Skyrim - 5 Characters Who are Hiding Something Dark - Elder Scrolls 5 Secrets

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim boasts a colorful cast of characters. But not all of the people of Skyrim are who they seem to be, and some are harboring dark secrets. So here are 5 Characters in TES 5, who aren't who they seem.
  • Zachary Prichard

    all inn keepers keep a weapon behind the counter.

  • Josh Kuter

    That Lydia person she's always following me!!

  • Kaito .Link

    use detect life in the Blue Palace and you'll notice one particular woman doesn't appear alive :)

  • Gage Niedert

    Epic nate all right let me see some identification

  • Sybrand 'Alleenheerser' Buma

    Maybe not a dark history but very interesting one is the old Imperial Captain in the Riften dungeons. He fought in the Great War. He so forgotten man I get sad about that :(

  • Ghost of Coprolite

    im actually impressed. i thought it would just be the obvious ones.

  • Chi Acolyte

    Well, I have more npc's to take care of.

  • EzioIlMentore

    Can you actually recruit Fultheim to Sky Haven Temple?

  • kevrulz06

    I don't know who the hell "Morevar" is...I did kill a master vampire outside of Morthal whose name was "Movarth" though....

  • Calm Cloudless Sky

    Not half as definite as what you have here, but I daresay Siddgeir's steward, Nenya, represents the PR wing of the Aldmeri Dominion. Hence why Siddgeir is so, so very co-opted. It started with him being lazy and entitled; he hired an Altmer steward to do all the work for him; and you can bet there's been extensive subversion going on behind closed doors. I mean, this isn't Markarth. She's the only Altmer presence in town. There's a long game going on here, I'm sure.

  • They Don't Reply Back

    elder scrolls 5 haha sure


    Well, pretty much every innkeeper has some weapon behind their inn's counter, so that ain't that special.

  • Auspicious Kaktus

    Skyrim, skyrim, skyrim. Always Skyrim. Why not Oblivion or, even better, Morrowind.

  • Whiterun Gaurd

    I killed an adventure like you, he had an arrow between his eyes.

  • AH Akram

    Ok must write a story about Fultheim. Fuck this guy is awesome protagonist-for-a-new-story material!

  • Russia

    I bet that there is something up with the man in charge of all the grads in wind helm.

  • Richard Whereat

    Grelod also had a very dark secret.

  • Tristi

    In truth: J'Zargo is the Main Pimp of Skyrim

  • XOGxTwillzX

    man this game has so much depth! anyone done the house of horrors quest?

  • ThatWeirdGirl

    "If you look behind the counter you'll find a war hammer - implying that the innkeeper himself is weary of some visitor"OR(If you actually bothered to look behind more than one inn's counter) You'd notice that almost all (if not actually all) innkeepers have some sort of weapon behind the counter. They never seem to use it but it's there.

  • Arrender

    I got caught offguard when you said Eight divines.

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