10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

Yes, the developers KNEW you'd try to get in the bath with the naked woman...

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  • M1DNyT3 SoLD13R

    What about the NES Friday the 13th game over "you and your freinds are dead... game over

  • Gray

    Anyone else struggling with the fact that they said "telekinesis" and showed a picture of Professor X, who is telepathic, not telekinetic. (Finally managed to put my one bit of knowledge on comic book trivia to good use! High fives all around!)

  • Brian Corvello

    Uhm, the Tomb Raider one isn't exactly a "secret".

  • Seraphs VII

    The game over screen on the mission Arrival on mass effect 2 is way better than the one you said

  • Chance Paladin

    10 games where the save points are too far apart. :-(

  • Robert Cornhole

    The "normal ending" of Rise of the Triad (1994).Just beat the boss, and the game will inform you after all the heroics that his descendant came to power and destroyed the world anyway. Featuring the Earth exploding while someone mutters "You suuuck..."You have to find some secret areas to even get a proper "good" ending!So more in inverse, like the real ending is actually the secret one.

  • the coolman

    Yeah you do need some girls in the studio, the guy in the middle has become a lifesized cardboard cutout.

  • Vriska Serket

    I loved Pagan Min. He is one of my favorite villians to date.

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