Skyrim - 5 Characters Who are Hiding Something Dark - Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim boasts a colorful cast of characters. But not all of the people of Skyrim are who they seem to be, and some are harboring dark secrets. So here are 5 Characters in TES 5, who aren't who they seem.
  • Satanic Sponge

    Bruh, do you have a mod list anywhere? Lots of stuff I see in these videos that I would like to have

  • Alp Muhsinoğlu

    What is the song at the end?

  • Squid Sisters

    So when you say settle you mean got married? Good on ya game 😎

  • Barkley LOL

    The first one I actually went in got into a fight and killed everyone sooooooo...

  • Jimmy Hall

    Hah! Buffy reference.

  • Andrew Wright

    That fultheim theory makes a lot of sense when you look at how close his location is in relation to bruma

  • Darcy O'Queef

    You hiding a Dark Elf? Go back to Morrowind where you belong, filth!

  • Sugar Hips

    The drinking guy from the first one i murdered when I was on a rampage, now I think it’s weird that they were waiting for someone to come

  • D.M. Kramx

    Red-arm is one of the many reasons y I hate markarth and kill the canibals durring the quest

  • Sterkasta Konungur

    havent played skyrim in a while... its so nostalgic

  • Muustasch

    M’aiq the liar is very sus...

  • Shiro no Kenshin

    List videos? If you aren't filming yourself playing videogames or 'rEaCtInG' to something- You are a List channel. Fucking guarantee it.

  • That one american

    Yea we need more lists on YouTube in fact we need a list video explaining the point why we need more

  • sporebliss

    The last one blew my mind. I never made the connection.

  • Norbert Winiarski

    Lidia is shady as fuck

  • Nick Barnett

    I swear all skyrim lore speakers on YouTube are dyslexic

  • Diegonator21

    Nazeer seems very suspicious

  • Ben Glaser

    I just realized that quite a few of the cannibals are from Markarth, almost all of them, in fact.

  • Mauricio Hernandez

    What is the Easter egg with the headless horseman I have found him a bit while playing and he would just randomly appear is there anything to him or dose he do nothing?

  • Talon Mathers

    I have suspicions about how all the guards have hade knee injuries during their past careers

  • scrubzu

    children can walk off punches fire balls even a mother fucking axe to the head, and they wont even blame you for it

  • veranya2074

    I knew that something wrong about that butcher

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