10 Things You Didn't Know About Skyrim Girls

10 factoids about females in Skyrim that you probably didn't know.

I wanted to make a video with about 10 or so unknown interesting facts about Skyrim that I felt like most people wouldn't know about, and after a couple of days of struggling with the concept and how to present it; I decided it would be funny to make a little Buzzfeed style video :D So the theme was girls in Skyrim.

I might be making more in the future like this for different themes, maybe facts about the dark brotherhood or end bosses. Things like that. I feel it is super interesting and these types of videos don't really take that long to do so that's a plus.

The logic that I used to decide whether or not a fact belonged in this video was based on whether the fact was news to me or not. If there was something that I didn't know, then I considered it good for the list. So in every single number there was something that I thought was hella cool or interesting.


#10 - I had no clue about Aela and Skjor and their supposed relationship. And the fact that she never wanted to become non-lycan was always interesting. The fact that it would make sense for her to die a Lycan to be in the afterlive with Skjor is just one of those things that makes the story so much more alive.

#9 - The druggy connection with the khajiits was funny to me, and i didn't know the caravan would show on a wedding.

#8 & #7 - NPCs that never made it into the game are always interesting cause there's usually stories attached to them.

#6 I LOVE Sapphire. I wish you could know her name, but i had no idea she used to be part of the brotherhood.

#5 Rikke is such an underplayed character in the game, she's SO important in the background of the civil war. She deserved this.

#4 Most of this was unknown to me, the stories, hroki, and how rare the tavern clothes actually were.

#3 I had never seen those shackles before. At least i don't think I had. This is likely the one people already knew the most.

#2 I had NO clue you could fix her vampirism. It seems to be a very complicated process. Also the thing about the Temple and why she doesn't want to marry you was hella interesting.

#1 Those hidden guard dialogues for when Elisif dies are so creppy! I wonder how much unused content there was.
  • Insanity

    Just when i tought i escaped the royalty free music.....

  • Naruto Uzumaki

    Too bad. Ale has a new lover now

  • The Spark

    ..that they actually aren´t real.

  • Psymon Da Rippah

    This was a really neat video. Any other info on curing the vampire lady? And is it possible on Playstation or only PC?

  • Hethrus

    white gold CONQORDAD XD

  • Gavin White

    Sapphire's father is the Blacksmith that lives in raven rock.

  • Aelita Lestrange

    The only thing more revealing on a woman than tavern clothes is forsworn armor. I love wearing it and then tavern clothes as my casual. I'm a slutty Kat I guess

  • Bishreksual

    Egh. I regularly use the Mace of Molag Bol but now it's ruined for me. Serana is my second favorite follower (first being Cicero) and now it feels wrong. Too bad I can't steal the enchantments...

  • Brendan Ziegler

    The children cheered

  • Kelson Bell

    Omg I'm tired of Skyrim fans that obviously play the game a lot and still mispronounce almost everything. I mean, it's cute when they first play for a couple weeks, like a baby learning to talk, but after that they have to have learned their Thu'ums from their thumbs... or in this case their Rikkes from their Reekas. But aside from that I did indeed enjoy this video.

  • James Frost

    Your pronunciation of all words is wrong.

  • Mazinho Vieira

    Temples isn't why serana doesn't want to marry you, it's because she's got raped by a monstrous burning horned penis of molag bal

  • Breanna The Panda

    Serena is my favorite follower

  • Lion Heart

    The part where you talk about Rikke, you say Ulfric thought he could defeat the elves and decriminalize Talos worship, you're wrong. Ulfric was a Thalmor puppet, planted for divide and conquer purposes. The empire is right, Stormcloaks are just a bunch of idiots that fell for Thalmor deception.

  • Cinabutts

    Let me just point this out, threw all of the videos I've watched you were the first person I've seen start the video without an annoying like subscribe and comment down below bullshit, You saved it for the last part of your video. I REALLY appreciate that. please don't stop doing that lol

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    WoW man watched 3 videos by you...and the way you pronounce words is painful.....SCRAPED? Scrapped...SKA-RAPT....how the hell do you miss that? Are you a product of public education? If so you get a pass...

  • Shayl Somaiya

    It's General Tullius, not General Toolilius...

  • y tho

    dud "hiersign" its "hircine"

  • David Dun

    Tavern clothes isn't unique when you have immersive wenches mod. You can even create it on the Tanning rack.

  • Spartan Warrior

    When you marry hroki because you think she's an adult but she's not.

  • Wumbo Jumbo

    His voice sounds like gru at some points

  • Jurvek

    man I'm 99.4 % aela is a lesbian

  • Malachi Mizori

    i love that picture of Aela

  • Dissatisfaction_09

    i bet sapphire is Glover Mallory's daughter i also think this because of his last name and that he was also in the thieves guild

  • Markem Productions

    Killed my wife Aela to you know take the clothes off which wasn't satisfying at all. I got the letter saying she was deceased and realized "Oh SHIT!! What have I done!!". I couldn't go to a early save because I hadn't saved for a while after doing so many quest,so I decided to forget about Aela and carry the burden of her death which I later gave to a follower to hold. After I think a month later of playing Skyrim I was just running around the vast open plains and low and behold I see someone hunting a mammoth. They were struggling so I quickly ran in and killed the thing with a few strikes of my blade. Who could this hunter be? It was Aela spawned back into the world of Skyrim. First I thought it was to good to be true or maybe her spirit,but to end the story short I couldn't wed her again or she didn't want to be with me. My heart aches with regret of killing her to see that sweet sweet virtual cleavage curves.

  • Damn son where'd you find this.

    serena was offered to be raped...TRIGGERED she's probably my fav female character in skyrim. Even more so than my wife in skyrim.

  • Sofia Botero

    I think that forsworn armor is wayyy more revealing its shows way more skin and more of ur body

  • Alsina Kiria

    For the bucket to work for the children to do their business she would have to remove their pants and underwear, meaning that Grellod forces children to strip.

  • Zach Roloff

    So Aela wants to die a Lycan to go be in the after-life with her Lycan ex? Fuck that.

  • Santino 20028

    AH BITCHES my wife os none my wife is a fuckin mod companion

  • IntroPlays

    I know all of this and Sapphire's name

  • Brendan Ziegler

    After watching this I killed grela

  • Axel Rosete

    About Sapphire: On Dragonborn DLC there's a letter that shows she's the daughter of Glavon Mallory, blacksmith of Solshtheim, who use to be a thief. You can actually give her the letter and she rewards the Dragonborn with a lucky Exquisite Sapphire. Maybe it's already known, but I just wanted to point that out for the sake of this video.

  • Handsome Jack

    Well I'm a werewolf so I'll be able to stop Aela in the afterlife.

  • Jinxxed0

    Ulfric is a Thalmore agent. he doesn't care about skyrim or talos. he only wants to be king. he also murdered the children of the forsworn.

  • Jessie the book nerd

    Some info on Sapphire:You can find out that Delvin is her uncle by doing the quests for his brother, Glover, in the Dragonborn DLC.I won't spoil everything though. Just talk to him in Raven Rock to start the quest.

  • Halmar Steel-Dick

    Man...fuck Skjor, Aela got the Dragonborn Harbinger now. 😎😎😎

  • Damien Mcgonnell

    How do you cure Serana?

  • cup

    Why does this have 3.4 mil views

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    Skojr goes hunting for dat pussy Cat...pussycat

  • skyline gt3

    tfw no qt khajiit gf

  • ORIONS Bane

    Elesif dying was meant to be part of the ebony mail quest. It was meant to be an assassination

  • memer

    Who's watching this on the toilet?

  • Zantrop64

    What? I always play skyrim in french, and... Wow, the winterhold guard's accent... Wasn't expecting this

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    Jarl igrod ravencrone is mama murphy

  • Logan Chinn

    Don't fact about aela is correct stemming how later she can be willing to marry you

  • Stormey Roth

    I knew all of these....

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    lol, Hroki is my wife in the game!

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    No intro? Nothing to skip? Nice!

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    Now I want to marry Seraana even more. But I can't without a MOD and I only have the PS3 version. I doubt the MOD would be on there

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    6:07Lol kinda like real women cries

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    I have to talk to my beloved Aela if she meets her ex in the hunting grounds

  • SPECTRE Studio

    mod your game. I can give you a list, WITH LINKS to some excellent mods to fix those GOD AWFUL vanilla faces and body models.


    Thx for not putting an intro in the vid, intro's suck.You da best!

  • raphaelsolo

    #10 False "It isn't forbidden but it isn't true" - Aela the Huntress when asked about Skjor

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