Top 10 Fun Spells in Skyrim Special Edition

The Top 10 Fun Spells in Skyrim Special Edition!


Scott: newberrycrunch
Michael: oldberrychew


  • Jack Viviere

    I have a mage build that is very easy to achieve. 1) Create a Breton character, because they have increased conjuration.2) Obtain the spell Soul Trap.3) Find a dead body and cast soul trap on it until level 90.4) Go to the College of Winterhold and talk to the Conjuration teacher. He will give out a quest.5) After the quest (Conjuration Ritual Spell) is completed buy Bound Bow and Flame/Frost/Storm Thrall from Phinis Gester.6) Cast the chosen thrall spell and then get the bound bow out.Tips:- Obtain the Arch-Mage robes and Morokei mask (both are obtained through CoW quests) to maximize magic.- Get your Conjuration up to level 100 and get the Twin Souls Perk. This will allow the mage to summon/reanimate two Thralls.- If you like Destruction spells, get the thrall that corresponds to your favorite element (ex. Ice spell -> Frost Thrall).If you use this build make sure to like this comment, and reply to tell me how it went!

  • LilWrobs

    Personally, I prefer using the conjure dremora lord over the undead thrall. Yeah, it isn't permanent, but how could you say no to a demon with a daedric great sword smashing the hell out of opponents?

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