Leon Shore's Mod LOAD ORDER 2018 full personal complete with Master Template Skyrim SE Xbox One

*Category 1: (Patches)
1.) USSEP (Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch)

*Category 2: (Craftable Worldspace Mods)
2.) Campfire
3.) Campfire Unleashed Creative LITE

*Category 3: (Large Worldspace Overhauls and texture Changes)
4.) CoP (coat of paint) - Windhelm
5.) Cop (coat of paint) - Solitude
6.) Cop (coat of paint) - Markarth
7.) Rustic Lands
8.) Skyland Towns and Villages
9.) Master The Summit

*Category 4: (Leveled Lists ADDITIONS)
10.) Cloaks of Skyrim
11.) Open Face Guard Helmets

*Category 5: (Grass and Foliage)
12.) Dense Grass
13.) Fallen Trees
14.) Skyrim is Windy

*Category 6: (Worldspace ADDITIONS)
15.) Lampposts of Skyrim: Special Edition
16.) Superior Lore-Friendly Hair
17.) Ivarstead (Arthmoor)
18.) Kato's Falkreath
19.) Riverwood Reborn 2
20.) Kato's Whiterun
21.) Town and City Trees for Kato's
22.) Arcadia's Farm
23.) Farmhouse Chimneys
24.) Wood Cutter's Campsite
25.) Hunter's Treehouse

*Category 7: (Game mechanics changes)
26.) Color Patches Remover
27.) Critical Correction
28.) Multiple Lycanthropy Regift

*Category 8: (Quest and spell mod additions)
29.) Kagrenac's Wisps
30.) Cure Disease Spell

*Category 9: (Disabling/Enabling mods)
31.) A Quality World Map Vivid with Stone Roads
32.) Vampires Suck: No Attacks in Towns
33.) Dragons Be Gone!
34.) Visibile Favorited Gear
35.) Left Hand Rings
36.) The Rings of Old - Morrowind...

*Category 10: (Gameplay mechanics changes)
37.) More Growable Plants
38.) Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions
39.) Custom Family Home

*Category 11: (Creature and NPC additions/follower mods)
40.) Kailana - A Standalone Follower
41.) Sader Horses
42.) Adoptable Female Follower
43.) Beatrice, a Breton mage follower
44.) Riordan, another male High Elf follower
45.) Thieves Guild Bounty Clearer
46.) Karinda the Horse

*Category 12: (Leveled Lists CHANGES)
47.) Rich Merchants of Skyrim

*Category 13: (T E X T U R E S)
48.) Redesigned Females
49.) Skyrim - Whiterun Textures
50.) Enhanced Trees for Skyrim
51.) Detailed Terrain and Trees LOD
52.) Vivid Landscapes Tombs & Ruins
53.) Caves - by T4GTR......
54.) RTO - Riften Texture Overhaul
55.) RS Children overhaul (rsskyrimchildren.esp)
56.) HD Embers (EmbersHD.esp)
57.) Mines by T4GTR....
58.) Texture Overhaul (Clutter)
59.) Northfire's Photoreal Mountains
60.) BetterInteriors.esp
61.) Vivid Landscapes - Forts
62.) High Res Dragons Stealthywolf
63.) Glowing Eye Colors
64.) Designs of the Nords
65.) Horse Texture Replacer
66.) Enhanced Blood Textures
67.) Real Wood Textures - Farmhouses NO MOSS version
68.) Wood Cover
69.) SMIM Barrels
70.) HD Ivy 2k
71.) Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs
72.) Display Enhancements

*Category 14: (General Gameplay changes)
73.) Frozen Electrocuted Combustion
74.) Thundering Shouts

*Category 15: (NEW added Animations and effects changes)
75.) Tamaskan Dog Replacer
76.) AE_Animations by AlterEgo
77.) Sit Anywhere

*Category 16: (Weapon/Armor/Clothing Mods)
78.) Common Clothes (Craftable)
79.) Kameleon Armor
80.) Heresy Gear
81.) Armor of Intrigue (retextured version)
82.) Faraam Armor from Dark Souls
83.) M Rens Shield Pack
84.) The Wayfarer's Coat
85.) Ashara Elven Knight
86.) Valkyrja - Viking Sword
87.) Some Leather Hoods
88.) The Witcher 3 Bear Armor Beta (Test Verion)
89.) Dragonspear - Crafting
90.) Shadowrend

*Category 17: (Overhauls to vanilla game menus and crafting)
91.) Bethesda Beards
92.) Disenchanting
93.) Axe of Tor
94.) Craft Earring

*Category 18: (Alterations to existing Vanilla Values and Animations)
95.) Spell Light Dynamic Shadows
96.) Get rid of Serana's Hood
98.) Improved Duel Wield Animation
99.) TLS Cries of War
100.) TLS Amazing Blink and Idle
101.) Female Animation V.3 XB1
102.) NPC Clothes Changer and Maintainer

*Category 19: (Mods that NEED to be near the bottom in Load Order)
103.) Realistic Water TWO
104.) Wet and Cold
105.) Dragons of the Forgotten Vale
106.) ELE Interior Lighting Overhaul
107.) Vitruvia - Skin Texture Overhaul
108.) RUNP Texture and Body Replacer for ALL females
109.) TLS No Wind Better Performance

*Category 20: (W E A T H E R S)
111.) Minty's Lightning During Storms Mod
112.) Mythical Ages - Weather Overhaul By Arindel
113.) Mythical Ages Minty Lightning Storm Patch

*Category 21: ("FIX" & "FPS boosting" Mods, Etc.)
114.) Insignificat Object Remover
115.) Immersive Footprints 2
116.) Fix: Restore Vanilla Settings

Settings: Example Presets -
-Step One: Begin by selecting Preset 5
*Cinematic Options -
-Step Two: Increase Saturation +1 ( three times for a total of +3 Saturation )
-Step Three: Increase Contrast +1 ( two times for a total of +2 Contrast )
-Step Four: Increase Brightness +1 ( two times for a total of +2 Brightness )
*RGB Options -
-Step Five: Blue Tint +1 ( one time for a total of +1 Blue Tint )
-Step Six: Green Tint +1 ( one time for a total of +1 Green Tint )
Xbox One Main Menu Options: Depth of Field - Set slider to the MIDDLE
  • Dan Kelly

    Thanks for the GREAT video, man! I'm just getting into mods, and this was a huge help. One question: You mention that you have both "Skyrim is Windy" and "TLS No Wind Better Performance" installed. But, reading the descriptions, they sound like exact opposites. Can you explain how they work together, please?

  • brandons quest- modding skyrim

    Absolutely amazing work. Really really well done video. I suggested that you do this type of video because i knew you would do it well but you have exceeded expectations. Keep it up 😃

  • Zarda1

    You skip the weather category in your description.

  • Justin Gumina-Cannon

    I have spent countless hours/days, head banging against a table trying to figure out load orders and different peoples opinions. I love this vid, I love the detail coverage of each mod. Amazing. Don't stop. You saved my skyrim experience. Thank You!

  • Carl Shaw

    So with all the mods you listed, the only ones that require to be placed at the very bottom are those that you made references to? From the load order I saw it seems that all the skyland mods should be at the very bottom unless I misunderstood how the load orders work....this is all new to me.

  • Gone Turbo

    Amazing job my friend!

  • Dan Kelly

    PS. I'd love a tutorial on how to do the trial an error you mentioned? How could you tell that things weren’t right/thing got better with alterations? Did you have to hard reset your XB1 each time, etc?

  • mustafa babbitt

    Looks good on one x but it’s if it makes sense looks to cartoonish like fantasy wise it’s dead on. I like mine it’s realistic but this gives me some ideas to try out

  • TJMW2007

    Insignificant is spelled wrong in the description. Just a heads up, so people can find it properly.

  • HappyFace 73

    Nice load order. Definitely using this template

  • Super Nova

    Do you use the alternate start mod in your playthru? And if so, where do you place it in your LO? Thx!

  • Super Nova

    Thanks for taking the time to do this! It will help me a lot in preventing crashes

  • Angel M

    Awesome video. Do you have recommendation for better imteriors

  • niko b

    Keep up the good work mate👍

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