Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics Mod! Huge Performance increase!

Skyrim Ultra Low Graphics mod!
It gives me an fps boost (a huge boost) With 20-30 fps (without fraps)
Download Link:
Thanks for 1000 views :)
How to install:
  • Undead Insanity

    Nice graphical setup!

  • Some guy on the internet

    PC Specs:i9 7900X OC to 5.1GHz1TB RAMTITAN Xp 4-Way SLIWill this run at least 2fps at 144p?

  • RIK0CH3T

    and it still lags you lol

  • Pedro Cabs

    How you get Desert Eagle? Was it from Cicero?

  • I Hate Denmark

    So this is what Skyrim looks like on the Nintendo Switch

  • Ancient Mage

    Would it run on my iPhone 5s?

  • Dank Finn

    you can use ASO pixar mod instead looks better

  • [CC]erino Kripperino

    it looks like unturned lol

  • HoneyedHylian

    It's so bizarre seeing such low quality textures with so much dimension as far as view distance and depth.

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