THIS IS BEYOND MESSED UP - Skyrim Mods - Week 225





  • CuffRox

    MyeR:Automatum and the BeeR:Autobots games are my favorites.

  • Bong Me

    that vigilant mod seems to be very silent Hill

  • MegaJeydee

    what mod is 2b's dance move?

  • jakeblackbird Jack

    im actually pretty sure that roses can be in tundras so yes it is possible that roses are in skyrim

  • Anonymous Unknown

    Is this a pewdiepie voiceover😂

  • Little Flowers

    i love it when mxr uses the lotr and the hobbit soundtrack in his videos omg

  • Michael Krent

    Wrong link for mods featured, you used the same as the setup one.

  • daniel lewis the retard

    In the beginning in the vid, what armor mod is that?

  • Ace Kaizer

    Can anybody send me a link for the 2B follower mod.I cant seem to get it anywhere.Thx in advance

  • Lonnie Wright

    I laughed too hard at this video

  • Zlx

    Can't find the mod or the mod author on both Steam workshop and Nexus, 2B that is. Where the hell do i get my hands on this?

  • Viquie Tentakelleibe

    you know Holland is famous for its tulips, so yeah, pretty lore friendly

  • Eric Richardson

    OK; I don't know why this is a problem; but most of the mods I've seen you narrate don't seem to be on Nexus yet or were all removed? I have not seen them anywhere even looking up the Author and they are not there. What the Heck! Where are they? Oh; I'm referring to 2B Follower in this one. Geez I want a beer!

  • zeus lim

    Something is wrong with me, when I saw the rabbits, a voice spoke in my head “target practice, let's see how many arrows we can stick in one. Btw is there an A2 mod? Kinda like her more than 2B

  • Kieran Loffler

    the mods list is your setup list.

  • Duarte Silva

    Holy shit the follower form Neir Automata is a fucking beast, the blood on her hair

  • AgentZeb

    just noticed u made a mistake and pasted the same link for mods and pc setup.. if u still got the links for featured mods would be appreciated ;)

  • Broer

    I ain't complainin'. I kind of like this one.

  • theepdon653

    So were those attacks 2b did in the video a separate mod? If so, can someone please link it

  • Duarte Silva

    Creepy dwarven armor, I could see that in TES 6

  • Mateo Barrionuevo

    People that like skyrim tidies disgust me, i prefer roblox tiddies

  • Tornadowizard

    Mods Featured is wrong :(

  • Eric Richardson

    "Dwarven Bikini Armor"; I may give up Skyrim? This sucks far more anything sucks; I can't deal with this kind of insanity.

  • Alan Ledger

    "Wasn't he wearing a different bikini before?" Not a question many people have had on their mind ever.

  • Josua070

    Update: The 2B Follower Mod has been removed by the staff from NexusMods.

  • UnVanced

    The link to the mods takes you to the link for your setup. Fix plz

  • aceoverkill

    Love the NieR Automata, 2b Follower, that shit is bad ass!

  • Sam Greenaway

    Yo are these on xbox 1 or just pc

  • Alepap

    yeah i have glitch phobia i'll pass on vigilant

  • Angel Rojas

    Best thumbnail ever.

  • Stallord8

    So the mods featured just goes back to his setup.

  • Jason Rurpight

    I am dimmer for having watched this carp is right up there with a conversation with the dude at little ceasers.

  • Brunobrutus

    What body mod does MxR use when he equips the dwarven bikini?


    what armor mod is your character wearing?

  • Nathan Field

    The mod Vigilant is either based of Silent Hill or a mod trying to bring Silent Hill to Skyrim. Either way, I'm not a big fan of mods adding stuff from other games not tied to the series. However, I'm sure Vigilant could be added in a lore or non lore friendly way and less of a weird quest mod that will leave you confused. At the end of the day it's a free mod, so you get what you paid for. Although, I've seen some good free mods out there, so...there is always hope in finding a good or even great mod.

  • kylmvihm

    Lets be honest, i have Skyrim, i have play`d it 100+ hours but i would never bother to look up all the rabbits and hellokitty`s, spells, tankengines.... and so on if there wasn`t MxR.... These day`s i don`t even have skyrim installed but his videos are still fun, it`s modders and player`s loss.... stay strong MxR!!

  • QuiteDaPlayer_

    He put his setup in his Mods featuredGud

  • tribaldragon1234

    MxR, the mods featured are the same link as ur computer thing lol fix dat pls I want the mods

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