Serana - Marriage Proposal

In order to get this conversation to trigger, you must have made the right selections with her along your adventure.
  • Marco Bodt

    This mod looks weird. This looks nothing like Serana. If anything, the person who made the mod actually ruined her. She looks like those hentai girls.

  • Rawhead Rex

    Glad i dont marry her. I thought she was cool at first but then she never shut up. All she does is bitch, about the weather, the sun, her mom. I finally just finished the quest about killing her dad and i sent her on her way. I was kinda hoping for a suprise like she was a boss and i needed to kill her but no she just goes to live with the vampire hunters.

  • PeSTs Onryo

    Not even serana anymore

  • The Universe

    OUCH! Friendzned! Don't worry.. There is a cure called mods, you should try it!

  • OfelieArt

    Wtf this doesn't even remotely look like Serana...

  • arthegor

    How to survive as a vampire in Skyrim: 1) Be a Girl2) Have big boobs3) Seduce your target with your boobs4) Place em on the victims face to suffocate 5) ??????????????????????????????????????6) Profit.

  • PeSTs Onryo

    I'm actually gonna fus rah dah serana to escape this monstrosity out of my head n I never done this to that character b4 Lydia however lost count same with blah blah the huntress she enjoys flying off highhrothgar not by choice when I get annoyed now serana is taking that place for at least an hour n u hav offended eyes CUNT

  • Bane Raziel

    OH puberty... where women are only respected if they are naked...

  • humlakullen

    I cheated on Lydia with Serana. What happens if she finds out..?

  • Notaforumguy007

    Who says you need mara's blessing, she is probably the best character in skyrim depth wise and has the most reason to marry you, since you go through alot of shit with her while all the other chicks marry you without knowing anything about you. This should just be a prelude to actually marrying, like getting the thought in her head then by the end of the dawnguard story she brings it back up (obviously considering you make the right choices along the way) then you can marry with or without maras blessing (based on weather you decide to get her vampirism cured or not). Personally I feel like they should put a little more into character depth and do away with generic voice lines (for wives/followers) instead molding responses based on the npcs actual personality, and unique events base on location/race of your spouse like for serana she could have issues gaining the trust of people in town/scorned due to being a vampire which you can choose to resolve. It made me super sad to see aela be completely content with being a housewife despite being a companion and a werewolf it completely went against her personality to be happy with that.

  • James Deyo

    honestly I would see serana more of a best friend and not a lover , not too fond of being in fear of her sucking my blood lol

  • Potions Seller

    Holy shit these complainers are annoying , just let the modder do what they want. If you have a fucking hard on for pointless realism then just don't play a fantasy GAME where we can do whatever we want and fuck off, fucking idiots.

  • Devon Keith

    I think she's fucking hot in that version, in fact, I'd drink that bitches bathwater!!!


    What mod makes Serana poor poor Serana look like that you jerk

  • Daniel Doherty

    I saw him looking at her tits by looking down

  • Fernando Figueroa

    wow you're a pervert

  • Shannon Heath

    why are there different rejection speeches? When I proposed I got something along the lines of "you're great but marriage isn't for us" or something like that.

  • HightNightGamer

    Is the mod on Pc or consoles?, and what is the mod called?

  • Marinos Skaltsounis

    serana will always sees you as a friend...sorry man,feels bad...

  • Oriana Tutaka

    wooow this serana is smoking hot 😍😍😍😍😙😙😙😙

  • Historia

    I'm fine with all other skyrim mods except for the ones that make female characters look like porn stars

  • PeSTs Onryo

    Seeing this actually pissed me off she looks like a fucking slut why would u pick that mod seranas perfect the way she is how fucking dare u play with power u don't understand by destroying my lovely serana CUNT now a character I h8 feel free

  • HDeppix_101

    How did you make Serana look like that

  • ᄃ최윤석

    When you get rejected by Serana you feel a slight disappointed face and clenching your fist really hard and yelling, "FUCK YOU BETHESDA!" Yeah... That's me alright.

  • F4GG0T M4N

    pls turn off the dof

  • Chaotic PoW

    nigga turned Serena into a goddamn hentai bitch

  • Shygal


  • Oriana Tutaka

    im definitely wearing the necklace of Mara 😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😙😙😙

  • Nut Egg

    Fuckin hell what happened to serenas face? May as well been hit by a sledgehammer

  • Corinthian Hairston

    What armor is that???

  • jernej tojersu

    So...if were not gonna do the marriage about we just fuck instead?

  • Ron Yuma

    You can't even date her ffs fuk you Bethesda

  • striker fullforce

    I've never heard serana use this dialogue when you ask her to marry you? is that actually in the game or is that some sort of modded dialogue?

  • spicy meme gamer

    the body mod is cancer

  • TheHoboWolf

    Serana looks absolutely amazing without making her look like every part of her body was mangled and injected with bullshit. I get it when guys like boobs and like, curves and crap, but really? If I was a dude and into girls, a chest like that and I'd be like "The hell kinda shit did you go through to look like you've got 5 watermelons in each of your breasts? WHY THE HELL IS THE REST OF YOUR BODY SO WEIRDLY CURVED?" Again though, just my opinion. This guy can do whatever they want with Serana and anything in their game. They bought it, their money and their PC/Console. But c'mon now, that's a bit overkill don't you think?

  • Steven L

    HOLEEEEE CRAP! Ok fine, no marriage. You be my mistress and Lydia my wife she thinks you're hot anyway soooo.....Here's a bag of 10k diamonds y'all go on a shopping spree....

  • Jonathan

    who gets mods to make the girl in the game look like a porn star like come on...

  • Callum Watkins

    Moment of silence for dovahkiin as the friend zone captures another unexpected victim

  • Nikolie Petrov

    We should learn to fight our inner demons because some mods are wrong to have

  • PsychoShadowI

    I got the oakflesh ready baby... Mmmmmm ooh yeaaaaa

  • I Hope You Get Deported

    wtf happened to her?! Another stupid mod who make every woman in game looks like anime whore

  • Ryan Redinger

    How come the BEST characters are not marriable?

  • MiDniTe_SaVaGe

    What village is she in?

  • PeSTs Onryo

    Wtf is this shit u have ruined that character for me good job

  • Default 2.0

    Damn to be honest I would fuck her.

  • Lord Dragon

    you failed at life rip

  • kyle wiggington

    friend zone in range, you may fire when ready.

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