Skyrim Mods: Weapons, Weapons, Weapons

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Nedhegoth The Butcher

Billyro's Weapons
Kthonia's Unique Weapons

Other mods partially shown:

Bosmer Armor Pack

The fantastic Musical Lore by Nir Shor -
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Sawyer Utley

    If something is hevey then that means that it is more powerful than something that is light you dumbass brodual

  • Zé Felici

    I know I'm late, but to those talking about MxR vs Brodual:Indeed, Brodual has a more info approach. And it's as much successful as MxR. Without needing to be sexist and show boobs and "slooty" things in every mod showcase and thumbnail. He would be so much fun if he wasn't so sexist and homophobic.Cheers Brodual! Been watching your channel for years now and you've never lost it.

  • Masked

    does anyone know a mod that remodels the skyrim steel vannila weapons or just a mod that sharpens them and removes the anooying markings on them

  • jenkind1

    Wouldn't a weightless hammer be kind of useless?

  • Gameplay Guy

    What is the Animation Mod you are using??

  • Lord Vader

    can someone please tell me what mod makes the steel plate and other armors so detailed at 2:33?

  • Mozarel

    3:27 what armor is that!

  • Slither Gnome

    I know this question might be random, but when I watch people on youtube they always see their hands of the character holdign a weapon, with me I cant even see the grip, is there any setting I should select or download a mod? :(Playing on highest resolution and tested lower does nothing :(

  • Hugh Jass

    Holy Shit! That Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw gives me a Baldur'S Gate - Sarevok vibe!

  • Sebastien Nortje

    Someone should make a mod that all the Hold Gaurds use the taser XD

  • Rags_2_Bitches

    This channel is so much better than mxr

  • Necro Pro

    is that the "dwemer lighting fuck" at 3:50 it looks like slingshot

  • Cheyenne Arnold

    bro the cannibals in the first mod are hard to beat even though I have max enchanted daedric and a 220 damage modded greatsword and they are harder than trying to kill aldrin with a fork if anyone here got the mod, plz tell me how you beat them

  • David Conagher

    What is your armor mod set? I've been hunting a good robes and armor overhaul, atm all Ive found has been Opulent Robes, with no real amazing armor overhauls.

  • MegaRadomstuff

    I basically want all the different race armour and weapon choices from Eso

  • nerevar

    um thats not a dagger thats a knife, knife's have one sharp end and daggers have two

  • uzzumymw

    This guy is so much better than MXR. He seems to focus more on gameplay mods, while MXR just further milks his gimmick of "Tits, tits, and more tits."

  • n1mand

    You have to register???:DDownvoted.

  • Zzarcon1

    It always bothers me when people shoot arrows at point blank range when an enemy is right in your face. Save your arrows danget.

  • Guy with Cactus

    It's pronounced Ch-I-ten. Not Kh-I-ten.

  • Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie

    M16's and .45's, they help our country stay alive

  • zelpyzelp

    I kind wish that mod had a whole chitin weapon set, not just a bow.

  • Max Kelsey

    Thumbs down for G2A.

  • Cheryl Mille

    has any one else ever wondered why TES3 is called morrowind yet it's set on vvardenfell?

  • Binkx

    Is he using a graphics mod in this video and if so can u let me know what one it is

  • Sam De Jonge

    when i'm watching brodual" lets put all cool mods i see in a playlist"15 minutes later "sigh, i've already added over 50 mods to the playlist"

  • Gabriel Rodgers

    so the dwemer fork is a taser

  • Chandler Paulk

    Brodual is the ones who poke the skyrim fire and keep it alive without them it would have died out round of applause for brodual

  • Jacob Scott

    Does anyone know if the first mod will be coming to xbox?

  • David Romine

    Fun Fact: Bosmers are actually cannibals. They eat the enemies they kill.

  • AntsanParcher

    "[…]and is said to be incredibly lightweight. This makes for especially crushing blows."Hmmmmmmmmm…

  • JoeMcBob

    I mean what would you call "mid game" I have ebony and daedric stuff but only because I buffed out my smithing skill by forging like 80 iron and steel weapons every time I visit a forge. I only find glass stuff when adventuring though

  • KingInfected

    Those weapons are pretty dope, and lore-friendly.I've seen them in the Elder Scrolls Online ;)

  • Glitch Master Gaming

    im making a new evil build and im looking for a one-handed sword / axe. But why not mace? i did that already

  • AgentManitoba01

    Can't wait for when Bethesda releases Skyrim for next generation consoles with mods support!

  • Syndicate of Sorrow

    These are good weapons, but I wish the modification author would have added descriptions on what the weapons actually do IN the game, not just on the modification description.

  • Lollagurl Y

    OMG a tazer in Skyrim... XD

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