SKYRIM BATTLE #5 - 1000 Draugr VS. Whiterun (Siege of Whiterun)

SKYRIM BATTLE #5 - 1000 Draugr VS. Whiterun (Siege of Whiterun)

A HUGE battle within Whiterun between 1000 Draugr undead army and the Whiterun Garrison, who will win?

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  • Noscope Hokage

    When you steal a necromage's sweet roll

  • Columbus


  • jay O'Neal

    wait when did draugr get dragons?

  • Nathaniel Winchester

    There should have been an appearance of dovahkiin fus ro dahing the draugr

  • Vokun Kriia

    guess you could say these old nords have a BONE to pick with whiterun! *insert joke trombone here*


    So many knees and so few arrows

  • Columbus

    There’s dragons that’s not fare

  • BoB z shramom

    0:47-1:57 ору очерить в машем магазине :D

  • Thing #2

    "It's been a while since we've had a good bandit raid." Want some action? YA FUKIN GOT IT

  • Sami Jehad

    Thanks for ruining game of thrones 😂😂😂

  • PelicanMan

    5:26 he had to make it interesting because I thought I be watching this for 14:00 minutes

  • Fokker210

    When someone steals your sweet roll.

  • seguidor de Cristo

    Restoration could be very useful in a situation like this

  • Hansell Lantigua

    50 hackers vs 201 bandits

  • Osamah Billaden

    GOD of WAR song, soo cooool 😁

  • Ornatechip43

    Let’s all take a moment and bow our heads and pray for the lost guards who died fighting this day 😞

  • zinx43267

    the framerate wants to die

  • Ethan Townsend

    Im trying to figure out how your computer ran so fast with this

  • joel 56

    I think i killed a guy in skyrim eithy my companion... i geuss they shot them...... in the........... knee they will never adventure again

  • Knightly Wolf

    tbh the dragon thing was bs

  • FreddyGoesBOOM

    The Bloodiest War of Skyrim

  • Julian Clement

    Usualy when i spawn in that many actors they decide to float away

  • FreddyGoesBOOM

    The Enemy: Floating Cheaters. Whiterun: People who respect gravity.

  • Kevin H

    Do i hear music from Witcher?

  • Jordan King

    Remastered is beautiful keep these up its cool

  • Ethan Townsend

    Of course the draugr won, they can fly apparently

  • minister of succ

    Whiterun is now every necrophile's dream

  • Kreative King XL

    9:46 arrows of levitation

  • swagtastic04

    before it starts i think most of whiterun will die

  • John Mass

    When you realize the soundtrack it's from the witcher and you feel damn good for recognizing it!!!!

  • Super Spectre

    Ebony warrior vs Whiterun

  • ThunderAnims

    There are more guards than citizens

  • Osamah Billaden

    Ow nooo now Draugrs can fly, WE ARE ALL DEAAAAAD!!!

  • Nate

    In vanilla skyrim you probably only need 10 draugr to destroy whiterun

  • Notice me Senpai

    0:55 StableMaster badass

  • Flantier

    Looks like Game of Thrones

  • Alen Becirevic

    The whiterun guards probably took OUT the arrow that was in the knee

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