Skyrim - Top 10 Dark Brotherhood Mods!

My top 10 dark brotherhood mods in Skyrim!


Shadowmere HD - Dark Brotherhood Elite Edition

Dark Brotherhood Mail - Standalone

Jenya - Dark Brotherhood Necromancer

The Dark Brotherhood Resurrection

Dark Brotherhood Tenets Restored

Dark Brotherhood Reborn - Dawnstar Sanctuary

The Dark Brotherhood Armor TS Edition

Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor CBBEv3 Echo

Deacons Dark Brotherhood Pack

Dark Brotherhood Babette Replacer
  • Planet Dook

    I really want to know, how to guards and other citizens just brush it off as you are walking around towns with the Dark Brotherhood logo on your armor, and riding around with a horse that has the Dark Brotherhood hand covering pretty much half of it's body. It's not exactly immersive... but OK.

  • Apex1230

    On the shadowmere mod it looks like someone spanked his ass with blood really heard XD

  • Videre Licet

    Deacon's Dark Brotherhood mod pack got featured twice in the same vid... And the top #1 entry showed literally 0% of the actual mod.I'm angery.

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