10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

Yes, the developers KNEW you'd try to get in the bath with the naked woman...

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  • SkyBoyFly :D

    What movie was that at 1:35

  • Iris Huisman

    Not to mention the "I'm outta here" Sonic says just before he jumps

  • Glenda Danzig

    Lol. That clip from Species ;)

  • No Abortion

    Fuck you guys and your nadty cl8ckbait.

  • Teez OTTC

    0:10-0:17 is what made me like this video 😂

  • Casual Commenter

    You know, the alternat farcry ending actually makes sense, it would be really cool to have another 1-3 missions right after that moment that convince you to come back the island and continue the story proper

  • Chasearooni

    The batman arkham games have good game overs

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