CREATION CLUB Skyrim : Can we survive this?

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  • Victor Alkaiser

    I might actually finally do a full "survival" skyrim run.......But not with the CC bullshit. I love ya Bethesda but fuck off with this nonsense.

  • Knut Mikael Haukeland

    I would buy this for a new playthrough. I love frostfall and realistic needs, but I've played with those MANY MANY times. If 5 bucks is all it takes for me to get a different gaming experience then I'm all in.

  • Lord Parbr

    I might actually get this as a PS4 player. Survival mode made Fallout 4 a lot more replayable for me.

  • Frozenkex

    compared to any cosmetic thing in any other game, it's good value. I don't get what's up with people's entitlement. Compare this to lootboxes in games like Overwatch, Battlefront and Destiny. A sword for 3 bucks is worth more than those, imo. You need to have a perspective in the context of other games.

  • EisenklauenWerwolf

    Way I see it, Bethesda will try to muscle through the initial hate until people no longer care for it. It may take a bit or not, depending, but there are enough people out there apparently who buy enough of this CC shit to keep them going. I am genuinely hoping the hate for the creation club will never diminish. This is easily one of of the most effed up scandals of video game industry. So congratulations Bethesda, in that regard you truly are 'next gen'.

  • GoodbyeShin

    It's a real pity that you basically made your youtube channel about and for Bethesda games for several years now. And now your channel is associated with a company that literally shits on thier own fans and customers. Good job Bethesda.

  • Seant Ryan

    I had money reserved for the day ES6 would come out, and am currently mailing it to CD Projekt Red.

  • James Tarr

    Yes you can survive this. Don't buy anything on the CC. CC is in it for the revenue, stop the revenue stream and it will go away. Something similar to this happened with Heroes of Might and Magic 3. Origin tried to cash in on a very old game by giving it an HD version that was already done. The Origin version was actually worse, yet newer, than the modded one.

  • Dale drake

    Hey I just got it for free. I aint buying a damn thing but free shit oh yeah!

  • DobieMeltfire

    I'm just worry if the constant CC update will effect the current free mods. It could even be done intentionally by Bethesda.

  • Zavi Zaoldyek

    we all know this is only a test how much crap they can give us...i am already afraid of the next elder scrolls

  • Jack Daniels

    What astounds me is the ammount of morons who will actually buy this crap, when they can have something much better for free.

  • filipinowhiteboy

    I got it for free. It's available for free for one week. That means that this comment will be out of date almost immediately

  • Lawrence Yeomans

    Creation club is garbage

  • Shadowcub

    I actually sighed in relief just now. As I'm believing that this is JUST for the Special edition... So my heavily modded original edition is safe from this update.

  • Edward Rawn

    TL:DR - He didn't try it. He doesn't know what he thinks of it. And he takes 16 minutes to wax back and forth about it.

  • EG Vidworks

    Frostfall's on Xbox anyway!

  • zeth trost

    the CC survival is really only for ps4, frostfall and campfire are on box. ps4 is the only console that needs the CC. pretty much every mod you talked about that is better than CC survival are on xbox i use them myself.

  • SkippyDaVampire

    We could really use another beyond skyrim release right about now

  • Solo Rogue

    Time in Skyrim moves too fast. I'm constantly feeding my character on PS4. I deactivated that mode almost immediately. IMO, it doesn't work for Skyrim.

  • juamont

    with all this cashgrab I hope the next big title bethesda releases is the best one ever

  • Mikey VVagner

    something tells me that what is "missing" from this mod will be features in TES6

  • Ares P

    So did Chesko make or was he involved in the creation of survival mod?

  • DrHankeey2

    Oh, skyrim has already survived it. It's too late to really affect it. The real question is, will the next Elder Scrolls survive it? Soon to be able to make mods you'll have to pay Bethesda. And then you'll only be able to publish them on their creation club. No more Nexusmods or similar. Only paid mods. Welcome to the future.It's the virus called corporate greed setting in and developers wondering: "How do customers DARE make and share these mods for free? In OUR game? Truly.. it belongs to us. Yes.. yes the mods will belong to us, and we WILL sell them! Muahhahaha!"

  • Dhū Yamnot

    Yes we can, and it's actually good

  • WR3ND

    "No, not again. No, not again!" —BastionSeriously though, thanks for taking on this... situation we find ourselves in. More information is a good thing here and helps me to better prepare and set up my game for my own enjoyment. Hats off to you, sir.

  • Shadowcub

    Real quick, promise. I have to put in my thoughts on the "potential map" There are already mods for better maps, and cluttering it up with campfires and pots and such sparsely around the country is annoying. Frostfall already has the new campfire and cooking necessities that are portable. So all this would be to me is clutter and pointless.

  • Cackling

    Don't forget about the fact that Survival Mode totally breaks werewolves, as well as being a mess of egregious, game-breaking bugs.You want +70% swing speed? Buy Survival Mod.You want less stability to your game? Buy Survival Mode.You want to grab your ankles and smile for daddy Tod Howard? Buy Survival Mode.

  • Negative Zero

    The real question is, will TES6 survive this?

  • Brubarov

    Your thoughts and words are as accurate as a surgeon's blade. I could not have said it better.

  • Crystal Soulslayer

    [sigh] Oh, Bethesda. It didn't have to be like this.

  • Ra Senché

    Let's call it Horse Armor Expantions!Because if there not Mods the. There much closer to there Horse Armor DLC then anything else.

  • Perry Smith

    Anyone who is in serious protest against the creation club don't buy anything else from Bethesda until they listen to the fans and remove it

  • Jasper Lane

    I'm sure I am a minority on this but I like the idea of a Creation Club. I think it is perfectly reasonable for Modders to get paid for their work if they want to. Also unless I am incorrect (Which is a high possibility) it's very difficult to mod your games on console so this gives them an opportunity to get mods.And with Bethesda working with the mods dosnt that mean that we wouldn't have to worry about Mods not being compatible or making it impossible for your game to start?So long as Bethesda doesn't make it impossible to have free mods I don't see the problem.

  • Dark God

    If Bethesda wants keep milking Skyrim, why don't they create more DLC like fucking Dragonborn and Dawnguard? Creation Club is garbage. Make another fucking game already... I'm sick of Skyrim

  • Elle Cats

    I love gopher so god damned much lol

  • HumanUnit

    the worst about this is, Bethesda had created a sandbox game,, a paradise for modders creation, we've all used Frostfall, RND, INeed, Wet and Cold, WiC, etc.. there are gazillion of mods out there, WHY, making this kind of non sense?as stated bellow, they should instead develop DLC for Cyrodil or else like modders have done already, Bruma etc...

  • Cackling

    "Support for werewolves" This is a pure lie on Bugthe$da's part. Survival Mode totally breaks werewolves by making the feed mechanic replenish no health. Meaning it is impossible to heal yourself in Werewolf form, and have to wait out each transformation in order to recoup health. Effectively making werewolves 100% irrelevant, useless and broken. Oh and you cannot use the wait command without mods. Hope you enjoy staring at your screen in impotence.Even with Ring of the Hunt, you will not regenerate any HP at all. It actually requires that you install a separate nexus mod to fix these issues. Typical of Bugthe$da.

  • Omegafraz Gaming

    I think the prices could be adjusted but the modding community is already making mods using assets or elements from creation club content which I think is worth it as it makes them modular and customizable to the tastes of the buyer

  • Ayylien Dude

    Creation club is a money grab for Bethesda.

  • Hr1s7i

    7:18 Yes, because you don't get god's favor unless you pay gold. Cause gods need gold. This is boss level retardation.

  • Elder Scrolls gamer

    Frostfall, Campfire, Ineed, wet and cold, disable fast travel, and many more free mods are already on SSE XB- one, and those together do A LOT more than it's $5 alternative so basically Survival mode SSE is literally pointless along with any other creation club mod unless u are a PS4 user ( if u only have a ps4 than I'm sorry)

  • thundercamel69

    Lol I got it for free...I disable it, minute later after playing.

  • Ponte Ryuurui

    Lazy fucking cunts, instead of fixing fallout 4 which has millions of issues they steal ideas to create mods inferior in quality comparing to originals and try to sell them, fuck those putos

  • Stephen Cothran

    Can they at least add the Arena to skyrim, they had is for Oblivion. And i hate Fast travel.

  • HKS Atlanticore

    the question is rather 'will bethesda survive this?'at this point 90% of people dont even care about tes6 as much anymore, nice job! way to ruin a franchise and lose your supporters trust forever.

  • debieblue

    Anyone notice that the "disable updates" tick-box for the game is ...gone?

  • Patrick Wise

    No, so just kill yourself now and end the suffering quickly. It's the only humane option under the circumstances.

  • AndrewAllStars

    I know you're trying to be impartial and careful but i don't know how you can defend them at all by saying 'this looks cool' when we've all seen countless mods that have been developed by people for free for us to use before that cover all this. This isn't 'cool', it's stuff that should have; already been in the game, be a free add-on by the developers for their fans continuous support as a thank you or left completely alone.

  • Chloe M

    If it looks like a mod, and plays like a mod, and I have to pay for it - it's a paid mod. :/

  • Mister Gardemarin

    Точно подмечено Бесдка даже не пытается нас удивить.

  • Travis Keating

    perhaps we call these thingies "Micro Content" or perhaps "TUBS" (Tiny useless Buyable Shit")

  • IIIAkkarinIII

    lets face it they are trying to jump on the micro transaction band wagon and they are lazy, thats wy this s**t is so s**t and exspensive. Can‘t wait for the Lootboxes in TES VI x_X

  • arthegor


  • Wirr Ling

    Yes you are not interested, now stop trying to press it on others will you?

  • kjellman96

    I don't like disabling fast travel. Generally I don't use it but if I've run all the way across Skyrim just to find out I've forgotten an item in my house I'll definitely use it.

  • Paul Rone-Clarke

    It's a six year old game. Who the hell cares? After over 1000 hours in Skyrim the only reason I care one iota what Bethesda do is nostalgia. No amount of this reinvention (turd polishing) is going to get me to play it again, so they can turn all factions into My Little Pony and paint the trees blue and charge £1000 for the privilege for all I care. It's an ancient game and it's time to move on. This creators club is like giving the kiss of life to a trilobite. It's a six year old game ffs. Time to let it go.

  • Frank Soutar

    it will be more like $15 you know the price it cost to buy something like witcher 3 nowadays. Frostfall was awesome but if this creation club rip off does not involve him he should sue them for plagiarising his intellectual property

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