Skyrim Mod: Epic Gameplay Overhaul

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Epic Gameplay Overhaul

Civil War Overhaul
Dragon Combat Overhaul
Combat Drama Overhaul
Fire and Ice Overhaul
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  • 5000 cromosomes

    litterly 3/5 of these mods are hidden or taken down

  • Garuda002

    this guy took the mod down because Trump won the election. This mod had literally nothing to do with american politics, yet he took it down. Its really disappointing to see such hateful behavior from people, simply because they didnt get their way. Remember the last time people acted like this because of an election? A year later we were killing each other in a war. A civil war. Guess we wont need this mod after all, we'll be living it.

  • Wanted Walrus

    I feel like at this point bethesda could shit out LITERALLY half a game(not the skyrim equivalent) and modders would find a way to mod i into a great game

  • yaZERO1792

    lol i mistook combat drama for Obama

  • CheesePotato

    If anyone wants the mods, here you go.

  • MickJaegar

    Ah, Apollodown. Bless his soul.

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