Skyrim Mod: Skyrim Unbound - Alternate Start

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Skyrim Unbound - Alternate Start

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  • Nick Berkhout

    what mod are you using for character creation

  • Owen Daize

    what the heck happened to the mod its gone on steam now btw the nord dancing at the end of the vid GREAT

  • MiYeon Kim

    Ulfric dancing by the wall was killing me 😂😂

  • FinJproductions

    Dam it my mid configuration menu stopped working along time ago, now its just blank. So I cant get this mod.

  • Schruk

    This is my favourite mod.

  • Commander Panda

    Finally a decent fucking alternate start mod, all of skyrims one's sucked compared to oblivions.

  • WoWLoser TwentyTwo

    omg ulfrics invited to my dance party im jealous

  • Shock

    How do you get people to stop people calling you dragonborn

  • Afflicted Affy

    Ulfric Stormcloak is so sassy at the end

  • HMan Gaming

    the outro made my day

  • Emil

    How do you get into the skyrim unbound menu?

  • Lolzgiant

    how do u open it the menu

  • The Knucker

    can someone help me because when i got the mod it wouldn't work and i had to start the vanilla sequence

  • whole wheat bread

    Why the fuck is Live Another Life so popular when THIS exists??? Talk about inst-download.

  • joshua slate

    I subscribed on steam and it didn't work it just starts of like normal then I unsubscribed and subscribed again and it still didn't work. Help please

  • Dr. moxley

    Can you still do the dlc's?

  • RabidTardigrade

    This looks great. I always ended up neglecting the main quest because i felt you had to be a nord for it to make sense that you're dragonborn. I prefer a wild ranger woodelf archer character and thieves guild shit, just never added up that im also the chosen one bound to save the world.

  • Nick K

    But how does this work with the dragon born DLC...?

  • Johnny Boy

    Great mod for people like me who hated the dragonborn shit.

  • kai stenson

    now would this effect my  saving that I already accomplish . I mean can I make a new  load  to try to use this mod with out  over loading it on the save load I been making accomplished with

  • Brian Patrick van Oers

    So basically Skyrim, but not

  • dgs .astgh

    dont forget, if you want to save several mod settings for multiple playthroughs you can do that before you make your character! ;3then each start u dont need to retype all of ur mod settings. just load ur save from before u made ur guy

  • Ryan

    do you still get achievements for the game?

  • Varnallis /

    why i dont get the options menu like you do its diffrent with me :o

  • Master Yi


  • SkyExplosion

    The worst thing about amazing companiona mods they all refer you to as Dragonborn or Dovakhin :P Well Vilja doesn't but Sofia won't stop refrencing that shit. I actually use this and alternate start I found this mod when I was doing the Civil War and I couldn't progress it unless I did the main quest start. 

  • Soggy Foggy

    if you don't play as the dragonborn can you still play the main quest and dragonborn dlc and other dragonborn quests?

  • Choice

    I prefer Random Alternate Start, because like Alternate Start, these two get boring after a while and you just want to try starting at a completely random location.

  • David Stojilkovic

    ME!?Played 47 playthroughs , HA !!! You are so funny to think that i played Skyrim so little!

  • Saška Prpić

    PLEASE tell me the name of that font mod everyone are using!

  • Pierre Perras

    Is it possible to be the Dragonborn anyway with this mod?

  • caleb willan

    they should redo this review as there are a large amount of updates

  • TheFluttershyFan

    Hoping that this will be made for the Special Edition.

  • April George

    how do you get the mod

  • Cornflake Boy

    Can't wait to get this mod, it looks amazing!

  • Tarc Axiiom

    "could make your next playthrough a little more interesting than your last 47 playhthroughs of the game" LISTEN I HAVE A PROBLEM OK! I DONT NEED YOU TO JUDGE ME

  • Lucca Nicoletto

    Mod is Ded. Not a big surprise.

  • adam2point0

    I'm using this mod with a new character and there doesn't seem to be any dragons spawning. I set it to a timed delay of roughly 300 hours and I am now almost level 19 without killing a dragon. One did spawn right outside of Whiterun during the Battle for Whiterun quest but I died before I had the chance to do anything and I haven't seen one since. Anyone have any ideas?

  • Toxic Phantom

    Perfect! Now I don't have to go through the agonizing beginning as a Dragonborn player.Cause, let's face the facts it does get annoying playing as the same type of hero over & over again like a broken record. >_>;Time for me to start a new better beginning.

  • Luke Blackburn

    +Brodual do a skyrim lp plz

  • RabidTardigrade

    How does this affect the civil war? Because don't you have to be the dragonborn to complete it?

  • Krone M8

    can you still do the dragonborn dlc main questline? even if you dont choose to do the original quest(the one without dlc)?

  • Fénix

    can someone help me??I installed the mod and somedays later e deleted the mod and started a vanilla games (normal start) but i cant absorve dragons souls and i cant continuo the game, not even in other save-files plz help

  • Pasha Defragzor

    Great idea btw, I have an eye for it

  • LapX

    That's so nice, I'm really tired of doing the main storyline.

  • Matthew075

    Why was this mod removed from Nexus?

  • Jacob Saffold

    "Too familiar dungeon"? I've only ever been caught once, and that was on purpose.

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    I would never stray from my path of ritous lordship I am dovahkiin destined to save the world from alduin the world eater! destined to save people from there eternal sorrow ! destined to do good, unlike all you other skyrim players I take myself very seriously I refuse to hurt innocent, always kill bandits, this is my destiny, I will not let the divines down

  • Danny Baverstock

    This sounds good. But one question (Apologies if its here somewhere in the comments. Did not see it):As is explained this can completely stop the main quest until you decide to start it. But does this, unlike other mods, allow you to play through the Civil War? Will i just get stuck at whiterun because Balgruff wont accept the axe until you play the first couple of MQ missions?Thank you in advance :)

  • BS- Calrissian

    >Than your last 47 play-troughs through the gameaccurate :) :/

  • Silver Tora

    this mod no longer exists on any of the above links - very sad

  • The Unseen Predator

    This is the mod I was looking for. Now I can be a soldier of the Empire without being the Dragonborn. Hell yeah!

  • John Smith

    why isn't it in the Nexus?>

  • Brad with a cherry on top

    I can't start it

  • Ahmad Zarif

    Does this mean the main quests from Dragonborn dlc cant be completed,because you need bend will shout to progress?

  • VikingStreamTV

    Another great & informative SHORT video from you. Thanks a LOT!-Dead

  • DragonSlayer673

    i love this mod, but the catch is that you avoid the main questline. So i will never install the mod.

  • Michael Curd

    Now, that would be pretty cool.

  • Joshua Blair

    2.55 with subtitles. "It's great that you now have the choice of whether to play as the drawing board or not."

  • MB G

    This is pretty much perfect and exactly what I was looking for. ANY chance of this being a part of the ps4 mods when it comes out in October??

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