Skyrim Special Edition MODDED Textures | Noble Skyrim vs. Skyrim 2017 vs. Skyland vs. Osmodius

Title: "Skyrim Special Edition MODDED Textures | Noble Skyrim vs. Skyrim 2017 vs. Skyland vs. Osmodius "

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim Special Edition
Skyrim Mod Quickie
Tutorial - Part 2 - Episode 2
With Commentary
PC Showcase
1080p 60 FPS

Mods Used:

-Skyrim 2017

-Noble Skyrim



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  • excellentes

    They are all good, but Noble stands out alot and you immediately see the difference

  • Victor Carvalho

    Many thanks for the effort on making this video!! I was using the 2017 textures and was not pleased, now I'm downloading the Noble pack to test it!

  • Sabah Waifu

    I use Noble textures and was always curious how the others looked in comparisons. This is a fantastic video. Thank you so much for doing comparisons! Going to stick with Noble.

  • Doctor Potassium

    This is a great video. It helped me a lot in deciding what textures to have.It would've helped a little bit more if you had more comparisons of the cities though, but overall thanks mate.

  • Almost Smart

    Skyland just so ever beats out noble for me personally. 2017 actually looked the worst surprisingly.

  • King Explosion Murder

    Subscribed! Be sure to promote your channel through the /r/Skyrimmods subreddit

  • Burak

    noble skyrim looks majestic and a lot warmer. Btw that accent... <3

  • Josh Wick

    Thank you, thank you.... Thank you!!! Saves so much time being able to see them side by side without installing all of them. :)

  • Pano Kostouros

    Ouch, the texture itself would look nice there if implemented properly. The normal map is doing a good job for close up viewing, but it doesn't seem like the mesh has an added displacement generated off of the diffuse, which makes it look flat when looking at it from an angle....

  • DafT

    The one problem I find with some of the texture mods is they take away a lot of the contrast the original textures had. They blend in too much with the other texture types, and as such cause it to look very same'y. This video was helpful though, as it seems that Osmodius does this less than the others, and is a bit more contrasty, so I'm probably gonna give it a bash. Thanks so much for the video!

  • Kristian pavic

    The skyrim 2017 textures look beautiful!

  • kurt charvet

    need help ive installed noble and yet no changes have occured, can you tell me how you installed it?

  • crushed2015

    this video needs more views because its awesome! post it on skyrimmods reddit. after watching this ill be sticking with noble skyrim.

  • Darko Matterus

    Started with my favorite city :D Thanks so much for this comparison! It is really something needed for people that want to choose which to go for. Indeed Noble Skyrim which I had no idea that existed, looks really beautiful. Subscribed!

  • Revuh

    wow.. honestly I preferred vanilla in most of those scenarios. Noble looks warmer, but some of the shots looked bland in comparison. 2017 looked pretty good too

  • The Barmy Stormcloak

    I want noble Skyrim on Xbox

  • Z0011

    noble textures can be used on SSE?

  • crushed2015

    could you do a comparison of noble skyrim vs tamriel Reloaded HD SE which just got released?

  • The Man

    Osmodius+vivid landscape for me+nvidia ENB.Makes my skyrim look great and other one like smimi of course

  • fyrestorme123

    1:25you're welcome.

  • Aaron

    this video convinced me not to download texture packs, everything in the mods looks so grungy and dirty.. more close-up detail at the expense of art direction? no thank you

  • The God you never knew

    Exactly the video I was looking for

  • Dazerlythan

    Merite more subs :ThumbsUp:

  • Barokai Rein

    what about vivid landscapes?

  • Dimitrisgr98

    I use SMIM as base then Noble Skyrim + SMIM patch then Osmodius then AOF Detailed Mountains

  • Mateus Folletto

    Don't get me wrong, Vanilla textures are good, thing is, they are really low res and the DLC Textures are all the same 512x512 upscalled horribly to 2k, so they look the same but are more demanding on your PC. I tend to mix Rustic with aMidianBorn overwritting the Noble Skyrim. It's a perfect mix of 2k Textures that cover the entire game and look perfect from up close.

  • Ben Hur Apostol

    The noble texture is linked to the old skyrim mods, does it work with SE or do I have to do something for it to work? TY in advance

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