Top 10 games like Skyrim

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My first video, so don't judge very hard :) Subscribe, it will help me a lot and I will improve with every upcoming video. And i know i need better mic, so i'm getting it.
  • Just A Argonian


  • Saint Skinny

    I hate cold beer I only drink boiling hot beer while I'm drunk off whiskey and vodka at my penthouse

  • Saloth Sar

    I tried playing the first Witcher, I just can't get into it. The combat is brutally stupid and boring but I want to get Witcher 3 because it looks way better and the combat looks more traditional to something like Dark Souls. It's just that I don't want to play something where I'm oblivious to the previous title's stories.

  • Arekun2000

    "If you encountered a dead tree - it's a dead end for you too" LOL best line I've ever heard XD !!!

  • Vojtěch Zima

    gothic 3 doesn't work on win 10 :'( personal experience

  • VortexVA

    Top 10 games like Fable.

  • Da Boi

    Oblivion is my favourite game <3

  • Bob Ross

    this video isnt medival games its "GAMES LIKE SKYRIM" fuck tard

  • Excel Kit Palmes

    "If you encounter a dead tree on the ground, it's dead end for you too."

  • HotaruQQ

    The witcher is NOTHING but Skyrim. I love Skyrim, Witcher not so much

  • Kolodets1

    Good Video!love to Watch it again from time to timeThanks!(subscription)

  • MF Shogan

    You have great taste

  • Radioactive Skull

    I saw your description and for your first video the editing and literally everything else is more than worth a sub.

  • Eagle Productions

    You sound like lowspecgamer

  • Nozza

    Subtitles talk about Shadow Of Mordor yet it is never mentioned in the video

  • YSG

    So you're counting previous games in a series in the top 10....? Aw that's lame

  • Space Chowder

    What about Kingdoms of Amalur

  • Mikhail Bisserov

    Now that's an honest video. Delivers what title promised.

  • The Red Celt gaming

    so basically: 10 medieval fantasy rpgsthe divinity series

  • Cap. Ben Jammin

    Love the honesty in the title

  • Daakist

    This list is so sad not because you did a bad job but because there are no other games like Skyrim besides the other TES games. After all this time TES doesnt have any competent clone games which is just amazing. Gothic 3 and Two Worlds II are absolute dog shit compared to Skyrim. Witcher is 3rd person and Dragon Age is party-based so those dont really belong. I'd actually put Fallout 3+ and even the Dead Island/Dying light games after other TES games for the same type of gameplay.

  • ColdBeerHD

    Hey guys, here is 2018 version of this list!

  • Azka Ghafara

    Skyrim is eldrer scrolls VOblivion is elder scrolls IVMorrowind is elder scrolls IIIITS WHY THEY'RE LOOK A LIKE

  • Johnny Madigan

    Think I'm gonna try Witcher 3! I've come to the point where I just can't play Skyrim anymore because I've played over and over again.

  • DarthTomate

    kerbal space program song?

  • Letm Dark

    through the gate of obliv wD

  • Rad Asta

    I never get bored of skyrim <3

  • T-Bone

    I'm working on one :)

  • Rad Asta

    So why you people looking for games like skyrim and you have SKYRIM :D

  • X801 Done

    Holy moly what is that song?

  • GEN o

    Might & Magic Day of the destroyer x) good old times. was one of my first games i had on pc. best game ever..

  • THEonlyAEON

    i recognise the music but have no clue where it's from.

  • Castielz

    I wish I could enjoy the Witcher series, but the combat system just annoys me. I've never been able to get past that =/

  • Jack Phill

    You sound like Borat a little 😂😂😂

  • Bhabani Sankar Mishra

    the music is louder than you!

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