Fallout: The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of Fallout legend - The Story You Never Knew! Oh, and Fallout 4 HYPE!
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  • Arya Smith

    You sound like Krieger from Archer .

  • Toa Tahu

    HOLD THE FUCKING FUCK UP!!!!! EXCUSE ME?!?!? You are equating the American internment of Japanese Americans to Hitler's CONCENTRATION CAMPS?!?! Oh, FUCK YOU, Treesicle! Yeah, what the US government did to Japanese Americans was wrong and terrible, but no one was FUCKING EXTERMINATED!!! They weren't even labor camps. People were essentially just incarcerated. Not that that wasn't a terrible violation of their rights, but equating those camps to AUSCHWITZ? Fuck you, Treesicle.... How fucking dare you. That's even worse than equating the hundreds of years of African slavery in America to gays not having the right to get a marriage license... Yeah, the 11 million people murdered in Hitler's death camps? Just as bad as the 100,000 people illegally detained for 4 years... Fuck you.

  • Seth Fitzgerald

    Stories you never knew,stories you never knew never changes.

  • 0ldT1m3r G4m1ng

    is this guy faking the voice?

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