Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics Mod! Huge Performance increase!

Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics mod!
It gives me an fps boost (a huge boost) With 20-30 fps (without fraps)
Download Link:
Thanks for 1000 views :)
How to install:
  • CandyVenom

    and it still lags you lol

  • Connor King

    Pretty much ps3 and Xbox 360 graphics

  • chickenbot1

    The Elder Scrolls V: Spudrim

  • Milo Clesham

    Mines smoother on Xbox 360 at high graphic settings 😂

  • Dank Potatoes

    Oh god this is painful to watch

  • Tea Tea

    Runescape? Minecraft? Potato?

  • Gxen

    Runescape looks good

  • The Growlanser

    Why bother playing like this when even on PS3 it looks better? Just get a fucking console if you can't afford a decent PC.

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