10 Secret Game Over Screens That Were Absolute Genius

Yes, the developers KNEW you'd try to get in the bath with the naked woman...

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  • AmosTheTalented

    In the Secret of Monkey Island, the scene where Guybrush is thrown into the water is another creative end. Guybrush boasts he can hold his breath for 10 minuets, and if you time it, it’s true. But if stay underwater longer than the time limit, he drowns. From there, all your command moves change to drift, bob, rot, etc. The game doesn’t even end! You have to restart from your last save.

  • DummZ

    In Maniac Mansion you can put radioactive reactor coolant water collected from the pool into the microwave oven. When you heat it up and open the door, the radioactive steam kills you.

  • Jeremy Knappett

    hands down that ending to farcrry is my fav cause the other 2 are dicks

  • Joshua Nelson

    If you skip the cutscene repeatedly in Southpark you get the best game over scene ever.

  • Filip ivankovic

    U forgot one in undertale.if u spare sans in genocide route....OH BOY YOU ARE GONNA GET DUNKED ON.

  • Mister The Man

    You could say it was mind blowing sex

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