Skyrim - 5 Characters Who are Hiding Something Dark - Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim boasts a colorful cast of characters. But not all of the people of Skyrim are who they seem to be, and some are harboring dark secrets. So here are 5 Characters in TES 5, who aren't who they seem.
  • Noah Schlegel

    I wish the Blades were an optional part or were killable. You make me kill my new master, so now you're the enemy.

  • Gilhelmi

    Nine Devine's, in the Elder Scrolls there are Nine.Death to the Thalmor.

  • Riley

    Dexion, the moth priest from the dragonborn dlc, also has a blades sword

  • Cody Straka

    Gonna try to talk to the man in the nightgate inn in full blade gear

  • Dragon artist

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜° ͡) ( ͡° ͜^ ͡°) ( ͡°≥ ͡°)

  • Jay Tyson

    3am i really need to sleep5 characters who have dark secrets? Well fuck me fam go on

  • Jack Jackson

    what happens if you walk up to fultheim in blades aroma?

  • Alex Healy

    I bloody love this game

  • Raging Monk

    The fact this game has such a heavy following after launching so many years ago. New games do not go into detail at this length.

  • some abomination

    what's the song at the end?

  • Scott Glennon

    Nazeem. His so-called 'Chillfurrow Farm' doesn't even exist, and despite talking about his association with the Jarl, he never sets foot in Dragonsreach at all! Almost ll the other redguards in Skyrim are piss poor, and he doesn't say one word about his past, just that it took years to earn his 'way to the top.' Clearly, this man has made his fortune in an... unsavory way.

  • Leto85

    So actualy Movarth is hiding something rather light; his pas motives.

  • philipp plein

    Why not do some fucking Witcher videos

  • TheBlackSerpentBeta

    I once has a random Orc Barmaid attack me in the middle of nowhere with her bare fistsNo explanation as to why, she just ran up to me and started punching, so I killed her just to find her inventory full of food, making me assume she was a barmaid (that and her dress sense gave that feeling too

  • Master Mega

    Fuusss Rooooo DAHHHHH

  • Theo

    What mods does epicnate use to make the "camera focus" like that? Like, when he looks at something, the background blurs out. Is it a mod? And also, what texture mods does he use? It's really looking good.

  • Trainer Gray

    You pronounce most things perfectly but some things you just get so wrong haha, is it an intentional running gag or genuine mispronunciation? ‘Morvar’... I think you mean Movarth

  • MarkdoBrasil

    Then I'm off to kill the old man from Rorikstead!

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