Skyrim Remastered 28 Days and a Bit 5 - Zombie Mutation Zombie Mod on the Xbox One Console

Welcome back to Skyrim Remastered on the Xbox One in this video I show you the Different types of zombie outbreaks that can occur in the 28 Days and a Bit 5 - Zombie Mutation mod.

This mod simulates a zombie outbreak within Skyrim. Rather than creating a single quest line, the mod offers a variety of scenarios, each with different settings and can be customized at any time with the 28 Days: Game Settings spell. Start with a small outbreak and watch as the zombie plague wipes out everyone! With the ability to barricade doors and customize almost everything, the player is given a sandbox environment to play with. Have a pleasant Apocalypse! ^_~ ================= Starting the Mod: ================= Upon starting the game, you will be given the "28 Days: Game Settings" spell. From here, you will be able to control all of the mod's settings. Control where zombies spawn from, how powerful they are, and more! Or you can select a scenario. Scenarios are pre-built configurations to get the mod started very quickly. ====== Spells ====== Game Settings: This controls the menus that you customize the Apocalypse with. Barricade Door: You are also given the Barricade Door power. Use it to barricade doors to prevent zombies from getting through! No barricade is perfect, however, and zombies have a chance to break through. By default, how well the door is barricaded depends on the mean average of your lockpicking and smithing skills ((lockpicking + smithing)/2). With the Mod Configuration Menu, this can be overridden, so for role-playing purposes a mage can "lock" the door with magic. Cure Sickness (Other): With this, you can cure other NPCs using store-bought potions and ingredients with the "Cure Disease" effect. Claim Door (Player): Zombies will not spawn from any doors that are owned by the PlayerFaction. What this spell does is toggle whether a door is owned by the player or not. You can use this to control which doors zombies spawn from. ================== NPC Topic: Orders ================== You can also issue orders to NPCs to help evacuate refugees. This is still experimental, however, and may not be perfect. Lastly, you can find couriers in inns and ask for the latest rumors. Just remember that they tend to travel a lot and could possibly be carriers...
  • Faze_ Fate

    Finally a video were your not on drugs like the Hitler mod for fo4

  • Christopher Prosser

    Try the mod that lets you be drauger spriggans and more its called playable monsters

  • Middlesbrough UTB

    Can't find the mod what is it actually called


    Whoah this is on Xbox one? I found this from my own video, im gonna do a survival type play thought of this on PC, hunger mods and all.

  • Kids Love My Candy

    Actually, NPCs will attack everything nearby until they die if they are infected with the disease - which is transmitted from zombies.

  • Sourkinzgmng


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