Skyrim DLC: Ancient Falmer Crown Location

Click here to see how to get the FULL set of Ancient Falmer Armor-
This video will give step by step instructions on how to find and eventually obtain the Ancient Falmer Crown. As of right now, no one has ever been able to get it, unless they hacked the game. If you have any advice or suggestions that I could use in order to get the crown, then please leave a comment below or send me a private message. All credit for reaching the crown will be given to you and your channel's name. I'll just be the person to make a video on how it's done. Also, don't forget to check out my channel for more Skyrim content. Thanks for watching and as always rate, comment, and subscribe!
  • Justin Donaldson

    Could've said you can't get it earlier.

  • Aiden 2430

    “I tried knifeing it” wut is this,call of duty

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