Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

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Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Kel Capiral

    Ain't there some khajit guy in oblivion who really like dogs too? or is it an argonian?

  • A. Playa

    Just downloaded it on X1... can't wait to play

  • Galimeer5

    Marcus Jannus sounds a bit like Jespar

  • Rogue

    its about time that Helgen should be rebuilt back up again.

  • GrumpyMiyu

    i hope this gets made for ps4

  • Kaftar Gaming

    I can't download this mod WTF!!!!!

  • Great Value Bleach

    This mod was on Xbox and was just taken down

  • The first warlock

    i played this mod on xbox one is great

  • Melanie Evans

    A Very Well Done Overview

  • Teiler Thule

    can you make helgen side with the legion or stormcloaks?

  • Philippe Bouchard

    I was gonna comment about Arnold and thought I was being original but I happened to scroll down... and down... and down... and just gave up on that idea :p

  • eshock7

    RIP Jotos Dog. He Will Forever Be Remembered

  • Kel Capiral

    They should put the guy's voice actor at 5:00 in the intro where in Helgen in the beheading scene. "Get to the choppa!"

  • headhunter 9865

    someone took this off the on the Xbox one :(

  • DeRpY xNiNjA

    this was posted on my birthday and its going to be my birthday in two days :D

  • Waya Night-Crow

    eh can't find It

  • Kenni Raine

    The Khajiit sounds creepy.

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