Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 91 : Familiar Faces

Mods covered in this video:
Familiar Faces :

Live testing:
Skyrim Mods Live testing :

Mods used in taking this video:
1. Immersive HUD - iHUD :
2. SkyUI (with MCM) :

Visual Mods used in this video:
1. Seasons of Skyrim ENB True HDR :
2. Enhanced Lights and FX :
3. Skyrim HD - 2K Textures :
4. Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM :
5. Dynavision

Thumbnail is 'Bandit Mage' courtesy of WorshipTheSatan

Skyrim Mod Sanctuary - Nexus page for posting images:

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  • chickenpro gaming

    Can anyone tell me how to get the portal stone I did not get one

  • Agent Washingtub

    Will this be ported to console or no?

  • Yougetagoldstar

    amazing mods in this vid, thanks... i had no idea you had a livestream D= ive been missing out this whole time.

  • Alvo Sonata

    awesome! awesome! awesome!

  • Halas

    i have a problem, when i open and load skyrim it says, "Could not write to Data/vMYC! This may be beacuse your Skyrim directory's permissions are wrong, or the vMYC ia missing" i checked and the vMYC folder is there

  • Girly Gamer

    Hi I dont know if gopher reads these comments after a while of the video being uploaded but if he/you any one knows how to properly install this mod I would be the happiest little potato ever. I thought I installed it right but I getting "Could not write to data/vmyc! this may be because skyrim directorys permission are wrong or the vmc is missing" Any idea what is goin on there?

  • zfghty uuyghju

    Awesome awesome...Except the fact that your exported (and then imported) characters are acting completely different. My dual wielder character refused to dual wield and decided to use novice level destruction spells and (even though he had none in his invertory) bow and arrows. What's worse is that he acts like this even though I set his class to "Warrior One Handed" What's the point of this mod if your character builds and their styles go to shit once characters are imported?Potentially very strong mod went to shit because of incompetent mod designing. So sad...

  • Dr. Barber

    based on my characters It wouldn't be a Shrine of Heros, it would be more like a Shrine of few heros and mostly complete assholes

  • Ruby Soul Marques Jackson

    it wont give me a portal stone

  • Norok Vokun

    I would love if there would be some kind of "autosave" so the heroes get updated at every safe you do or something like that... but i guess that would kinda take some of its immersion...

  • Jared Woo

    Can anyone here please help me with getting this mod to work!!!!??? every time I try to save my character it doesn't save it and just says "Alcove 0 appears to be stuck" or "Alcove 0 appears to be busy" and I've done everything!!! I have the latest SKSE, latest RaceMenu (tested with all versions of it), latest JContainers, and latest familiar faces!!! I've done everything anyone else has told me and it still won't give me a portal stone (so I use console command to get one) and won't save my characters!!! I've reinstalled it, resetted all the alcoves, literally everything and it still won't work!!! can anyone please please help me bc I want to use this mod so badly!!!

  • Grizwold Mayor

    Crashing 1-2 seconds into the character creation screen, using Racemenu 3. :(

  • TheStartrek99

    How do you use this mod with mod organizer?

  • lettucepicker

    I need this for SE, but rip SKSE 64....

  • lucketmi1

    hummm .... sooooo..... where is Richard vs Stiv????

  • Xaedan Korvald

    How tf did you get this mod to work

  • Alterius Zhang

    I could never get this thing to work. Keeps telling me I have a custom race when I don't. :/

  • 59254356

    Gopher, can you leave those alcoves empty? Can you? I know you feel it... It is time... It is time to play Skyrim again!

  • Tea Tea

    Gopher can you please make a tutorial for this mod? I cant seem to get it to work and the mod author doesnt give good detailed instructions on how to do it.

  • Elisaron

    wait you can marry your own characters? narcissism to a whole new level

  • abs WoW

    I assigned my character to riverwood, but cant seem to find him, please help

  • Furfur

    I have a problem. i can't gain access to the mod when i start the game it will say:Mod shuting down and it says: there is something wrong in your directory or blablabalaa

  • Justin Jantz

    Just saying the "evil laugh" after asking the question left me saying to myself... I"m going to lose so many more hours of my life... also would like to add that this video was great and extremely helpful.

  • Commando414

    Missing Chargen or installed incorrectly. 2 detected, expected 4. Requires RaceMenu 2 or higher. I downloaded over Racemenu 3! And I don't know how to use chargen!! Somebody help!

  • J1N0

    Seeing Stiv again brought a tear to my eye. RIP Stiv.

  • Norok Vokun

    God your voice and the way you talk sound so awesomely warm and sympathic... i just adore deep voices on men. propably because my voice sometimes thinks i still am in goddamn puberty xD you most certainly sound like a guy that i would drink a guinness (my favorite beer ever) or some other alcoholic or non alcoholic beverage with. subed alone for that. and for the great content of cause

  • Husk

    I just LOVE this mod!

  • dominique Bobbink

    when i use this mod my "clones" go invisible some one a idea how i can fix that ?

  • John Potts

    your voice is fucking awesome

  • hernani pereira

    i havent tried this mod yet (im afraid it will break my game honestly) but it is a great concept, reminds me of Hall of Heroes from old PS1 Medievil 1 game

  • Chris Koay

    Is this compatible with Mod Organiser?

  • icecoldslap

    Love your channel and had a question about using this mod with mod organizer. What should I do with the file it generates in the overwrite fold? Thanks Gopher, keep up the great work!!

  • DarkVortex

    I really hope this mod is brought to console

  • Sanat Pitale

    does this mod not work with ultimate follower overhaul (UFO) mod? when I talk to my charachter I only get "you know..." and after that "sorry,nothing" dialogues nothing else happens.

  • AwesomeAsh299

    You're an inspiration man, and your accent is godlike.

  • The Ginger Pineapple

    Gopher you need to set up an MMA fight night main event Stiv vs Richard

  • lol lol

    this guy sounds like my history teacher

  • shinwolf

    i wonder if you can use this "playable Children" mod

  • Forgotten Syrup

    anyone know how to actually install this? it didn't work for me.

  • Old Channel

    This is also a way you can create your own follower. Just make a character, use console or level them up to how strong they want it to be and give them the gear you want or give it to them as a follower. Choose a voice and boom. Same goes for marriage partners

  • baha eddin Fatnassi

    wut's the name of the version of DRAGONBORN playing in the back ground of the mod ?

  • Glenn Benzan

    Can you have multiple saves as followers utilizing multi-follower mods?

  • Tom Z

    I cant get the Portal Stone and dont know how to fix it

  • Ethan McDonald

    Also, now I can do my WoW Paladin playthrough I wanted. Set up a 5-man group, and I can be the healer.

  • hAiLmetAL

    you should make lore videos good sir, the way you speak and deliver your words and your voice is perfect for some skyrim myths and tales :)

  • The Gaming Dire

    Didnt talk about the literaly FUCKTON of bugs this mod has lol

  • LukeWalk1

    Pfft... A mere shortcut to creating your own party in skyrim.HELLO ICEWIND DALE 3! <- (I said this just for laughs LOL) I really miss icewind dale... this mod helps revive the tradition, the feel, and makes skyrim more epic.Perhaps you can talk about this in a future video gopher! :) I would be more than willing to hear your thoughts on the subject, and how this mod can change the way we play skyrim. Perhaps "this" can be an alternative to hiring companions to travel with you "during" your playthrough. Meaning you will have the creative opportunity to use a follower mod like UFO or AFT to manage them (By using the Manage NPC spell that comes with the AFT mod.) I however find AFT far superior than UFO, but of course that's just my opinion. The point of this comment is to show that The Elder Scrolls Series can be more than just an open world RPG. It can be a game that shows complete customization of the controls whether you like "Top Down, Point and Click" movement (Baldur's Gate) or the classic style (WASD, First/Third Person, Mouse Look) movement. But I suggest a perfect Meld of these two styles on what was used in star wars knights of the old republic but HEAVILY modified. For Example: say your in first person in this mod or game and if you use the mouse wheel to zoom out to third person. This will be modified to be where you can zoom out even further to top down camera position and the point and click movement will take effect. To adjust to the click to attack system you can bind a key in the controls menu that when pressed in the top down view will give you a list of options similar where if you pressed the "F" key in Neverwinter Nights 2 while having a wizard a list of the spells you currently have learned are located in the list. In this case it will be a list of all the actions you can currently give. There will be a list of options saying whether you want to Cast a Spell, Use a Perk Related Power or Shout or anything else the mod maker can come up with. To attack left click a hostile target like a skever or bandit. To talk to an npc simply click on them like before using the left mouse button. (I know this can be rather confusing to some people but keep in mind this will be completely customizable). When done you can just zoom back in when ever you like and classic controls will resume like normal. Also to yield to an npc simply right click on them, a message box will pop up saying what you would like to do with this npc; click on the yield option and the npc will accept. (a la Neverwinter Nights 1) Your character will sheath his/her weapon like normal. If the NPC cannot be yielded to it will say the normal message "<NPC NAME> rejects your yield" or "Animals cannot be yielded to" if its an animal. The combat will function just like an Action RPG like Dungeon siege. As with most keyboards they will have a little button on the top right called "Pause/Break" pressing this will function like going into a message box or pressing the escape key to go to the pause menu. You can then Issue commands to your hero and they will do the commands. Every feature in the vanilla game will be included, and accessible in some way. Lockpicking, activating levers etc. will all be thought of in player familiarity and easy learning in mind.This could be a topic of the next elder scrolls game.YOUR CHOICE SKYRIM PLAYERS. If anybody has any ideas they can reply if they want to.As I said before you can tell me about your point of view and other things in a reply or a video. Which ever you want Gopher.

  • Luna Red

    Man... This mod is already epic but... your voice and accent makes this video double epic. HOW COME I JUST FOUND YOUR CHANNEL NOW?!Well... At least you recieved a new fan. :)

  • CallMeDougieP

    Should do some kind of series where stiv and richard go up against each other. Build it up slowly in some way by having them join each other for a time only for one to on another or something.

  • Dionisie Tarlev

    I think I'll have this oneIt'll be my first mod

  • Shrapnel

    Gopher did you narrate the Stanley Parable? I wish more youtubers were as smooth with the mic as you mate

  • Frostyminecartz

    it says "alcove 0 was busy for a long time" help?

  • Daniel Salomons

    Can you kill your clone?

  • Xumenade

    but can you summon yourself?

  • Francis Lafontaine. É.

    I like to think of it as a tool for anyone to make their own custom-tailored followers. Honestly I installed it mere hours ago and I already fell in love with it.

  • Freaky Plays

    Does the symbol on the ground work with Belua Sanguinare Vampirism? I don't want to be a normal vampire because they're underpowered.

  • Blackwing

    i want this mod fore the SE Q,Q

  • Hadmen Yadongplease

    Anyone know why my lakeview manor house disappeared when I installed this mod? :o

  • Jorrel Doe

    My character never uses the weapons I use... He always uses a stupid pick axe...

  • A Welshman

    I have a bug, I recruit my follower but whenever I talk to them they still only have the recruit option available. They act as a follower but I can't talk to them as one. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Newten

    How exactly does this mod work? For example i did this thing on my current character then i makew a new character with a new save file and do it with him too can i easily shange through all of my playthroughs through this hall?

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