Skyrim Castle Volkihar glitch / bug fix PS4 - Get the Wood Plate

You can see the location where to get the Wood plate and how to use it in order to enter the castle.

I have no idea why this works but it does... Get the stupid wood plate and use the Whirlwind Shout at the gate.

Some people said you can enter if you wait 24 hours but it did not work for me!/tid=CUSA05486_00
  • Duckers

    3:14 for the actual glitch

  • Subthing1

    Take the mod in Bethesda mod store! Looking for : Search: Serana.. then comes the mod, installed it, play the quest and after you can uninstall the mod =) the best way^^

  • Jimi Kay-Deskati

    My bug is the door and not the steel door can you help m? Sry my English is not good 😊

  • Voorhees Plays

    thanks I subbed you saved skyrim for me

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