10 Things You Didn't Know About Skyrim Girls

10 factoids about females in Skyrim that you probably didn't know.

I wanted to make a video with about 10 or so unknown interesting facts about Skyrim that I felt like most people wouldn't know about, and after a couple of days of struggling with the concept and how to present it; I decided it would be funny to make a little Buzzfeed style video :D So the theme was girls in Skyrim.

I might be making more in the future like this for different themes, maybe facts about the dark brotherhood or end bosses. Things like that. I feel it is super interesting and these types of videos don't really take that long to do so that's a plus.

The logic that I used to decide whether or not a fact belonged in this video was based on whether the fact was news to me or not. If there was something that I didn't know, then I considered it good for the list. So in every single number there was something that I thought was hella cool or interesting.


#10 - I had no clue about Aela and Skjor and their supposed relationship. And the fact that she never wanted to become non-lycan was always interesting. The fact that it would make sense for her to die a Lycan to be in the afterlive with Skjor is just one of those things that makes the story so much more alive.

#9 - The druggy connection with the khajiits was funny to me, and i didn't know the caravan would show on a wedding.

#8 & #7 - NPCs that never made it into the game are always interesting cause there's usually stories attached to them.

#6 I LOVE Sapphire. I wish you could know her name, but i had no idea she used to be part of the brotherhood.

#5 Rikke is such an underplayed character in the game, she's SO important in the background of the civil war. She deserved this.

#4 Most of this was unknown to me, the stories, hroki, and how rare the tavern clothes actually were.

#3 I had never seen those shackles before. At least i don't think I had. This is likely the one people already knew the most.

#2 I had NO clue you could fix her vampirism. It seems to be a very complicated process. Also the thing about the Temple and why she doesn't want to marry you was hella interesting.

#1 Those hidden guard dialogues for when Elisif dies are so creppy! I wonder how much unused content there was.
  • TheINfinityWarden 775

    But skjor is like 50 he must use Skyrim viagra

  • Ashley Coleman

    i LOVE secret-reavealing videos!!! here's a secret i discovered recently. feel free to let me know if you already knew:Anuriel, Jarl Laila's Steward, and Unmid the Housecarl are romantically involved! need proof? hang out inside the Jarl's house (i forgot the name) long enough and a conversation will start between the two, the topic will be about the safety concerns of letting Laila go out in the streets. at the end, Anuriel will say this and thus, giving proof of my claim:"i'm not mad. tell you what, lover, come to my quarters and we can discuss the matter in private"keep up the good work 👍

  • Sebastian Jaimes

    Aela is the best next to Serena

  • Turco949

    I picked the sister of Riverwood Trader, got married at the Riften church. After the wedding was over, she left the church. That was the last time I have seen her. I couldn't marry anyone else either since I was still technically married. This drama was way too real for me.

  • Scotch Tape

    Skjor did not die a lycan because in the silver hand cave where he died you see dead werewolves but skjor is human when he died

  • P.E.P. Long AKA BoyoHoban

    Elisif's wand to her left is great! Being a kajeet makes it so easy to take it.

  • Ahkmid the Emoji Turban Guy

    "unfortunately, that quest was scraped""unfortunately, that quest was scrapped"FTFY

  • LordRuby Master

    How we say hircineSkyrim players: hircine (her-seen)Dis guy: hircine (hire-saen)

  • Bluemilk92

    "I know you liked it, so don't even" MrRhexx, you ser, have your finger on the pulse of your fan base.

  • LKVideos

    There is many excuses for a many things .... but not for using vanilla faces and bodies ^^


    grelod gave those kids buckets they couldve just gone through the walls and escaped stupid kids

  • Gofret

    Number ten Allah the huntress çıldırıyorum amk qWE:q:we.qW:E:q

  • Frankie Duke

    Look at this legend. Not one bit of bullshit. Not even an intro. The very first words of the video are "number ten" and SO aforementioned just earned a sub.

  • The Real Natsu Dragneel

    Aelea the huntress a hoe.

  • Kultekin Ashlad

    >Tullius>Random GeneralChoose one retard.

  • Ms. Insane Writer

    Speaking of women. I like the housecarl you are givin in the falkreath hold (if you hearthsfire(?)) Rayya she always is polite and calls me thane and never sarcastic unlike Lydia (who died in my game (i have bad eyes))

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    So you can marry Aela but she will never get over Skjor... glad I didn't marry her.

  • Ruflupucus

    I wonder what happens if you kill Skjor, and absorbed his soul into a soul gem.

  • wiggo larsen

    If you don't do the quest in Riverwood, that's include Sven and Faendal's letter and marrying Camilla Valerie's after the golden claw quest. She can be found in bed with both Sven and Faendal. After you and her moves to a new house.

  • GuillotineLaw1

    I can think of 4 sets of tavern clothes you can get without perfect touch and without killing anyone innocent.Castle Volkihar, there is a set in the room with the thralls, invading with the dawnguard you have access.Liar's Retreat, the wearer is already deadAlva, likely to die during Laid toRestMogrul after he tries to extort you.

  • Dave Slyker

    That music is atrocious

  • Shrunkbag261092 OFFICIAL

    Eoralund is known as aleas lover.

  • phontex

    Here's something that most people miss when it comes to Sapphire (including you, it seems). This requires the Dragonborn DLC. I won't spoil it but try investigating the blacksmith in Raven Rock.

  • Ryan MaCiver

    NO4 booooobbbiiieeee ahhaa

  • ZinoAmare

    When I first heard about Serana's past I was shocked but I knew this for years now :P still that's why killing her dad feels soo good. KILL HIM SPAWN HIM AGAIN AND KILL HIM ONCE MORE! DO NOT STOP UNTIL SHE WILL MARRY YOU! xD

  • TheiZakGaming

    You know what's actually better. Helping settlements here let me mark it on your map!

  • teen 24/7

    Good video but the royalty free music kills it FAST.

  • Funny joke

    married aelame: I'm sorry Mrs.Boobsalot.

  • IIZantesukenII

    Elisif gave me dialogue as a npc that you could marry. Such as, "It's always a good day when you're around." So I wondered for a long while if you were ever able to marry her. Now I know why she has that dialogue. Shame because I kinda wanted to marry her.

  • Pavel Jelínek

    0:17 :OOOOOOO omg which mod is it?????? I want it sooo badly!!!

  • Mike Mason

    I so already knew all this. Smh Noobs

  • WonderWaffle

    Welp, now I know who's going to Hircine's Grounds EARLY!!!!Hehehehehehe. Bye, Alea my love.

  • Thomas dutch

    To bad for skjor dragonborn got that pussy now

  • ehh Max

    Hold up, hold up. Moving to the thieves guild because the pay was better?

  • Pipool

    thx for start with the top inmediatly I hate intros xd

  • Krieg The Psycho

    How did Skjor have a dagger, AND a sword equipped?

  • Itz Updrift

    I’m a new Skyrim player and actually killed Grelod the kind pretty early on. It was for some quest for some reason.

  • Johny Etwer

    Straight to the point, I like it.

  • Lucas_Cosmos

    5:16 Grelod the kind is a cruel bitch? No way. Sutch a shock

  • Nilbog

    1. They have hair2. They’re hair3. There’s at least 13 4. You can’t talk to them4. They have no idea what a Cheeto is7. They’ve all completed postal 8. Wimen.jpeg9. They all molag bal10. Only shel https knows how to please him

  • mrcaljoe1

    Wtf is with the shitty music change at 2:10

  • Tammy Salinas

    I joined the conpainians and I never new that aela and skyjor we're secretly in love??

  • ice wolf

    Aela is the worst mom ever because she is a as whole

  • Adam Davies

    The quest was "scraped"

  • Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich Cantacuzino

    Serana and I share the same coffin, gets bit tens when Lydia takes a hot bath and steam rises off her when she walks half-naked in the house.

  • roy jacoby

    I want to marry khajiit, as a khajiit myself. Biracial marriage with a cat is too weird for me. Cats should be with cats.

  • HMan Gaming

    Surrounded by naked chicksRune: Take a look around. Have you ever laid eyes on such wealth?No, Rune, I haven't

  • Darth Galea

    Okay so my wife's a drug dealer lucky she dosent know I murder people for a living #darkbrotherhoodforlife

  • Gracko unnamed

    In Dragonborn you meet Sapphire's fader.

  • Cyka Blyat

    To be honesty, came here for the thumbnail.

  • classified data

    Reported for inappropriate content

  • 6405090401 47

    Im the most beautiful woman in skyrim

  • Alex Maurice

    Wait ysolda is a drug dealer?

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