Skyrim Mod: Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim

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Part 2 - Life as a Vampire Lord

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  • Zephyr Lowtide

    Eh, this seems excessive.

  • Rahul Kumar

    How do you use the Blood Knight power in this mod?

  • Lord Firebolt

    How do I get the hemomancy spells?

  • Jacob Cock

    nazeem needs to die i choose him

  • EvilNecroid


  • EvilNecroid

    will this ever be fixed? ive been checking the mod page every day and it just says that hidden crap

  • Thoronier Sphaget

    This amasing for roleplaying

  • Geonidus

    and I don't know how to feed

  • Geonidus

    I need help asap I can't feed what do I do?

  • S3izur3

    what is that mod that makes invisibility look more like chameleon? (not 100% visually invisibile)

  • Azza Aza

    the xbox one in not in English XD

  • John Doe

    Doe s draining work for xbox one

  • The king of all saiyans

    how do you get this mod to work

  • GoldenFire18

    Here's a dumb question, is this compatible with Royal Bloodlines??

  • Alexander Mackay

    Does anyone know what armour he was using in this video? The one that appears to use plated steel assets?

  • EvilNecroid

    ok great the mod page is down so i guess im never getting this to work

  • Velocifighter Studios


  • EvilNecroid

    ive been trying to get this to work on and off for about a year now

  • Walid Taylor

    who in Skyrim deserves to die the most...then he's eating nazeem

  • Brendan Gallagher

    Any good vampire lord re-textures??? I'm looking for one close to vanilla. Only ones I can find are borderline porn and are really demonic.

  • Nemenon

    Are spells like the corpse explosion or blood spike permanent when unlocked? Or do they go away when your hunger reaches a certain point?

  • JoeMcBob

    Hemomancy? Don't you mean blood-bending

  • John Doe

    A bandit deserves death, and they sleep too XD. Not a very difficult choice

  • James Benedict

    Y r there no play throughs of this mod I looked and nobody is using this mod which it kinda sad 😭, if anyone finds someone who is using the mod just reply I guess

  • Obi Wan James

    If I were playing a good morals character I would drain a bandit

  • Kram

    What armor you using in the video?


    What graphic and armor mods ?

  • Mack Miller

    I just don’t like the sun damage.

  • patrik římal

    Hello guys.. i dont have option to Drain (lethal) how i can fix it please? or what i must to do for it? thanks :)

  • Joww94

    Great video! If anyone can ask if this mod benefits NPCs too? Thanks

  • Koro Plays

    I want to be a vampire but I don't want my character to be ugly..

  • Da infinitum

    4:02 would pick nazim

  • GhostBlade

    Am I sopposed to fly in normal form??

  • Vendellin

    The mod is hidden for me, I have used it before but recently removed all my mods and started from scratch and now want to re download it, does anyone know if I can get a older version somewhere or when the author is going to show this mod again?

  • Leroy Jenkins

    I would play this but it gets rid of health regen which is a big nono for me

  • Random User

    I would choose the path of vampirism but then all guards and everything of that would be hostile against me

  • Zer0

    The khajiit can make people randomly fall over. It's hilarious.

  • Ollie Martin

    What was the spell at 1:35???


    is that armor u have a mod cuz I want it

  • Axe T

    Does this work with Better Vampire and Better Vampire NPC mods? If so what’s the optimum load order?I got a few vampire mods I noticed in my active effects two of them were giving me the weakeness to fire giving me a total of 175% weakness to fire which was ridiculous!

  • Firestorm42

    How does this compare to better vampires which i use

  • to stupid for a Name

    how do you make your character look so insanely good?

  • Rell

    Oh man this guy did ordinator as well why is he not working for some big game developer he's amazing

  • chris gamer

    whats your fov ?i want to have it

  • Geonidus

    JFC this mods blue blood missions are fucking broken half the people you can't even feed on and I've tried everything seduce and wait til they sleep and it still wouldn't let me feed

  • Chandler

    This is the mod I've been waiting for

  • Devallen Nguyen

    how about falling damage and high jumping?

  • Cường Seduxen

    My character is a stave 4 vampire with sacrosant, and he just can't "drain" or "feed" sleeping NPC.Why ???

  • Matt Jennings

    Please say this Mod is on Xbox one? im hoping to do a Nosferatu battlemage playthrough

  • Waffle the Mighty

    just curious but is the bit at 0:05 part of sacrosanct? i didnt notice it when i last played through as a vampire

  • to stupid for a Name

    so i played with this mod for about 20 hours now and its great only thing is (i dont know why) the vampiric drain gets WAAAAAAAY to strongcurrently 35 damage/s with a cost of 1 magica per sekand i dont even have all perks nor do i have destruction on 100also my vampire lord form is a lot weaker than the normal vampire form

  • Soviet Wanderer

    Can you drain essential NPCs?

  • Darkraft

    Why does this mod exist, when there is 'Better Vampires' mod, which is more in depth, and fully customizable via MCM menu?

  • Michael Wildt

    Do you have some sort of font mod?

  • Thoranzalar Vhazen

    How do you get such delicious frames? Holy shit....I guess you only have one mod at a time enabled when showcasing.

  • gagedude89

    How the hell did i ever not find out this mod was a thing

  • William Herrera

    Please tell me which mod is 1:46 armor from !! Thanks for the video!

  • Dilson Camacho

    only thing I HATE about sacrosant is that at stage 4 you get attacked by everyone, and that pretty much means no starving vampires allowed unless into a killing spree.If I could just make it like dawnguard where people just don't know I'm a vampire, I'd love this mod. Right now, i'm using it together with better vampires and patch to get the spells and perks but not the shaddy get seen by everyone all the time when starving part.

  • Rex Orbis

    Or, if you were a good vampire, you could just drain a bandit...

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