Skyrim Mod: Skyrim Unbound - Alternate Start

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Skyrim Unbound - Alternate Start

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Muha Bez Kurca

    How to start the main questline?

  • Toxic Phantom

    Perfect! Now I don't have to go through the agonizing beginning as a Dragonborn player.Cause, let's face the facts it does get annoying playing as the same type of hero over & over again like a broken record. >_>;Time for me to start a new better beginning.

  • Pasha Defragzor

    Great idea btw, I have an eye for it

  • TheFluttershyFan

    Hoping that this will be made for the Special Edition.

  • 424Star

    Hello there. can someone help me? Every time I tried to start an new game, there ist just the dragon and the fog. Nothing Else, I uses the normal game, SkSE, deinstalt all other Mods, installt the game new noting.Help me please.

  • A Frederick

    Link in description is an ad, don't use. May corupt device.

  • lady mayneth

    oh good finally I have a random start but I still get roped into being the dragon born I just want to be a simple Nord with slight magical skills with a dam family okay game okay don't rope me into a dragon slaying war lord :/

  • bread

    Why the fuck is Live Another Life so popular when THIS exists??? Talk about inst-download.

  • Brian Patrick van Oers

    So basically Skyrim, but not

  • RabidTardigrade

    This looks great. I always ended up neglecting the main quest because i felt you had to be a nord for it to make sense that you're dragonborn. I prefer a wild ranger woodelf archer character and thieves guild shit, just never added up that im also the chosen one bound to save the world.

  • Ivory Mantis

    Is there a way to combine this with Live Another Life so you can start in one of the LAL's alternative zones but not be the dragonborn?

  • Ryder Nigga

    This is the best alternate start mod, don't use that Live Another Life bullshit you can't f.e. do the Civil War questline without interfering with the main questline which fucking sucks, the only reason I'm using an alternate start mod is because I want to delay the whole dragon thing to the point where I find it suitable

  • adam2point0

    I'm using this mod with a new character and there doesn't seem to be any dragons spawning. I set it to a timed delay of roughly 300 hours and I am now almost level 19 without killing a dragon. One did spawn right outside of Whiterun during the Battle for Whiterun quest but I died before I had the chance to do anything and I haven't seen one since. Anyone have any ideas?

  • thisisawesome omgman

    Bro I need your help I can't get the main quest

  • MiYeon Kim

    Ulfric dancing by the wall was killing me 😂😂

  • Visia Productions

    the links are nothing really

  • Lucca Nicoletto

    Mod is Ded. Not a big surprise.

  • Owen Daize

    what the heck happened to the mod its gone on steam now btw the nord dancing at the end of the vid GREAT

  • Jacob Saffold

    "Too familiar dungeon"? I've only ever been caught once, and that was on purpose.

  • Dr. moxley

    Can you still do the dlc's?

  • Ben Corton

    can someone help me because when i got the mod it wouldn't work and i had to start the vanilla sequence

  • Bradley Hunt

    what is the relaxing background music ??

  • Lolzgiant

    how do u open it the menu

  • apple pie

    Can you choose your starting level?

  • Nick K

    But how does this work with the dragon born DLC...?

  • RabidTardigrade

    How does this affect the civil war? Because don't you have to be the dragonborn to complete it?

  • lilacbombs _

    mcm configuration menu isn't available on xbox, can I still change the dragon spawn rate?

  • caleb willan

    they should redo this review as there are a large amount of updates

  • Shock

    How do you get people to stop people calling you dragonborn

  • Commander Panda

    Finally a decent fucking alternate start mod, all of skyrims one's sucked compared to oblivions.

  • RedPanda385

    can you still do the dragonborn dlc main questline? even if you dont choose to do the original quest(the one without dlc)?

  • Silver Tora

    this mod no longer exists on any of the above links - very sad

  • Cursedyou

    This is pretty much perfect and exactly what I was looking for. ANY chance of this being a part of the ps4 mods when it comes out in October??

  • Pierre Perras

    Is it possible to be the Dragonborn anyway with this mod?

  • Afflicted Affy

    Ulfric Stormcloak is so sassy at the end

  • Master Yi


  • ronan Prince

    48 play through thank you

  • Δxiiom

    "could make your next playthrough a little more interesting than your last 47 playhthroughs of the game" LISTEN I HAVE A PROBLEM OK! I DONT NEED YOU TO JUDGE ME

  • Varnallis /

    why i dont get the options menu like you do its diffrent with me :o

  • Waya Night-Crow

    trying it out and its nice. I like that you can select type of gear, make starting spells/weapon random. only reason I can't decide it or lal is that lal actually gives a quest as a sort of back story that adds further through

  • RPG Is Life

    Now, that would be pretty cool.

  • HMan Gaming

    the outro made my day

  • That NSFW Artist

    I just installed this Mod today & for some reason it's not working for me.For example, it's not showing me the intro that you're showing in the video, it just goes to the regular Vanilla opening being taken to Helgen. Am I doing something wrong? Or do I also need to download Alternate Start for the full completion?

  • Soggy Foggy

    if you don't play as the dragonborn can you still play the main quest and dragonborn dlc and other dragonborn quests?

  • Ahmad Zarif

    Does this mean the main quests from Dragonborn dlc cant be completed,because you need bend will shout to progress?

  • Ryan

    do you still get achievements for the game?

  • Hailey \TheTroll\ Elizabeth

    I would never stray from my path of ritous lordship I am dovahkiin destined to save the world from alduin the world eater! destined to save people from there eternal sorrow ! destined to do good, unlike all you other skyrim players I take myself very seriously I refuse to hurt innocent, always kill bandits, this is my destiny, I will not let the divines down

  • BS- Calrissian

    >Than your last 47 play-troughs through the gameaccurate :) :/

  • Joshua Blair

    2.55 with subtitles. "It's great that you now have the choice of whether to play as the drawing board or not."

  • Atlas

    How do i open the menu??!

  • StarDagger Rihannsu

    I forgot how ugly Lydia was in vanilla!

  • Fighting Faerie

    can you turn on dragons and word walls, but leave off dragon souls? so you can kill dragons and use shouts, but aren't the dragonborn?

  • Saška Prpić

    PLEASE tell me the name of that font mod everyone are using!

  • RSI **

    can someone help me??I installed the mod and somedays later e deleted the mod and started a vanilla games (normal start) but i cant absorve dragons souls and i cant continuo the game, not even in other save-files plz help

  • joshua slate

    I subscribed on steam and it didn't work it just starts of like normal then I unsubscribed and subscribed again and it still didn't work. Help please

  • David Stojilkovic

    ME!?Played 47 playthroughs , HA !!! You are so funny to think that i played Skyrim so little!

  • i love burritos and

    laughs ahem* it's 2017 I'm not on my 47th play though I'm on my 10000000000003000000000070000000000000475758th play though

  • The Unseen Predator

    This is the mod I was looking for. Now I can be a soldier of the Empire without being the Dragonborn. Hell yeah!

  • Emanuel Szadkowski

    2:41 Subtitles: "You can also become thane by buying BREAD HOME ".Seriously, subtitles are an fun function :).

  • VikingStreamTV

    Another great & informative SHORT video from you. Thanks a LOT!-Dead

  • April George

    how do you get the mod

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