nijmeijer

    is this (just like winterhld rebuilt) available for Skyrim Special Edition?

  • Sean_O_96

    are they making this for special edition

  • foogi

    I'm really disappointed with how the college was treated in game i feel like it should be a place where the masters go like instead of them doing a stupid ward they should show off spells that novices can't even comprehend and it should be bigger.

  • M Mirlas

    I want Tolfdir to be in charge.

  • Blizzic

    I can't help myself. I've downloaded too many mods thanks to this channel.

  • SomeOne

    It would be really cool if you could help the old college of winterhold become this new one. When you first enter the school you see a boring school, and with time you help it grow, and it would make it so that you actually deserve to be the arch mage

  • Ryan Wolfe

    Man this mod would be epic to have on xbox, dunno why I'd ever wanna leave the college

  • Azizguy101

    Does it make actual lectures? It is a college after all. I hate how there's only like two of them with the same teacher. I want a mod that adds new voice acted teachers and students with ACTUAL FUCKING LESSONS!

  • Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria

    downloaded this and some people are walking around naked

  • Daniel Quintero

    I don't know what is happening, but for some reason I can't enter in the college

  • Video game player 1

    I got lost because everything looked the same when going to certain areas

  • Vrunchy Crunchy

    Dat "HELLU" doh

  • jacobthehodge

    Is there something like this for other guilds like Companions and Thieves Guild?

  • Trevor Trowbridge

    I'm wondering if this or many other mods will work on a PC, that can just barely run the base game with high texture resolutions, but no AA.

  • Quiet Rage

    Too bad the questline sucks though...

  • Donald Stokem

    Can someone start bringing mods like these and each hold redone mods over to the remaster edition specifically for consoles now that were no longer out of the loop

  • Trenton Gebert

    when you want a mod but don't have all the DLC it needs

  • venturianrules

    can someone please answer this: is this mod available for skyrim remastered (xbox one)

  • Eric Miller

    Well done as usual. Thanks for the hard work!

  • Simba Snow

    Can someone explian me how to do the SKSE ini tweaks mentioend in the mod page???pls

  • Miasimon

    It's mods like this that give Skyrim so much replayability... I swear if I'm still playing this after TES VI comes out, I'm going to cry.

  • DJ_Keegan

    Tolfdir break dances made me laugh so hard :D

  • Mystical Bacon

    1:57 why does the fire look so good what mod is that?

  • Joseph Silver

    With this mod it won't give me the quest to talk to the Orc librarian after the archmage tells you to upon reporting to him after Sarthaal. I've tried the quest debugging option in the mod menu and nothing worked. Any suggestions?

  • Aaron Harrison

    why is ksp music playing in the background o.o

  • Trex

    College of winterhold was the first guild I joined and the one that bored me the most

  • vinicius cardoso

    Just by immersion I'm going to download this mod and the winterhold reborn only when I become archmage

  • Dylan Hollister-Graham

    Compatible with ETAC and JK City Holds Only?

  • Julian Cordoba

    I've been playing with this mod for 10 hours now and haven't noticed any morning lessons in the hall of the elements -.-

  • Alvo Sonata

    A shame it still messes with modded NPCs :/

  • Wolf Predator

    Sees modthinks is coolinstalls mod walks to winterholdgame crashestrys 3 more timescrashes 3 more timesuninstalls modcrashes when your in a general area near winterhold, being about a 20 second horse ride from sarthall towards winterholdhelp

  • Riot

    Aw man, I need the DLC :(

  • eagleman4758

    God this makes me Wana get skyrim on pc, And on a actual gaming pc!

  • 2Hot2Handle

    I don't usually try to impress mage organizations, but when I do it's to gain admission to the College of Winterhold.

  • Alex Finch

    SUPER bummed that it requires DLC

  • Mr. Raze

    i love this mod i use it in every charcter its a nice mod : D

  • dragon rampage

    While using this mod, some of the mages where walking around naked. I do not know why that is

  • Dakota Williams

    I hope this comes to xb1

  • James Parker

    Do yourself a favor and get this mod. It's one of the best made mods of all time. It makes the college feel more like a university (it adds classes, lectures, research to study, ect), and makes it a lot more fun to explore and hang around in. It adds new high quality quests, and improves rewards for becoming Archmage. On top of all that it gives you a place to display and store your Black books, dragonpreist masks, claws, Elder scrolls, ect.I should also mention I have 3 other mods that add NPC's to the college of Winterhold (Cutting room floor, Interesting NPC's and inconsequential NPC's) and none of the NPC's added by those mods where given any trouble by the new design of the college. So it seems to be highly compatible.

  • Philip Turner

    is this on the Xbox one right now [April 22nd 2017]

  • Troncoso

    Why is there a person doing the nazi slaute in the thumbnail? Do you support nacionalsocialism?

  • Jake Orosco

    it's cool to see how this mod has progressed over time

  • sentinental

    Tolfdir in only a mage cowl and his loincloth lmfao 3:25memories of encountering Big Hat Logan xD

  • Tyler Keaton

    Be warned this is not a friendly mod for beginning modders, as it requries SkSE ini file edits that aren't even specified on the mod pageEDIT: while there is a sample INI tweak on the download page this mod still has a major game breaking bug where if you attend class, your skill level in the magic school being taught keeps increasing even if you leave class, and your character becomes permanently transparent even if you reboot the game

  • Jarrod

    whenever I look at that red thing in J'zargo's room my game crashes

  • Blind Truth INC.

    what is the performance for this mod? there's too much items added on the interior. I'm curious if there will be a noticeable frame drop.

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