Serana - Marriage Proposal

In order to get this conversation to trigger, you must have made the right selections with her along your adventure.
  • Cooper Donahue

    Ur mods make serana look like a clown

  • Maksim Krasnov

    I think u can marry her in auriel temple

  • Eats the Poos poos

    We should learn to fight our inner demons because some mods are wrong to have

  • jernej tojersu

    So...if were not gonna do the marriage about we just fuck instead?

  • Sareth Eldair

    A moment of silence,for the Dovahkiin in the friendzone.

  • Khue Nguyen Hoang

    Who the fuck is this???

  • Potions Seller

    Holy shit these complainers are annoying , just let the modder do what they want. If you have a fucking hard on for pointless realism then just don't play a fantasy GAME where we can do whatever we want and fuck off, fucking idiots.

  • nunya nunya

    OH puberty... where women are only respected if they are naked...

  • hxcislife17

    Do you know what dialogue choices you made to get the "I care about you. Alot..." response from her? or is that part of a mod? I've only ever gotten the "Look, you're great. Really." response from her.

  • Azizguy101

    > has to kill paarthunax, no options to kill the blades.> can't marry the most interesting character in the game.Bethesda are the original trolls

  • Nargartinez

    She looks like Mandy in Shameless

  • Oriana Tutaka

    im definitely wearing the necklace of Mara 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😙😙😙

  • MadGab

    Does not even look like her 😂

  • Psycho Uchiha

    I got the oakflesh ready baby... Mmmmmm ooh yeaaaaa

  • spicy meme gamer

    the body mod is cancer

  • HDeppix_101

    How did you make Serana look like that

  • whatwhat98

    since when did she have such huge boobs?

  • Asburt

    how do i trigger this convo someone please explain

  • Hajime Hanju

    now thats not serana anymore.. its a slutty vampire that provide pleasure for those virgin nerds that uses this kind of nerdy mods.

  • George Benedict

    Why would you do that to serana?!

  • Zarris 238

    honestly I would see serana more of a best friend and not a lover , not too fond of being in fear of her sucking my blood lol

  • Lana Del Slay

    I dont like that mod, It doesn't look like serana

  • Adoknight Official

    Idk serana is more like the perfect girlfriend than wife material she's my kind lmao. I'm just playing through skyrim and dawnguard for the first time.

  • 4XeoN The oNe7

    bro where do you find her? I never seen her in the non dlc version

  • x Morales

    oh god, this is horrifying

  • Dovahkiin Zach Jones

    She can't go into a temple so why not make it a cave or a castle?I guess common sense doesn't exist then again we are talking about Bethesda.

  • Evžen Vargaa

    She looks like shit in this video

  • Aiden Ketterer

    Her boobs are gigantic

  • Al Strider

    Tbf she doesnt friendzone you. Its acjnowledged she has feelings to the point even Harkon pointed out the bond. But considering Molag Bal raped her her and all Id say she has a pretty good reason

  • Ryz Luckz

    Molag Bal raped her in a temple... That's why she won't marry sadly. Fucking Molag Bal, shove your mace up your ass.

  • kttconnoisseur

    oooooooooooo non lore friendly111!

  • Ren Shinomiya

    1:05*cries in heartwhy can't i marry serana????

  • I Hope You Get Deported

    wtf happened to her?! Another stupid mod who make every woman in game looks like anime whore


    What mod makes Serana poor poor Serana look like that you jerk

  • LordVile

    What are the face and texture mods? I just want to know for uhhh research purposes

  • Oriana Tutaka

    wooow this serana is smoking hot 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙


    It won't give me the option to talk about it.

  • Slow Santa

    Thanks bethesda...the only interesting npc in the game, and you cant marry her.

  • Nobunaga Oda

    can anyone answer me what the name of the armor

  • Can I Slap Your Ass ?

    The fuck happened to the beautiful Serana I know and love?!

  • spartanB0292

    You've gotten some... enhancements I see.

  • Skyrim Elder scrolls V

    Why are serana's boobs so big

  • Is this Half Life 2? Is it?

    Damn to be honest I would fuck her.

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