Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics Mod! Huge Performance increase!

Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics mod!
It gives me an fps boost (a huge boost) With 20-30 fps (without fraps)
Download Link:
Thanks for 1000 views :)
How to install:
  • RIK0CH3T

    and it still lags you lol

  • White van UTTP

    These Graphics are so beautiful they're so next gen

  • Mr Shark

    Looks like minecraft

  • Joydeep Ray

    Omg i thought my video quality was bad when i saw this , after checking i realized it was at 720p, whats the use of playing when its hazy as Santa's sugar bag

  • Jack Jack

    morrowind looks even better then this, lol. Does this mean I could play skyrim on my single core PC? I don't care about graphics.

  • Deniz Güler

    was that a fucking deagle

  • Crazy Neerp

    The switch version is looking pretty snazzy

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