Skyrim - Companion Disappearing Fix - PC

I CAN'T PROMISE YOU 100% THAT THESE FIXES WILL WORK FOR YOU! Sometimes there's not a whole lot to do about the missing companions.

In this video, I show you what you can do, if you're experiencing problems with your companions in Skyrim. Most of the fixes mentioned in the video only works for PC.

If you have a question, please let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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  • Riley Denzer

    Grrr it says I have a follower when I talk to another, but she's nowhere to be found. Xc

  • Jordan Rasmussen

    I'm on Xbox 360 I tried all of these but it isn't working...I try to get a new one but it says "looks like you already got someone with ya"

  • Tyler Grant

    I told the companion to wait outside castle volkihor got banished and the companion was gone

  • XTNCrusader

    Always loot them before you resurrect them.  You can still get your stuff if you loot their corpse first.

  • Roy faen i helvete

    Lydia is not in my house or in the city I got her from and I can't dismiss her

  • TRUE GeOrDiE

    Nothing worked I've had no follower for moths and I can't get a new one I have tried everything nothing works

  • B Box 528

    i have had my follower go missing while doing the companions quest line and I later found them captured by some guy

  • Hardyfly Art

    i dropped mine in morthal it was jennesa

  • Ringo Dahlberg

    How do i get my followers refID

  • Helene Theodorsen

    Well... J'zargo stopped following me because of a short quest, where I had to switch follower. I've been searching in collage of winterhold, in my homes, outside, where I last saw him, I've tried to teleport, I've tried to wait... He's not dead, because then I would get a letter I think. How do I find him?

  • Jayce Aguilar

    Lydia pisses me off and scared me to!

  • ErebusHades

    Thank you! That was actually quite helpful, even the console commands. Long live PC!

  • Plastic spoon

    I lost a dark brotherhood initiate and they didn't do any of these 3 things

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