Skyrim Remastered Disappearing NPC (possible) Fix

Quite a few people have started to complain about NPCs that are required to complete certain quests have teleported to areas where they cannot get to, or are not where the marker takes them. Try this method, it should hopefully work :)


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  • Shahram Farhadi

    The khajit that you can buy from at dawnstar and his camp won't appear. Please help

  • Myers Elite

    everything fine till I built lake view manor..then Lucia vanished ..and the misc quest speak to jarl of falkreath marker won't disappear above his head ..even tho quest is people??

  • Spookeh xo

    Serena said to me that she was in darkfall cave.... guess what happened?! She wasn't there.

  • TJ HedgeScout

    I have NPCS just randomly teleporting to locations they shouldnt belike Nagrub spawned near Helgen... He's not supposed to be near there, he's supposed to be at one of the orc settlements he belongs to...i think it might be the same bug you guys had.

  • Eduard Gonzales

    For me ulfric is just missing when it tells me to report to him

  • Comment s

    I can't find Maven Black-Briar in Riften, when I look at the map and move the cursor the location of her moves too. I've heard that she's over at the wreck of the Winter War I already looked there can't find her. Where is she??????

  • Poodlecomb

    Camilla disappeared after we got married I can't find her anywhere I've looked in my house and the Riverwood trader

  • wileywilson

    In my experience, Bethesda are pretty much the worse dev I've come across for buggy games. In my current Skyrim save, ~50% of bandits & mobs are falling through the floor and disappearing after dying. It's most frustrating. I've even tried console command "tcl" to locate them. Nope, gone.


    I need serena so i can become a vampire as i have turned into a werewolf but she has decided to change occupation and become a magician

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