Skyrim Mod: Real Shelter

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Real Shelter

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Yourfavouriteboobies

    I masturbate to your voice

  • Simon Mayerhofer

    +Brodual am I also able to use this mod without Mod Organiser? I have all my mods on NMM and Skyrim is running without problems. I would like to use this mod together with frostfall because it just makes sense to use them together. Thanks ;)

  • Sizaro235

    whats the name of the outro song ?

  • damienkurast

    I cant believe this, more than a decade old bug, has finally been fixed.... by a modder. Transition up my ass, this is freaking amazing!

  • João Victor

    Does this work for vampires too? Like, when you're "covered", you don't receive sun damage?

  • ademas2010

    Hi Brodual, I had just recently (today) ran across this mod meant for Paladin character builds, being a Pally my self I was hopping you guys could review this mod for us Paladins lol thanks here is the link to the Nexus page I found this mod in.! (Peace!)

  • Deanerys T

    Thx for showcasing that mod. Now i'm convinced to download.

  • Draconic Gaming

    Is there a mod that makes it so it is always raining/snowing. You know, for a darker/sorrowful atmosphere?

  • Mullered Moth

    Hey Brodual, are you playing ESO guys?

  • Aj

    to be honest, i think the rain looks nicer when you're under shelter with this mod, since it has a realistic fog effect, as it is actual rain from the game being placed in, instead of a 2D dynamic animated skybox-like texture being thrown onto your face.

  • evan williams

    I love your guys' content, it's genuine game changing mods, not "slooty girl mods". I can't put my tongue on where your accent is from, but I don't mean to say it's a bad thing. I just can't tell where it's from. Anyways, have a nice day!

  • AceTankerPaul

    i have this installed.But its not working for me. please help

  • LadyConqueress

    I'm having such trouble installing it, especially because all the tutorials are way outdated. I'm worried if I don't install it, Frostfall will kill my character

  • Lim Highgate

    This mod doesn't seem to function at all with my ENB settings, and it has the freakishly fast transitions when leaving a shelter area. POOF instant sunny day!  no thanks. :( 

  • Andrew Markus

    The transition effect is a deal braker honestly.

  • Phoenicius Infinius Infensas

    What ENB is used in the video?

  • BravesSheet

    does this work with wet and cold?

  • Tyler Norris

    1:12 Dwrei? How the hell do you pronounce so much so wrong?!

  • Kelvensmarticles

    Will this work with frostfall or wet and cold mods?

  • John Smith

    So... not to be combined with True Storms. Damn.

  • Gerald Dürden

    Hago todos los pasos exactos y no me funciona.

  • Viktor Wilfried

    AWESOME thumbnail!Good job ob the video too!

  • timelivin

    Could you guys do a review on frostfall? I have used it for a while but I never really got to know everything about it. If you guys could make a review on it, that would be nice. 

  • miazmatic

    Ah yes, finally, Rain clipping has been bothering me for so long, I remember going into that tunnel in Dawnguard's Forgotten Vale near the Chantry Bridge and seeing a full torrent of rain go straight through the mountain into the tunnel, it was horrible.

  • XxXxTheLoserXxXx

    so i have this and COT and i installed COT Patch and it causes the real shelter mod to not work as it continues to clip through? anyone know why? also rain seems much louder when under sheltered area vs when in the rain (i think should be other way around)

  • TigerArmy1962

    This mod doesnt work with Dawnguard

  • LeFawkes

    Hi,is it right, that the REAL SHELTER - mod will not work with RCRN ? Coz im launching Skyrim via RCRN ....

  • Colby

    are there any mods that make the locks look different so i dont pick the same damn lock in a dwemer ruin and some sort of house in solitude

  • Drake Chaser

    vampires in the sun? does it stop that?

  • Tyki

    doesn't work with true storms. i mean it does but it is really buggy

  • Richie Konowal

    Does this apply to sunlight too? Like, vampires under shelter can regen.

  • xXDopamine.InbalanceXx

    I didn't like this mod. It wasn't very good due to the fact whenever you went under something "sheltered" it would take a while to take affect, plus it would glitch out for no reason and add strange waterfalls in some areas.

  • Reuben H.M.

    Great mod :) transition might get annoying...could this be adapted to prevent the rain and snow from clipping through the tents that come with frostfall? Just a thought...

  • Ichmood

    What mod that lets you put weapons on yur back?

  • Falqonone

    I hate the transition in the snow, so its a no go for me

  • BeVigilant

    not compatible with project enb

  • Eddi Penaloza

    hi im trying the mod but i cant seem to find patch for weathers of tamriel id appreciate it if you could help me out.....thank you in advance

  • StarCrapTV

    what mod are you using to make the rain splash on the ground.. I can tell its not "Splash of Rain" as that mod doesnt cause so many splashes and doesnt look as realistic as it does in this video.  please let me no asap

  • Andy's Mad House

    Typical, as soon as you go inside it stops raining, as soon as you think its safe to go out again it starts

  • dpetersz

    You should review Beyond Skyrim - Calipers.

  • Banana

    what kind of mods do you use to make the World look so good

  • Irving abatay

    does this work with frostfall and camping mod?

  • Alphys

    khajits need warmth bonus in frostfall ;-;  WHOS WITH ME!

  • MeT4L

    yeah nice but god i hate that british accent

  • Fat Guy Plays

    i don't understand how to install this other than using the NMM but the third install doesn't work with it

  • ThreeTen22

    Hey everyone,  I am the new author of Real Shelter.  This video is VERY outdated,  please take a look at the modpage for more accurate videos and information as many of glaring visual issues have been cleared up!

  • Jaeger Maester

    how i install this, i have a problem with ts5edit step

  • Vhan Chua

    So, does this mod affects the negative buffs you receive when you're a vampire? I mean, technically, you are covered in a shelter so the sun shouldn't affect you as much as when you're not in a shelter.

  • Daniel Smith

    Real Shelter has been hidden by the author.

  • jeteledit pasenculer

    does this work with True storm?

  • Gee Gnome Project

    except it either works or it doesnt---no matter how carefully you follow EVERY instruction per rspatch/ load order/ LOOT/ COT patch et al just doesnt work sometimes and just doesnt seem to work with "true storms" mod no matter how much we're told it does

  • S3PT1M1

    the fact that this works with frostfall makes it a must have for me- also getting rained on at the riverwood blacksmith used to always drive me nuts

  • Craig Tierney

    Really hoping that this will eventuality have Solstheim included, but aside from that, great mod, which is really the best that can be done with weather using Skyrim's weather system.

  • Slim Shady

    does this work on tents that you place

  • Amerikajin91

    this needs to be in FO4 my beautiful concrete bunker is sopping wet even though its airtight grr!

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