Witcher 1 Prologue REMASTERED - Side by Side COMPARISON

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Witcher 1 Prologue Remastered https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/2767/?
  • Quentin Jordan

    I know people are tired of remakes but... I would def play a Witcher 1 remake.

  • ethan alan

    Not gonna lie, Triss's old outfit was bomb

  • MultiFritz666

    Is this a Mod? I love Witcher one.

  • Sylann Gaming

    why azar javed lost his beard? why savola lost his fighting mechanics, with teleportation (and get a staff instead), Why is the professor so ugly?Why triss seems like she feels nothing? Witcher 1 is my favorite of the whole trilogy, so I may seem a bit annoying, but i want better than that for a remaster, i don't want things like they are in witcher 3, I want things like they were in witcher 1 ^^Eskel, lambert and Vesemir shouldn't look the same, and Triss should have her hairs untied ^^Anyway i'll follow your work with attention :D

  • Faszysta Nazista

    Shit English language

  • Stoßtruppen

    Witcher 1 was and is a great game but we can be honest here it has aged (graphically) horribly. That doesn't make it a bad game just the fact that I through the rose glasses called nostalgia remember this game looking great but looking at it now it looks (again still a great game i can't stress that enough) pretty terrible especially how I remember it looking alot better. But thats nostalgia for ya.

  • Márk Arató

    Man, i remember 1st playing The Witcher... It was so freakin amazing, i loved it!

  • KageNoTenshi

    When your first started and had no money to do good cg

  • dsa dsa

    English dub sucks so much cock jesus

  • GAMER X93

    Hey guys! Checkout my video too of The Witchers 3 and see how it works on RX 460.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMUYlyz54P4&t=8s

  • Estefano Miguel Angel Cesar Santivañez

    3:54 sorry but here twitcher1 look better

  • Tenku Kun

    Is it just me or the voice actors in Witcher 1 and 3 are different?I haven't played any other Witcher game except the latest sequel so...

  • Nick Tapia

    The Witcher 3 running animation is so stiff and blocky

  • Tyler Desrosiers

    I had an argument with somebody that the only thing that made the Witcher 2 and the unreleased 3 "action" games and the Witcher 1 an "RPG" was the camera placement. Is it really that hard for people to piece this together in their mind? Like somehow having an over the shoulder camera made The Witcher 2 an entirely different style of game for this guy.

  • Izzoroth

    holy crap! Will the entire game be remastered like that?

  • jaymon99

    This would make my dreams come true I would love to actually be able to play witcher 1 without getting annoyed it has so much potential to be a great game in today's day

  • Tr Tech

    Sevola needs better texturework. He looks more badass in the original. But Geralt looked like crap back then.

  • Rodrigo Barreto

    witcher 1 was so bad, gosh

  • Kush Puri

    I have been a PlayStation guy whole my life. When Witcher 3 released I felt complete but damn I never got a chance to play witcher 1 & 2. Dear CD Project please complete this game In remastered firstly so that I can play this masterpiece from start to end.

  • Blaa Blaa

    is it weird that i like witcher 1 better?

  • Jet Fury

    has cdproject praised this yet??

  • The Waiting Flame

    We need a complete remaster of the previous Witcher game series.

  • Lee Sin The Blind Monk

    4k 60FPS ?? who the hell did this? demon?

  • boomersooner413

    I would be ALL OVER the remastered versions of Witcher. Oh hell yes.

  • Tchannel

    No! Original game should not be changed!

  • Olter

    This footage on the right looks so outdated lol

  • Veshter

    Models are made surprisingly good up until the end. The professor and the mage look weird, especially compared to W1. Anyways I haven't plaued W1 in a long time and was surprised to see how good the Professor and Mage look. I was expecting hexagon glasses and for a second I thought the W1 and W3 sides were swapped. Also W1 Triss has better hair and doesn't look like an annoying little girl. And I'm not even talking about the outfit.

  • Omkar Dey

    I would re buy both the games 1 & 2 if they make it like 3

  • Lev Adrenalin

    Woow I would love to play TW1 and TW2 with TW3 graphics <3

  • Theo Campbell

    Only one problem, Gerald is too old. He is supposed to be younger in this game, but instead it's the W3 Gerald.

  • SebaC 11-_ [EVAR]

    Cd proyect tenes trabajo que hacer !

  • Beowulf1ca

    WOW! I'd really like to see the rest of the Original Witcher game with the graphics engine of the Witcher III! Awesome job!

  • Isak Sjölin

    Geralt got faster...

  • J3SS3 H

    Merrigold sure had bigger tits in number one.

  • mrReEeEeE

    2:10 alsmost like the old one better..so much expression

  • Allan Alvarez

    If CD recreated the first game like this they could just take my money.

  • Morrigan

    i would pay again for W1 if Reds did this!

  • Sky Lord Panglot

    Interesting to see the non existent fighting system in TW1 again. :D

  • Jorgy Putra Verdana


  • Bloody Persistent

    As someone who could never play games like Witcher with mouse and keyboard, I would love a remake or even just a remastered port of Witcher 1 to console or just generally contoller-friendly on PC, at least.

  • Ziv Bartal

    please remasted the witcher 1

  • Corey Carter

    This is why I'd love to see a full remake of the first 2 Witcher's in the Witcher 3 game engine!

  • Who Know222

    If this was the whole game I would pay $15 ($20 if I didnt get the Witcher 3 GOTY for $20) for this

  • rennan ferreira

    Leo, the shittiest witcher to ever exist!

  • Sagiv Alia

    I kinda disliked how they stopped mentioning the poor lad Leo who died defending the keep

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