"Elder Scrolls should be Rebooted?" Folks asked, Ranty Discussion Ft. John Blood

Folks have been asking me this question for the last year or so, "Should the Elder Scrolls be Rebooted" so I thought I'd sit down with John Blood and talk about that https://www.twitch.tv/zhakaron this is before coffee so the results are about what is to be expected. Either way the chat was a lot more "Anti-Bethesda" than we were, believe it or not. I think it's important to make the distinction that every game was made by a different team, people come people go.
  • Metron455

    Something that beats Daggerfall? Not exactly but Elona.

  • Alan Worcester

    Interesting point about the urinal sculpture around halfway through. Why should one's interpretation of a piece of art be considered more salient than the actual form of the art, meaning the thing that actually physically exists? For example, if I play a G major7 chord at the piano, it's got a unique sound and it behaves in a unique way w/r/t all other possible harmonies that might follow. Observations about the objective form of that chord are useful in understanding its role in western harmony, and can benefit anyone studying those harmonic relationships, but any individual's tendency to ascribe emotional character to the chord (e.g. happy, doleful, angry, etc.) is subjective and also a necessarily private experience; it would be impossible to describe anyone else's emotional resonance or lack thereof with any sound because you're nobody but yourself, and calling G Major7 "happy" doesn't state anything meaningful about the way it behaves as concretum -- emotional connection to a chord has no effect on what chord it will resolve to unless you're the composer/performer. Correspondingly, one's personal interpretation of the urinal piece is certainly valid, but in discussing the actual sculpture it's not worthwhile to invoke the subjective. In order to do the piece and the artist justice it's only fair to limit your critique to the physical form for the sake of a meaningful dialogue that anyone can participate in and contribute to. It's certainly fine to have your own personal opinions about what abstract connotations might exist, but that's essentially what headcanon is. All of these experiences dealing in the subjective are private experiences can certainly be shared, but not in any sort of definitive analysis of what's veritably in existence. Danilo Kis has this great story called "Red Stamps with Lenin's Picture," where he pokes fun at the pretentious critics that totally misread the pieces that they discuss; the works of a poet in the story are interpreted totally ass-backwards and passed off as definitive analyses -- analyses which would have made the poet turn in his grave! Consider also what might happen if the composer/author intended their production to have no abstract connotations, and envisioned the piece as totally self-contained in its own form? It would be fine to have personal theories on the metaphysical meaning of the work, but using that theory as ammunition for a definitive exegesis would just lead to a flat-out wrong conclusion. W/r/t C0DA, the same is true. The lore is written down and contained in the games, and what's there is what we've got to work with. Calling your C0DA canon is exactly like saying that the urinal piece is a mordant reproach of the hygienically decadent in the 20th century and that the creator was a militant germaphobe and then demanding that your assertion be recognized as true. Zaric makes it perfectly clear in his lore videos that it's "his personal interpretation" of the material, meaning that his videos are not necessarily definitive accounts. The writers shouldn't have to rely on the community to repair the contradictory lore for them via C0DA. If we're passionate about the lore, we should show it some respect and take it at face-value rather than twisting it around and passing that off as the truth.Love your stuff, by the way. Keep it coming. Best wishes, and good luck with everything that you're doing.

  • Brendon Parker

    I wouldn't mind remakes of the non Skyrim ESs

  • Advancedgod

    I love TES because of the messy lore. The Warp in the West is brilliant.

  • Braden Brecht

    I love skyrim and enjoy oblivion a lot as well. With that said, I wouldn't mind seeing aspects from the first three games brought back to expand the gameplay and lore.

  • Carl Vitek

    Tes VI is gonna be mainly about settlement building I bet.

  • Weird Adren

    I just love the moment when Zaric says: Shit pussy, has a comedic feel, yet it's just two insults mixed, amusing.

  • Das Admiral

    The series being rebooted has been in the lore itself. Before Talos the world worked in cycles, which you could view as a reboot in and of itself. So the series starting over would be just another kalpa. Granted, Talos kinda threw a wrench in that by his very existence acting as a sort of support for the "wheel" that is Nirn so it might not even be a thing that will happen in universe. I will admit that a lot of that is from out of game sources, though.

  • KenMogi

    The Elder Scrolls 6 Minecraft Edition

  • The Poison Bucket

    hopefully in the next ten years some body can mod skyrim into being zarics "what if skyrim was good"

  • Der Schurkinist

    In Morrowind specific stuff simply matter. Having endurance, or using the birthsign of the steed or training in athletics.Or the pain of wearing heavy armor. There are several things I miss from Morrowind:The concept of armors: No armor, light, middle and heavy. And that it felt that different. Already with Oblivion wearing light or heavy armor felt insignifcant.The various weapon types. From shuriken, crossbows, spears and most of all: longswords, shortswords, daggers. And it's reflection in skills.Not just "One-handed weapons", but: Blunt weapons, Axes, Londswords, Shortswords, Archery, Hand to Hand, Shortswords. (and you could easily add more, yet most of them have been removed and more simplified into just 3 skills.)Or the magical skills. Especially mysticism and the complexity of spellcrafting and enchanting. (Being a powerful mage meant, you could create a goddamn fireball that could erase all denizens of a city from existence. Theoretically.)And of course, the necessity to actually read your journal entries. The conversation with npcs felt like they matter, as you could get valuable information from them. Or more, all quest-related information was of value, as without questmarker there was simply no other way to find your way.I remember a time, when I wandered around for (real) hours, as I mistook a dunmeri "sign post" (basically a pile of rocks) for a pile of rocks.And yet, that's not a negative memory of Morrowind, it's a positive.-I love Skyrim. I love Oblivion. But first, Morrowind means childhood memories for me. You can't win against such.Morrowind was and is in no way perfect. But as far as I can tell, it's still the best of all TES. Not in terms of graphics and animations. Morrowind is a child of its time. But in the way it felt.The different religious interests of several groups, the different houses. Yeah, all of that could have been wider and extended, but they had more depth than what we got later.(Except for the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild in Oblivion. Which I consider as one of the best and most interesting Questlines in TES)-Truth be said, I love Elder Scrolls for its lore. For its ingame history (even though it's inconsistend). And I am sure, that Elder Scrolls will endure. Not because of it being the best RPG or because it remains true to its story.No, it'll endure because of it's flexibility. As long as Elder Scrolls games can be modded the way they have been. As long as there are those passionate modders and modusers we will have a next TES.Because that is what Bethesda does good. Creating a game, where each and everyone can add her or his personal touch.

  • Captain Ginyu

    I love skyrim but I want the feeling of the world being bigger than you back

  • David Walsh

    There will never be agreement about TES lore

  • Dan Slash

    What does reboot mean in this sense?When you talk about movies, like rebooting Spider-Man you start the movie series from the first movie again, i.e Spider-Man's origin story.In this sense a reboot of Elder Scrolls would be a new Arena, which makes no sense to me.

  • OggyTheTiger

    TES community is a shit show of dividing opinions on how the game should be while the metal gear community in comparison are much more elitist on how the lore should be. I think that is something TES people need a perspective on while discussing canon lore and reboots

  • domehammer

    Star Wars did a soft reboot and its been a utter disaster. Reboots are just awful.

  • 2pro4u scrubz

    They should make the next TES fallout 4 but in tamriel.

  • V M

    i don't agree that every entry in tes franchise should be taken separately. battlespire, redguard, legends (cards game), eso - yes. whole tes franchise - no, impossible.

  • Alexander Guerich

    Morrowind is the pinnacle of Elder Scrolls series. With the perfect balance of RPG and action, best writing, complex main story, political and religious setting as well as interesting lore. World is not too generic as in Daggerfall and not an amusement park like in Skyrim. Oblivion's Cyrodiil is too meh for me, although I enjoy the game. Hell, I enjoy all TES games, they are my favorite overal but Morrowind was just right, perfect in its imperfection.

  • Enigma

    Can I get a Zaric response without typing out a paragraph?

  • Christopher Woodworth

    What they need to do is get rid of dragon breaks and create an actual good story with characters that change

  • The Marine708

    You could look at it like each game is a story within an Elder Scroll. They are all possible realities, all possible choices, and ESO is the official timeline. None of the events from the first ten games have happened, but they can happen. Its still the second era, there is no Nevarine, no Hero of Kavatch, the last Dovakiin doesn't exist, they can exist, but it hasen't happened yet. Thats the best way I could think of things.

  • Groovy Joe

    EverQuest was never like how you described it, Zaric. WoW started that trend.

  • Spencer Tolleson

    I love the discussion however we have to be fair. I think with the game engines that are being used to have realistic city sizes with interesting NPCs would be impossible. Witcher 3 did it because not every NPC was named. (Which is what I prefer.) I'd rather have large cities and a few notable people than the lifeless shells we get.

  • walnutt_

    Wouldn't it be fucking awesome if there was an Elder Scrolls x: Nirn?


    I see Arena. I play both Arena and Daggerfall. But yes, Elder Scrolls she be rebooted or remester.

  • Moldy Crow

    When you remember that thing Rita pops out of is a space dumpster

  • The Poison Bucket

    does zaric have a video for everything?

  • Hansiger Obba

    Just play Total Conversions like Enderal and older games and mods if you want an older feeling of Elder Scrolls back if not then buy the Goty Edition in a Steam Sale.

  • GeConify

    They just need to make skyrim 3 already

  • dormdude

    I personally already think the elder scrolls already rebooted. Morrowind changed and rewrote so much of the lore that i consider morrowind and every game afterwards to be separate from every game before morrowind. I'm undecided if ESO should be part of that lore. I kinda consider eso something separate. so I really only consider morrowind, oblivion, and skyrim together. everyone has their own interpretation of the lore to make it work and that's mine.

  • TerashiOfSnagem

    1:02:16 The Elder Scrolls 6: Landfall.xD

  • Nicky Richtofen

    Most of the lore is open and not shut so you can enjoy it reading all the details of the past has always been a big interest of mine when bored. There is so much more and having to rebooted may fuck with that.

  • Mad Kwama

    Isn't Morrowind just a big ol' lore friendly reboot?

  • Christopher Woodworth

    Also they should make the cities actually feel like cities. They should make an actual government in the cities. Stores, temples, trade, and so many other things and banks and mayors, regional rulers, actual towns, villages, giant abandoned cities with different things to explore and make these all fleshed out .Also there should be farms everywhere.

  • tpl

    This is why we need Necromancy

  • slothkingn1

    The 'we built the systems now you build the world!' concept actually sounds pretty apealling to me but not as an Elder scrolls game. If it were another franchise which was like yo you're a warlord now build your kingdom from scratch not gonna lie I'd give it a try.

  • Bob Grau

    I'm lazy. Can't we reboot Maths, Chemistry and Physics? Screw all these neckbeards that think history and continuity matters.

  • Keadin Mode

    For me Morrowind had a fair bit of tedium to it (the sneaking system for example), but Skyrim was streamlined to the point where it was just grossly simplified. I only ever play Skyrim anymore with a ton of mods, the vanilla version is just... not that great. Oblivion was kind of in the middle, but it was already showing signs of simplification. And then years later Fallout 4 came out and it was clear that Bethesda has no clue what an RPG really is anymore. No meaningful choices with consequences, no unique-feeling player character thanks to a voiced protagonist, and very little control over how you level up with the vast majority of perks being bland stat increases. To say Fallout 4 was a disappointment would be an understatement.I realise the TES and Fallout franchises are very different, but you can clearly see a trend on Bethesda's behalf where they would rather have the game take the player along for a directed theme park ride than let the player actually shape their character's life and even the world.Factions are a big factor in that and it's something I miss in Skyrim now that I'm replaying Morrowind. In Morrowind there were a ton of factions to join, and some of those factions did not like one another. You could join a few, but there would be consequences down the line. Your character could be unique to your particular playthrough depending on your interaction with factions alone. In Skyrim there's very few factions, you can join every single one of them (you can't join both sides of the civil war though, obviously), and no one gives a hoot. It's a meaningless choice that comes down to which quest rewards you want first. In Fallout 4 there's even fewer factions, one of which (Minutemen) is almost completely irrelevant to the entire storyline...I am very concerned that Bethesda is systematically gutting roleplaying elements from their traditionally roleplaying franchises. I am convinced that many people don't buy Skyrim and Fallout 4 because they're lighter and lighter on RPG elements, but that they buy the game in spite of that. Bethesda still builds fantastic worlds, but people want their presence in that world to matter. In the latest Bethesda games that just isn't the case, and I'm worried we'll see the trend continuing for a good while.

  • How Big is the Map?

    If they'll reboot it, I hope they won't make the map of Daggerfall so big again :)

  • Bjorn Zexi

    Everyones focused on the actual question, but no one comments on Zaric becoming more and more unhinged each episode. That Cookie Monster bit was almost surreal.

  • HarmonySword

    Oblivion was the best game for me. Morrowwind may have launched the series, but it hasn't aged well and it's pretty Overrated. While Skyrim is missing that special something. Oblivion to me had the best story and overall system, even though it has its share of mistakes *cough*combat*cough*. And this is coming from a guy who has played all three games with mods. Come at me.

  • V M

    also, peoples, stop picking on dragon break ffs... tes world is absolutely fantastic and magical through and through, just because you've attached to certain characters/endings of the past, a little bit of lore bending from the true devs side shouldn't be unwelcome. what we are going to question next? dwemer disappearance? pff...

  • Captain Ginyu

    You guys are just awesome

  • Matt Allen

    Short answer=noLong answer=fuck noCrazy thought, how about movies and games stop with the irritating reboot fetish going on?

  • Garry Combine

    Todd Howard is dameging TES and Fallout... He needs to go!

  • Constructor Man

    Blood is a f***ing badass last name.But anyways I don't think they should reboot the series, at least not now in time anyway. All we can do is wait for future titles and see how we recieve them and then we can say whether or not they should give the series a fresh new start.

  • Horatio Nelson

    I would CHIM if when the next ES was announced, they also released a video retconning every major inconsistency with lore, removed dragonbreaks, brought back jungle Cyrodiil, and made Nords follow their true pantheon. Then, just before Todd "The God" Howard dropped the mic, he said, "c0da isn't canon."

  • Darken De la Espada

    I have to disagree with the whole "power corrupts" cliche. That is simply a literary device which did not and does not have much historical merit when referring to leaders of nations. Many leaders have held great power and weren't the least shaken in their core ideals. Sure conquest is a dirty business but in history those unpleasant things were counterbalanced by things that were many times worse. As for why certain rulers like Tiber Septim can't be content with what they have? Simple if you have a nation the biggest threat to it and its people is any other nation and if you can you would neutralize that threat. Not to mention more land = more resources = more troops = greater stability = less likely for the empire to fall to threats foreign and domestic.

  • TheShadowOfHumanity

    Unpopular opinion but I hate that merchants have very little gold in Skyrim and that money is limited. In Morrowind there was a merchant with 10k gold to barter with and in Oblivion though they only had like 2k theyd at least never run out so you could sell an infinite amount of cheap items. In a game I shouldn't have to travel to like 5 different merchants to sell off half the crap I found on giants corpses on my way to a quest so I either have to ignore loot like a mook or spend like 60% of the time trying to sell shit.

  • ironside31

    The concept of rebooting one of the greatest rpg game lines is Blasphemy!!!! End of discussion thank you

  • Jeremy Carnes

    But the kalpa was extended with Alduin's death. The world eating serpent is gone.

  • jacob biddinger

    These are the vids I sub for. :D

  • Barokai Rein

    I honestly think that tes6 is either gonna be fucking horrible just like skyrim is without extensive modding or it's gonna be the best thing ever. There's only two options imo. Either way it will end up being good as long as it has good modding support like previous bethesda games do. Fallout 4 was fantaatic for 100 hours but it just slammed itself shut right after that 100h mark and all of the content just ended there. I do hope that tes6 is gonna be more like skyrim when it comes to content because it would be a shame to run out of shit to do in an elder scrolls game.

  • jefthereaper

    No, no damned reboots. They nearly always fail. Lets just sweep ESO under the rug.What they need to do is ajust the lore so it can explain contradictions from past games, and bring back all the past mechanics (as simplification sucks)

  • Włodzimierz Szyc

    I would trust lord Sheogorath more with doing a proper reboot than Bethesda...

  • Garry Combine

    A person told me to play Skyrim, so i played Arena instead as i like to play games in order and I love Morrowind the most!!!

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