Booker DeWitt (BioShock Infinite): The Story You Never Knew

Immerse yourself in a story of BioShock Infinite legend, the tale of Booker DeWitt! Understand this sharpshooting gentleman's story, where he came from and how he became the tragic hero we know today. Uncover a true understanding of Booker DeWitt, The Story You Never Knew.

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  • Sean Long

    Not a single iteration of his was female... That's some sexist shit right there.

  • JustSomeGuy

    TL;DRQuantum Mechanics is really weird.

  • Mateo Ladeira

    I played BioShock Infinite twice, but i still have a question. If with any choice that you make you create another universe where that did not happened, then , i think, there is also another one where Elizabeth did not killed Booker. Right?

  • AllHailShadow117

    Drowning Booker doesn’t make much if any sense because unless Elizabeth merged ALL of the other realities into one where Comstock is created, Comstock would still exist. The problem being that if alternate universes/reality’s do exist that would mean that there are an infinite number of Comstock’s just as their are an infinite number of Booker’s. The ending I think would have made more sense if they began working to go through each of those realities and begun ridding them of Comstock, because as is, you seemingly just removed the link between the universes so now you can’t go into and change the other ones any longer.

  • Reket11

    Right. Well there's just one thing - Booker's death before the baptism, means that Anna/Elizabeth stops to exist AT ALL. He had her later (we know this, because to this point, he and Comstock are the same person, and C didn't have a child). Now you can assume either that this corrects every timeline (which is wrong, but the game designers seamed to suggest this) or just one. Why the other Anna's at that point, that fade away? Probably to point out the "all timelines in one stroke". And then we have the dlc's. At first they seam to point to booker's death being pointless - the possibilities have not been erased after all? Then we have a reveal that it's Comstock, not Booker and that he was the last one. But how can that be the case, if either all Comstock's and Bookers where wiped out, or there sill are infinite timelines. It doesn't make sense.

  • Jason Dragneel

    What about the ending where he was still alive and was saying Anna’s name

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