Skyrim: So I Told My Wife About My Fiancee

Bit of a slight quest bug..

"A Night To Remember"

(That Statue is called 'Dibella Statue' for those asking)

I posted this video in a comment on Kotaku a long time ago just to demonstrate a bug. It's never been monetised or anything, never will, but, it continues to amaze me that something I scrawled a bit of text over with the caption system has received 930k views. Though to be honest, I'm sure that says a bit more about the popularity of Skyrim than anything :)
  • Robwithajob

    This is just from where you married her, had a drinking contest in the bannered mare, and then it triggered that piece of dialogue for that quest which involves a ring. (the drinking contest is for a deadric prince named saguine)

  • Ebon Dharc

    Wow your speech must be WAAAAAAY past 100 if you managed to convince your wife not to kill you over this

  • Keshaire!!!

    I also had Ysolda as my wife, and that part of the quest was soooo awkward. Lmao

  • Chris A

    Video should really be called how to eat your wife

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