Brothers In Arms - Skyrim (Machinima)

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I wanted to do a lot more for this but I just didn't really have the time and was bumping into a few issues. So I may make a second part to this that will expand on the brothers story.

War wages in Skyrim that will tear even brothers apart.
The civil war has begun and it may destroy everything.

  • da best o' da best

    using bows in close rangeyou'd be dead in six seconds

  • Tio Geizu #ContenteTV

    Skyrim....Belong.....To The Nords...

  • Chung sing Ting

    The part where the two kids showed the song made me cry again and again

  • Daniel Outlaw

    i cried mit was so poetic thumbs up al day!!!!!!!!!

  • GlowInTheDarkGames

    Death to the Ulfric and The Thalmor...............

  • Equinex

    At 1:22 I dunno why I just busted out laughing at his expression it was just somehow funny.

  • the fat rat warrior

    the empire is better...

  • Shaun Mitchell

    Mmmm the souls music

  • Zan

    1:33 Me and Ulfric would just shout at them :)

  • The Strategist

    What mods did you use to make this?

  • Beau Smith

    a shame that Stormcloack couldn't kill that imperial

  • Just Saying

    meanwhile the Dragonborn is running around shouting and catching butterflys or some shit...

  • Blackie Chan

    my opinion, one of the best I have ever seen. sorry I didn't see it sooner. keep up the good work earned a subscriber

  • Nameless Hero

    Excellent choice to use Perfect Legionnaire, though i think the best combination and the most lore friendly would be to install the optional Red armor parts and the furless version of the cuirasses. But still GREAT VIDEOI usually use three other mods for the Legion: Mastercraft Armors and Weapons (optional file)Imperial Armors and Weapons from CyrodiilAncient Imperial Armor

  • Dragon Slayer

    3:16 the kids face lol

  • Rain Of Sapphire

    I'm liking the Dark Souls 2 tracks

  • Keagan Owen

    What a beautiful story.

  • no name

    😭That was beautiful and poetic....but I still gotta kill every Legion soldier I see.😎

  • Lord Beerus

    I didn't expect it to be so heart-breaking

  • noah Radtke

    Which mod did you use for the Imperial Armor?

  • Stonehill Productions

    Great video :D wanna check out my machinimas it's here on my channel :)

  • amias redwood


  • ಠ ͜ʖಠ *Stopitstravtime* ಠ ͜ʖಠ

    dude, great video, shame that it hasn't got many views

  • Quincy Parker

    whats the imperial mod called

  • Sasuke81a

    Missing blood in the opening.

  • Daniel Novak

    It seems that shoot bows, and of the Roman Scorpions. As people from arrows fly.)))

  • omegawolf light

    so.. are those two kinds the sons of the brother's?

  • Dragon Slayer

    Storm clocks can live with a bolt in there chest but the legions BURN!

  • that kid who trips balls

    the imperials are roman and the stormcloaks are barbarians fighting agianst roman opression like if you agree

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