Skyrim - Top 10 Dark Brotherhood Mods!

My top 10 dark brotherhood mods in Skyrim!


Shadowmere HD - Dark Brotherhood Elite Edition

Dark Brotherhood Mail - Standalone

Jenya - Dark Brotherhood Necromancer

The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection

Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored

Dark Brotherhood Reborn - Dawnstar Sanctuary

The Dark Brotherhood Armor TS Edition

Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor CBBEv3 Echo

Deacons Dark Brotherhood Pack

Dark Brotherhood Babette Replacer
  • Kaido Gryffion

    Wish there was a mod to add more brotherhood initiates

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    It's like a giant covered in red paint grabbed shadowmere's ass

  • Reillykids Gaming

    I like how none of these do anything but make girls look inappropriate none had Astrid live or Let the rest of the DB survive the attack I mean A werewolf could have survived A wizard will have killed many of the penitus oculas And that's about it and none of these brought Astrid back or anyrhing

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