Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

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Skyrim Mod: Helgen Reborn

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  • Bernardo Colon

    nvm. it was a different mod

  • Mateusz Wayne

    Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Sicilian Defence

    But does it have juniper mead?

  • Tane Hickey

    Is it possible to get only nords as guards I don't want some filthy khajiit and argonians taking care of the people

  • Red J

    korst is my least favorite part of that mod.

  • Jottan

    i really fucking hate when people try to mimic arnold's accent...and putting it in skyrim!

  • nick888

    i have this problem, there are no shop open, guards do stil have guard training, cienna is walking around helgen in her armor, and marcus has returned to falkreath, and are siting in the same spot where you meet him the first time. Does anyone know any why to fix this?

  • Anonymous Anonymous

    The voice acting on Joto and Korst is a big, steaming pile of dog shit.

  • funnyman10912

    Joto sounds like a relative of Bulk Bogan..........

  • Lenixar

    Everybody is talking about korst sounding like arnold but seriously. Does nobody realise just how good river kanoff sounded as valerius? My god. I love his voiceacting.

  • motionless lego xd

    Is this mod for Xbox as well or not?

  • Jake Branthe

    Korst's famous voice lines include:"GET TO DA DRAGON""Hasta la vista, milk drinker"

  • Bunker Boy Gaming

    What hold is helgen in?

  • The Questionable Question Mark

    Installed the mod, made the place independent and proceeded to make every resident and guard there a vampire. Now I have my own little refuge/army to play around with. It's great.

  • Bernardo Colon

    this mod was on xb1 but they took it out. now i cant play it. the thalmor knew what i was gonna do. damm elves

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