♛ Skyrim: Ultimate Battle of the Gods!

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Was playing around with the creation kit today and thought it would be interesting to do a battle between giants, all of them have firestorm spells and unrelenting force!

It's a bit buggy but still bloody good fun!

Turned out pretty well, also guys the npc's have exactly the same stats!

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Music: Kevin MacLeod

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  • Acheron The everchosen

    Wat is THE comand for this battel

  • Arkillik

    Next time if your going to make a "Ultimate Battle," get ultimate battle type music. Or better yet, TAKE THE FUCKING MUSIC OFF.

  • Martin Dumaraos

    this is how you ruin your PC hahaha

  • Daniel A.

    The Dwarven Shields look like it's a part of the armor. Like, it's the hand, but transformed into a shield. Am I the only one that sees that?

  • Kev Brown

    Y'all Ebony lovers stop making excuses. Dwarven is better. Obviously

  • DATboi waddup

    dwemers used shouts lol

  • mrlikable1

    the meteor shower is a bad ass touch

  • Flavor

    i did not noticed that they were giants until one of them started to flying lol

  • Ùñtãmèd Èvìl Bãstãrd

    be better if their was Doovah'kiin music instead of this....what ever this is.

  • Broadcats

    Let's get roooooooght into the noose.

  • Holiness Vibes With 2LiterJay

    Brass God was larger

  • Dale Trevors

    it would be better if their scale wasn't so big and they didn't glitch on rocks.

  • Andrew Walker

    goes to show if skyrim had multiplayer in the game how awesome would it look 😊

  • ssj3

    Who are the dwavens warriors?

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