Skyrim - Easiest Way To Cure Vampirism

This is by far the easiest way to cure vampirism. I'm not quite sure if only Aela The Huntress can do this or if anyone in the Companions can do this. But hopefully this helps cure you of your vampirism.

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  • tyler Wright

    My name is Tyler to lol

  • SmartSmith

    Here's a quicker way! If you are a starter and stupidly you get vampirism at level 1 or 2 (like me, but now im 24) just join the companions and when you receive the blood you will lose vampirism. Hope it helped. :)

  • Frostbite0w0

    what if everyone is attacking you?

  • Bass Hunter

    U can do this as long as you are a companion member


    Damn I want that house. Where in skyrim is it located at? Im tryin to get one

  • Rahul B.

    my hero is married this aela but I don't get that option to turn him back to normal

  • TheJoePro

    He doesn't show up

  • Blake Bauman

    DRINK A CURE DISIESE POTIONyeah my spelling is crap

  • serena180

    Aela the huntress is lesbian i married her perverts

  • Emily Brunhilde

    Can you actually turn into a regular vampire? Instead of a lord vampire, I think it is possible

  • jdogzero silverblade

    i am a vampire from the dawngaurd DLC but the game wont let me drink from anyone and the rumor for morthal quest never shows up in the rumors. i have exhausted all innkeepers rumors and none have given me the quest. i also cant become a werewolf anymore. so i cant cure myself that way either. can anyone help me. i am on the PS4 special edition.

  • Andrewhawkeye the original

    Well I loved it sorry for the rude complaints though

  • ITz BladeHD

    I used to be an traveler like you... then I took an arrow to the knee

  • Dozdia999

    well.. not easy.. Yes if ya already been Wolf.. as u say.. yet if ya not ..example..Have LVL11 has been bit .. turned vamp.. when i goto Falkreath instantly attacked... If i enter any town instantly attacked.. so therefore cant do quest to goto Morthal to become human again.. dont want to reset to earlier save as cant remember where or what lvl i was.. Yes only 11 yet already done a lot.. PLEASE HELP

  • Mrbured NOPE

    Orrrrrr if u have an xbox1 or pc u could probally download a mod to cure you right away

  • DRAGO GS 1000

    I hated being a vampire this video helped me out a lot 👍🏼😄

  • James Kearney Jr

    It won't give me the option and I'm a vampire

  • Scp -049

    I was a vampire before I got the warewolf spell and I turned into a warewolf and I was cured

  • SiegeHD

    You don't even have to marry them

  • Emily Brunhilde

    I think I killed her damn. She was the cannibal girl right?

  • Furry fox

    You don't have to marry her

  • Takia Adams

    U can hire dark elfz to work for you kool but trying to get rid of this disease

  • Funniezept

    Everyone keeps attacking me I can't talk to anyone

  • Andrew Truman

    Thanks I was wondering about this!

  • Titan is real T.i.r


  • AnimeGeek 0351

    where da heck do I find Aela The Huntress!?!?

  • Blanco Negro

    By far the easiest?You have to do the companions questline finished and then marry Aela for it to work (maybe an hour or more work to do). I think it's faster to travel Falion with a black soul gem lmao (takes like 3 minutes). When you say the easiest you meant easiest for you.

  • Ironzides

    fucking dribble mouth


    Easiest way is to go to shrine of talos and activate it

  • Rench Ig Igongigong

    its all starts when i started vamprisim every one attacks me press like if it happen to you too

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