THIS IS BEYOND MESSED UP - Skyrim Mods - Week 225





  • Stag Dragon

    I love how after a fair amount of installs into skyrim... it almost becomes it's own beast. For example, the guards attack pino as oppose to 2B XD

  • Killer GM

    You're like the young, Asian version of Christopher Walken.

  • Shaun Pineda

    what armor mod is at 5:00?

  • Alexander Smith

    great job on this video

  • dragon greek

    Looking for a certain model and I can't find it anywhere I don't know the name but what is about is you at a guard for a kid who is the daughter of talos and that group of Thalmore are after. you plz tell me the name

  • Kkylo Reeen

    "Well that's about the only benefit I can think of but, uh, i-is nice no?"

  • Ricardo Avalos

    mod for tittys on SE?

  • I Will Redeem The Land of Shadow

    6:45 Arthas my son best war craft ever

  • Righteous Games

    Alright, time to start a lore argument. Even the game Skyrim isn't lore friendly. Skyrim is supposed covered in snow besides for The Reach which is a nice green area. Soooo who wants to make SKYRIM LORE FRIENDLY AGAIN?!

  • Dah Python

    2B follower mod was removed from Skyrim nexus... Is there another way to get this mod?

  • Maril3

    5:04 What armour is this?

  • Logen Kent

    You put your setup under MODS FEATURED, you fucking genius.

  • Esan Lewis

    wait is pinno d name of d mushroom or d name of d mushroom mod

  • Death X

    " daddy no, daddy no, daddy no"" coming coming coming "Was so funny 😂😂😂

  • Anti Goon

    I fapped so hard from 7:30 to 8:26! Super hot!

  • Chen Max

    What ENB are you using MXR?

  • dexterous

    remember when skyrim mods weekly were weekly

  • kusa amani

    yerp I excited and really fresher my page and I am getting another add

  • kusa amani

    yo! I got an add just now

  • Esan Lewis

    whats that violin song thats playing with 2b?

  • Shyning

    The link to mod list is the one for your config, rip QA :D

  • DaiNoShoujoNoYami

    Hey, MXR, your "MODS FEATURED" is just a link to your rig and setup. You might want to fix that.

  • Durty Dan

    The mods featured link just takes me to your setup.I already know you got a better rig than me dude.

  • DumbyPlays

    id just stop calling it weekly by now

  • A Box

    Mxr the link for mods featured is the same for your setup. Now I can't be a lazy potato and have to use the nexus search bar instead of saving a single click.

  • Michael Matar

    I have a question... What mod do you use to make your character look that good

  • Azlynn avocado

    I like the bleach music in the background with the mod 2B

  • Zutto Aragi

    What happened to links to the mods in the descriptions?

  • Mad Gamer

    Playlist is backwards.....

  • Alexander Smith

    wait I did not tell the video to end what happened?!!!! I tell the video to end when I tell it not when it feels like it!!!

  • ItsKixX

    MxR, What Character Mods Do you use for your Character?

  • minecreed lp

    i dont want this channel to die ;(

  • Nash Apollo

    Why does he not make money

  • SweatyLegs

    5:51 so fucking ho--- i mean immersive as fuck

  • Brenden

    Bro you put the link for your setup under the mods featured section in yo description.

  • Gustav the Mod Madman

    Which body and skin he uses?

  • Jason Fermont

    are the bikini armor stuff equipable on male characters? (pls dont judge me)

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