How to get married in Skyrim - The best wife in the game!

Shes pree hot eh?
  • Marcus Corner

    wtf I just married her and she disappeared. I can't find her anymore 😂

  • Feral Dreamer


  • Gerald

    lmao I had her as my companion then I killed her

  • steelinggull758

    dude I married a companion

  • Lisa Marie Smith

    yo I want that armor!

  • Ariana Potorski

    what if the guy isn't there??!!!!

  • sunsetbeauty

    wow worst im a werewolf and i killed her i 1 hit

  • Daniela Duram

    I need help i have waited and waited for The guy so i can buy the amulet and the only peaple there is a man and a women and i cant buy it of niether of them what do i do and i have the dlc all 3 help me

  • Markus Reyes

    I can't find the temple of mara.....

  • Dean Andree Jr

    Dude says "Or whatever" so many times lol.

  • Loose Vids

    When I put on the amulet it doesn't say the phrase??

  • Aaron Bloomfield

    what do u expect do u whant to die for a girl

  • Barry Tucceri

    Perfect match for a dark elf theif build.

  • ZakBabyTV

    so after you get married is she automatically just goes to the house that you own and stays there or what happens after that?

  • Larrydoor2

    Ok so I married her, we went outside the city, a dragon appeared and I killed it, but now I can't find her. Anybody know where she is?

  • Trey Woody

    eww the fu*k would i marry her

  • Jack Swanson

    worst and ugliest wife in Skyrim lol plus pay 500? Negative.

  • Lárþéow

    >Whatever you can buy her, that sounds kinda bad I know whateverhmm

  • Kevin Mungus

    Bro, you're not saying anything. So, put the subtitles in the game on. We don't care for your beatboxing, hahahahah

  • iiJake Vlogs

    Maramal was not there for me! what should I do?

  • MrMaddog2004

    one guy showed up for your wedding

  • NEYO mofo

    you saying what ever over and over again is giving me cancer puto

  • Boi Lambro

    How is he a YouTuber gamer

  • Adien Nurdiansyah

    Thank you ,, but i heard something like disgusting .. jjiakkk

  • The SnipingNuker

    good video, but still trying to find maramal lol

  • Aldo Rachwibaysa

    why on 2.42 - 2.44 this eshol is farting *prt prt breebbb .. thats shit mate

  • Philip Greenstone

    good vid... or whatever

  • Tuber Watcher And Video gamer

    the fuck is wrong with you my dude

  • Scitch2781

    this video is bullshit

  • commandoslayer

    As long as she has the body and no fur or sharp teeth I will dig her.

  • Reality-Flash492003160

    my orc fell in love with the same woman a father as an Orc a dark elf is a mother and two adopted Nord children and skeever is a pet how could you not disagree is a great family LOL

  • Gabe Paixao

    This video was awful. It was too short, and you did not offer enough information on the wife or the mechanics for marriage in skyrim or how to deal with bugs. Also, your "sense of humor" was tasteless (calling the female character a bitch). The sound quality was poor and it was boring 30 seconds in when I realized you were pausing and stuttering so much because you had no idea what you were going to say. Get a better mic and plan these things out better. Write a script, anything would be better than this.

  • steelinggull758

    I'm still waiting for the wedding my own wife isn't here

  • shanetheplush

    do i have to merry her .n.

  • Crinkled man

    I tried to marry mjoll the lioness and since Lydia died during the quest of sneaking in the thalmor embassy. Lydia showed up dead too the wedding naked and the wedding didn't work

  • Brandon Lancaster

    you lied you shit bag

  • Kirein Hunter

    I think he's on the toilet lmao

  • Fortune Maraque

    nobody follow me in the game



  • Delioz Derben

    you missed the "or whatever" at the end of the video

  • Pat

    thanks for this tutorial or whatever

  • Gamers CUBEIXXI

    This guys got serious A.D.D

  • pimp 123

    i had 2 wife's and it was cool

  • SpecOps Panda

    My wedding was ruined by a bandit, and now I am not allowed back in the temple...

  • ssjgssj4goku

    I can't even buy the damn amulet he doesn't give me the option

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