Skyrim Mod: Player Voicesets

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Player Voicesets

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • acrobatic alpaca

    I liked the whalers in dishonored because from memory they're the only human enemies that don't all shout threats in the same voice so it sounds like the voice actor's internal monologue after being offered a second piece of cheese cake.

  • No soy gay

    This feels like New Vegas with swords

  • Exce roam

    I wish that there was a mod that worked like fallout and when you talked you had a voice

  • Brandon Y

    So how the hell do i chose voicesets on the ps4.

  • R41Ryan

    If I had the skills to make a voiceset, here's what I would imagine after I finished it:The Dragonborn walks through the bloody entrance of a bandit's den. The lawless inhabitants unsheathe their weapons. An archer spoke."Well, well well. Seems you've gotten lost, 'friend'. How about we make this easier for the both of us and you drop everything you have."The Dragonborn remains silent, and draws his axe in response. The archer draws back an arrow."Suit yourself. It'll be fun to watch you bleed!"The arrow is released and is plunged straight into the Dragonborn's adomen. He falls down onto his knees, and finally breaks his muted act with words the bandits shall never forget."Harder Daddy!"

  • FrameRate

    Custom voices? wow, think about a game that you can record your voice to be your character voice. HYPE = 2765

  • King of Rats

    Male redguard is the default for male humans

  • Daniel Paška

    Was I expecting that?

  • BryzeTM

    Khajit: "Agressively yells "meow"

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