Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

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Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

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  • Red J

    korst is my least favorite part of that mod.

  • Iam Impossibru

    I can distinctly tell that every single one of these voices are done by the same man. If not the same man, then the same two men.

  • 77 svxz

    Is this mod for Xbox as well or not?

  • Roman Centurion

    is this mod on Xbox one?

  • The Questionable Question Mark

    Installed the mod, made the place independent and proceeded to make every resident and guard there a vampire. Now I have my own little refuge/army to play around with. It's great.

  • Pure Gamer Q

    I hope Bethesda does what this mod does in TES6. I always hated how Kvatch, Helgen and Winterhold were destroyed permanently. Along with nominating a jarl for the city.

  • Sicilian Defence

    But does it have juniper mead?

  • Jottan

    i really fucking hate when people try to mimic arnold's accent...and putting it in skyrim!

  • Tane Hickey

    Is it possible to get only nords as guards I don't want some filthy khajiit and argonians taking care of the people

  • funnyman10912

    Joto sounds like a relative of Bulk Bogan..........

  • Jake Branthe

    Korst's famous voice lines include:"GET TO DA DRAGON""Hasta la vista, milk drinker"

  • Bunker Boy Gaming

    What hold is helgen in?

  • Mateusz Wayne

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Jordan Knihs

    Hope this coment reaches the author. Absolutely amazing mod. 10/10. Thank you for your work!

  • Svaden

    4:54 Arnold Scwarchenegger is on the case

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