Skyrim - Dawnguard - How To Cure Serana Of Vampirism

This video shows you how to cure Serana of her vampirism. I did this after completing the Dawnguard faction questline, and not talking to Serana at all during play.
  • Andrew Scully

    I need help please I said I'd feel more comfortable now all she says is I don't want to talk about this with you anyone know what I should do?

  • Super Dash

    +Da Zambie King There's nothing you can do but start that save over :)

  • Mr game

    serana the yelou eyes

  • I Am Pain

    Keep her as a vampire. Trust me.

  • nbtycoon2

    question how do you turn your self back to non vampire?

  • Lucky Ted

    The only way to cure a vampire is to shoot a crossbow bolt into their chest. That'd be an amazing cure for serana.

  • Ian Argenti

    If I joined the vampires and already complete the whole storyline and cured the vampirism can I still join somehow because every time I go to fort dawnguard they try to kill me

  • jefthereaper

    This is really one of those choices that's just there for the heck of it tough, I mean why cure her? she gets less power (and still no marriage option)pretty sure the yellow eyes is also not a glitch but just a dark joke from one of the dev's saying "you happy now? now that she no longer has immortality and 100% disease resistance she gained liver cancer, you just killed her by asking her to give up vampirism."immediately reloaded my save prior to asking her to get rid of her vampirism.You're fine as you are Serana, never change.

  • Warrior For YAH

    Serana is the cutest follower ever

  • Peter Peers

    Why would anyone even give Serana a second thought? She's the noncommittal, self-absorbed millennial vampire who doesn't appreciate anything you do for her, and she's whiny and kind of annoying on top of that. There are much better waifus out there (Lydia and Jordis, for example).

  • Still Alive

    I prefer her as a vampire because I like to think she feeds on me. That's sexy

  • narendaran bommannan

    i love serana as a human nothing more and i love her.

  • demonetization station

    Question: are you still able to get bloodcursed elven arrows from her as a human? I'm assuming not...

  • Anil S

    Serana looks like jaina proudmoore from world of warcraft...She is having similar character...

  • BullseyeRey

    Well this didn't help.

  • Gamers Dragon

    Thank you I want to make "I want to turn myself into a vampire" is deleted

  • ThatGuyNorin

    Where is home? I didn't had a house when we talked

  • riley pearson

    Wtf I'm running multiple characters so it one save per file I want to marry her on this one but I fucked it up now I have to start a new character so pissed

  • Dylan Medly

    i dont think i want to cure her because shes a vampire and im a werewolf thats a kind of twisted poetry

  • Arthur De Heel

    I killed Harkon a while ago and now and the only thing I can say when I ask to cure her is - I'm sorry I shouldn't have brought it up again - Sorry, I'll drop it or This matters to me. All these responses resolve into a no from her. Is there any way I can fix this, or do I have to do it all over again?

  • JTundra

    Yo ima have her stay a vampire cuz im a werewolf and that duo is too badass. Can you imagine a wallpaper where serana is standing there bright red eyes and you can see her fanged teeth and you right next to her in beast form omg its lit

  • Shadow Ghost Leader

    I hate going back into saves

  • Super saiyan Lord

    aaaaaaaggggghhhh i fucked it up

  • Greg TheMagnificentBullFrog

    I don't have the option at all about getting her cured I need help!!!

  • Azzie F.

    Secretly wishing she'd end up with my character, happily married. Unless you picked a female character, in that case... Can I use my elder scroll to record the sweet sweet lesbian kissing?!?!

  • Magma Fang

    I rather keep her as the vampire because u get to turn into a vampire /vampire Lord when ever you want

  • youtube fix your subtitles

  • Ruba galline

    i remember i used to take vampirism all the time when hanging out with Serana. So my question is... it was her???

  • Okami Sensei

    what happens if i asked her before i joined the daunguards? did it mess it up?

  • TaccoGaming

    Whats the point in curing her

  • Gavino Goat

    Now we have skyrim SE so just download a marriable serana mod

  • ThePudgyBudgie

    Is there a way to become a vampire lord afterwards? Or do I have to start a new game in order to get the vampire perks achievement for XBOX1?

  • and it said fort door garage

  • Kronos

    I fell in love with her....became the vampire lord myself.....and married her.

  • diamondlordXJ

    even better to be a khaajit and ask kharjo and jzargo to follow u

  • Ruba galline

    i remember i used to take vampirism all the time when hanging out with Serana. So my question is... it was her???

  • Jo Regent

    what if i kill all the dawnguard at their fortress? im not able to cure her vampirism?

  • catchdepokemans

    can you marry serana if she's cured?

  • Bil Bilon

    Through the story of dawnguard you need to not let her seem like you want her to be cured. Drop hints, dont out right say "I think you should be cured" type thing or she will get defensive and will refuse to find a cure. If through the story you act as if she means something to you as in asking if shes okay or how she feels about her father she will warm up to you meaning after you kill harkon the "How are you feeling" dialogue option will become available.I fucked it trying to do it because I tried to push her into and now she wont even speak of vanprism to me...

  • Da Zambie King

    So I chose the wrong dialogue and she won't talk about it any more and the only save files I have before killing Harkon is right before going to castle Volkihar to find the scroll. I'm on Xbox. Any way of still curing her or did I already dick it up too hard?

  • Frankie Lymon

    I was thinking bout the option of curing her to see if she fought better in combat or still the same

  • Glitch. T.

    I have a question, I I did the whole vampire quest and killed her father but I never asked her to cure her vampirism. Can I still cure her?

  • Deadliezt Records

    How do you cure her if you killed harkon before joining the dawngaurd and now cant join them

  • Celairgil Faenmirion

    Odd to think of it as a cure... Vampires are immortal and immune to disease... after being "cured" Serana becomes mortal and vulnerable to all sorts of ailments... sounds more like a curse!

  • In subtitles it said kill serana XD

  • Brenda May

    Wait?.... when I did this he Serena's dad said I should either leave or become a vampire lord... I thought if I didn't become a vampire lord I couldn't do the quest with Serena and stuff and I'll have to side with dawnguard instead of the vampires? But it said in your asking bar to ask if you want to be a I could've been my werewolf self and have the dawnguard vampire quest line? Eh whatever I like being a vampire lord I feel more powerful like that

  • Sulthonu Auliaulloh

    Is it a mod to cure serana guys?

  • Orochimaru Sama

    Serana is the best follower, but if she don't be a vampire is Ridiculous

  • Alessia P

    How do you get to level 51 and complete Dawnguard without knowing who Falion is? Lol.

  • Chloe Tyrannosaurus

    Im a vampire in skyrim cause I choose to be I like it that way and I never change it

  • Obito TheGamngSageOfSixPaths

    The mad thing about thisis that you can no longer get blood cursed arrows

  • Mafphamous

    What I did was I didn't bring up the curing of vampirism and when I beat dawnguard I ask for the cure and she went off for a couple of days (in game) and she came back. Don't ask here to cure herself until you beat dawnguard.


    I cured her because I felt bad that she has to stay in the sun with me

  • Lord helix 666

    Wait I'm a werewolf and I have the ring of hircine can I become a vampire with the ring of hircine and be both?

  • Ganimercenary

    I spent 15 hours getting through Dawnguard and I screwed up the chance of curing her... I've to do it all over again D,X

  • Zagan

    wait so u dont talk to her at all or just about the cure?

  • Jojo's Gaming and stuff

    Who uses Daedric weapons over Dragon weapons?

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