Let's Play Oblivion 2017 - Ultra Modded Graphics & Gameplay - Episode 1

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Prepare to dive into Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion you never seen before! It's an assassin walkthrough - heavy-modded, both graphics and gameplay, with hundreds of carefully picked mods, but still immersive and lore-friendly. Insane amount of time was spent to create this setup and make it stable - so if you like this series, support the channel by your subscribe, comments or share the video in social networks :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/NpRg9Yy
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/sinitargaming
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SinitarGaming

Load order:

Graphics Modding Guide:

Full gameplay modlist with load order and .ini tweaks will be published soon as separate video.

I do not have rights on Oblivion or Oblivion mods. All credits go to Bethesda. Thank you for all the TES series. Also tonns of thanks to all modders and Nexusmods community who made next-gen Oblivion possible. Cheers!
  • Talara17

    Спасибо огромное!!! приятный голос, грамотная речь, все это - плюс модификации.....супер атмосфера!!! СПАСИБО

  • Brandon A

    So if I use bevelix's guide I should be able to get a game like this?

  • Ben Hamrick

    What the actual heck is that jumping.

  • Krystalbudz

    I'm installing this game and downloading the graphics mods. Time to go for a trip on the nostalgia train. Damn, I played this when I was like ten, such a great game.

  • Stygian Doll

    That mod looks amazing, especially on a screen that has good blacks and doesn't look all gray and glowing like cheaper TN panels. Might have to try out modded Oblivion after all :)

  • Dodgy Scotsman

    Thanks for this. I found this mod list while browsing nexus and was going to start the install process on my day off. It's great to be able to see it in action before the weekend.

  • R S

    Strays too far from good ole oblivion my dude

  • Franklin Romines

    Your character and npcs look awesome! How do you get vanilla gear redux to work with no neck seems?

  • Bill_Carson

    Ill never understand why bethesda made everybody look like a potato in oblivion

  • ChaoticTabris

    And btw, if you are using Wrye's Bash to install the mods could you provide the list of installed Packages?In case you don't know, you can get it by right-clicking on the category headers (Where it says Package) in the installer tab and then on "List Packages". Would be a nice thing to include in the description as well.

  • Alan Cottrell

    What mod are you using that makes the starting dungeon and other dungeons have shadows instead of just one type of lighting? Also the torch, such high resolution! What graphics/textures mods are you using that affect that? I checked the load order and I'm not 100% sure which one is doing it. Not Oblivion Reloaded. Hmm.Respond and I'll sub immediately ;]

  • BadgeurM0B

    Yummy rat burgers :)

  • Feather

    Why do youtubers never combo with power attacks? It staggers enemies to get a few more hits in


    You're not alone mate. A lot of people are losing their ass on youtube right now. Maybe try twitch out? I'm not a creator, but I've heard that they are far more in touch with their creators than youtube.

  • Sinitar Gaming

    Welcome folks - and I hope you enjoy! If you played Oblivion before - this series will bring you tonns of surprises and new gameplay content. If you never played Oblivion - don't be afraid - as I'm describing all the main aspects of the game and its mechanics while playing. Don't forget to enable channel notifications, and if you like this video - support the channel by your subscribe, comments or share the video in social networks :) Separate video with full gameplay modlist, load order and .ini tweaks will be released soon, but for now you can check out the modlist itsef (take into decent amount of plugins are merged into the Bashed Patch) - https://goo.gl/TLRyGb. OK, so now it's 2 A.M. and I'm going to bed.

  • Nope Grigsby

    damb the mod makes it look like a super epic fanasy movies, unlike most fanasty movies. :P

  • TheDaxter11

    whats with the constant waiting? is it so you can use the powers with daily cooldowns?

  • Phil V

    wow with all the mods this looks even better than skyrim

  • theblack venom

    What Kinda PC do u need to run this set of mods?

  • ChaoticTabris

    I'm very excited to have found this. For some reason this was not showing when searching for Oblivion directly on YouTube but i found it thanks to the Video-Share feature on the Nexus. I'm working on a big modlist that is extremely similar to yours except i'm including more quest and land expansion mods, using WAC as well as OOO and MAC and i'm not using an ENB (fearing it will make the game more unstable).I'm also very curious to see how your setup with a full ENB and OR will behave stability-wise. If it is really stable i might consider using ENB myself.

  • EvilAbs

    Really great look of 11 years old game. Great job! I agree that Fran's mod, WC and Bob's Armory that included in FCOM could bring too much items. According too Maskar's comments newest mod versions already contain quite a set of weapons and armor. But what about MMM? It brings a noticeable diversity to game fauna.Second question is re your setup stability. I've found that ultra-modded Oblivion could be quite unstable generating a CTD at times near 1-1,5 hours of the gameplay. ENBoost helps, but in systems newer than Win7 its help is nerfed due to memory allocation restriction for DX9 apps introduced by M$, How stable is your game and what stability mods are you using?

  • Taiga Aisaka

    What is that farting horn sound that plays ever 5 seconds in combat? LOL

  • Chris

    OMG, "I heard you're an idiout". How could I forget that!

  • That generic online picture guy

    Idk why but I can play through an entire game of oblivion and morrowwind without a single mod the stories are just so awesome not that skyrim isn't but man those two were my favorites growing up and tribunal was awesome.

  • KyleOfCanada

    Hi Sinitar,Thank you for uploading this entertaining play through! It was a pleasant surprise to find someone showcasing such great mods and solid game play; your commentary was useful and insightful for players new to the Oblivion modding community and it was great not having to worry about copious amounts of swearing, lewdness, or pointless drivel as is common with most Youtubers who upload this sort of content. It was enjoyable to watch your play style which utilized a combination of melee, ranged, and magical elements to effectively overcome stronger opponents; you are a skilled duelist, using hotkeys and the sign/racial bonuses to great effect. Looking forward to future videos!All the best,Kyle

  • Evly Dodo

    The spells look interesting, I'm curious to see what else there is. The only magic mod I'm familiar with is Midas Magic but I don't think that's in your load order.

  • Purple Loving Fish

    I have played through Oblivion dozens of times but i swear there are lines of dialogue throughout this playthrough that I have never heard before. If dialogue has been added in because of mods, whoever did the voiceovers is really good at matching the original voice actors. Can somebody tell me if it is actually new dialogue?

  • Andry Manifesto

    Подскажи, что за сборка и где её достать, плз. Или нужно только собирать вручную?

  • Sven Buchholz

    Which mod does introduce lost weapons like skrivvas claymore in vilverin? 42:00 Best regards

  • Quevler

    Wow Sinitar! I'm impressed. Your game looks great and your load order is quite intriguing. I've been modding Oblivion for quite a few years now and I have not heard of a lot of the mods you're using. ^^

  • Booms

    А ты не мог бы выложить сборку на торрент?

  • Valafein Do'Ana

    Good video :) as i bought again oblivion few weeks ago, i will mod it with this graphics mods.One question, what of your mod add the crafting system ?

  • feels_dude

    You derseve more likes and subs then pewdiepie.

  • Jeremy Fischer

    the mods are cool but i think it can be a little too much sometimes. having said that, i think this shit is fucking AWSOME.


    How did you get those black bars? I love the way they look, makes the game look cinematic...

  • M'aiq The Liar

    Well, I guess its time to fire oblivion back up

  • freeglader

    Man I miss this game. Can't wait to play it again now

  • David Rice

    CAn we have our load order.... oh never mind its there

  • Mateus Cristian's Channel

    12:26 You sure sound like one! That was a compliment!

  • Felix Barbour

    Wow, this looks amazing! I can't ever get mine to look like this. That goblin shaman's lightning bolt looked waaaay better.

  • Sabrina Lindemann

    26:08 NEAR THE CITY OF CHORROL.BTW great video. I really like this graphic.

  • Tree Sapp

    @Sinitar Gaming the way you talk reminds me of B-MO from adventure time lol

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