Skyrim- How to get rid of a lost follower

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  • Landon George

    What if I lost merlo tho?

  • Arctic Moses

    Does it work if its not a dog?

  • Chris Lambert

    OMG.. i had lost my vampire follower after i was put in jail doing that escape from jail quest, and she never return, so i just finished up the quest i was on with her about her father, and when i got to go to kill him, she reappeared, YAY!

  • AnSeM Door to Darkness

    im gonna burn the fucking stray dog res him and burn agAin

  • DylaNasri

    my follower's won't do anything when I command them to do something... how do I fix this??


    This didn't work for me..... Sigh

  • John Bonham

    Lost a dark brotherhood follower. Buying a house didn't work. Assault on another member didn't, once I just ran away the 2nd I stayed to die. Nada.Tried the dog idea that didn't work either. Jail hasn't worked. I can't find spell tombs to get rid off lost follower. I'm on an XBox 360. The only thing I can think of is my 12 gauge shotgun and destroying the system in the yard. That would cure all in game diseases pretty damn well.Please, if someone has another idea that doesn't involve losing everything I would love to hear it.

  • Selfmade Rappers

    it's not clear and fast enough explained so i'm watching a other video

  • Lindsay Hen

    i cant do boethias calling because serana disappeared. 😟

  • robin baby

    I lost my riekling or it's dead but can't recruit another one


    Its a jarl not king lol

  • iillamacorn

    Nea, when he said king instead of jarl

  • Newo Bajootels


  • Cheesecake Lover

    Thanks a bunch! I was trying to see if I actually lost my dog but he sadly died ;-;

  • iillamacorn

    I told serana to wait i forgot where ;-;

  • Volk Sanguis

    I don't know where my dog when so you can understand my disappointment when I couldn't buy an troll.


    I found meeko dead...

  • Gaara Of The Sand

    I lost a pet when I first got into the game, it's been almost a year and I cannot stand having to turn down other really cool pets

  • wasp farmer

    hm nice try but this is a "pet" follower not a human or other race follower, I found the dog and dismissed it but I still got "looks like u have someone already" I think it came from a buggy quest I had, the "quest giver" in purity and he has just gone off the face of the map, any ideas what to do :(

  • Sugagenius with Bts jjang jjang man bbong bbong

    I lost Meeko how can i find him? Or where i dont use mods

  • Dongnism 99

    Why do you say your name is frostgamer or what ever even tho that's not your YouTube name...fucking lame.

  • Dongnism 99

    And never record like this...such bad quality.

  • Noah Vigorena Rapp

    thak you so mutch bro

  • melted rubix

    Bull crap. dosepnt work

  • Matthew Good

    god u suck ass at video making dogs dropping your cam u didn't even try and make a diffrent video u should give up on everything in life becuse you have failed at it already

  • William Morse

    What sucks is when you have a follower living with you as your wife. The last place I saw Aela was in the Underforge where she was running a triathlon in place.

  • Christian Moore

    Guys thank you for all the support. This should still work. If it doesn't I am sorry.

  • The Yasuo Devil

    That dog was dead when i came there

  • Kimberly Salazar

    I lost a guy and I cant find him how do i remove him so i can get Lydia

  • 9ballchazz

    I'll try it tonight, i really this works for me on my PC. Cross your fingers!

  • York Diaz M.J

    awesome bro, I passed the game like 2 years ago, always had this problem up until the last, what, maybe 60 missions and it bug the shit outta me. I can't belive it took me this long to just look it up on YouTube lol. thx a bunch bro. Good luck with life man. p.s I just got back on to skyrim today, cause I missed it, but also to finish the last small side missions, and I'm so grateful to ya bro. Have a good one man.

  • miko7271977

    Didn't work for me, but it must have worked for for others.

  • AllTerrain Guy

    worked for me. don't forget to find the dog on the road first.

  • Rob Bryant

    Didnt work... fuck you buddy

  • 100 Dislikes

    Not gonna lie this is the best TV recorded video I have ever seen if that makes sense

  • M4Mancy

    THANK YOU! This worked for me after Serana mysteriously disappeared and I couldn't hire another follower. Seriously, thanks so much. This was driving me insane!

  • Rob Bryant

    If this works im sending you money

  • Morty Smith

    Holy shit we have the same tv

  • Aj Alonso

    how do I find kharjo

  • DarkOdd

    Didn't work. Serana never came back. Guess I'm all alone now.

  • 500k Subs

    I found serana under a table in an inn ... I've seen some shit

  • AUS7EN

    It doesn't work when you tell them to "wait here". I still liked the video and hopefully it will work for me in the future!

  • Hydragon

    I didnt work for me but i found another Fix If you havent Completed the guest "proving honor" (companion guestline)when you speak to Farkas he removes any "Human" follower you have. Thank me later :)No, actually thank me now >:D

  • Gabriel Cortez

    Literally... go to jail and wait 3 days. the game tells you in the help section.

  • WK Productions

    Thank you so much, I subbed and liked, and will continue to do so. Please start uploading again.

  • Jared Blackburn

    No help in getting rid of imaginary Serana after uninstalling Dawnguard....

  • Jack Woods

    just walk around until I find a stray dog? Please.

  • The Great Gamer (tablet 2)

    Ok, I had meeko with me for a while......I lost him...I apparently made him wait somewhere....I cant find him.....he should have stopped following me a while

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