Top 20 Best Upcoming PSVR Games of 2017 & 2018

In this video, we take a look at the 20 Best Playstation VR Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond. Some Game in this List also Coming on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe.

The Persistence
Skyrim VR - The Elder Scrolls V
Bravo Team
The Inpatient
Star Child
Arizona Sunshine
Chess Ultra
ROM Extraction
No Heroes Allowed!
Ancient Amuletor
Special Delivery
Smashbox Arena
Infinite Minigolf

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  • Jojoflap

    Doom VR looks like it'll be VERY disorientating.

  • Darrick Moore

    The concept for all these games look great but the graphics look like they went back a few years :/.....

  • T. O.

    Still early stages of quality VR. I will continue to take a raincheck. Most games are experimental jokes, sorry. RE7 and Superhot VR are tempting but not enough. Waiting for either major price drop or PSVR 2.0

  • SylphidUndine

    what makes these "top"?

  • Ape Rule

    there's too many space/futuristic shooting games in vr akfdjhgkfdhg that's all they seem to make

  • dr34m3r91

    Medieval 3 Total War VR should exist!

  • James Thompson

    I like how they tried to make chess look cool

  • Leficent

    fucking chess made it onto this list

  • santy33143

    In couple of year VR will be the BOMB

  • Extended Official

  • creeper craft gaming

    I want them to make a dayz psvr

  • Her Majestys Minstrel

    Dear SEGA. You are sitting on quite a few on-rail-shooter intellectual properties. I honestly believe that with modern graphical advancements, a game like Panzer Dragoon, and Space Harrier would look absolutely brilliant on a VR headset of your choice.

  • Jackepical

    They should make a sims in first person vr game now that I would play

  • nym ink

    I'ma tell you guys this Arizona sunshine is now one of my top ten favorite games of all time now and I play a lot of games

  • Delirium

    Only ones im interested in is arcangel and the inpatient

  • christine jefferies

    some very good games out there

  • Ben Pyka

    Skyrim again!!! Don't get me wrong i like Skyrim but damn how many times are they gonna re release this game lol

  • World Hayes

    I’m playing Driveclub VR on PS4 with a MARSEILLE MCABLE - 4K HDMI GAMING EDITION & the X Rocker gaming chair wish there was a setting where you could put the vibration per·sist·ent·ly for the gas pedals don’t get me wrong when I’m playing music if the bass is too loud it may trigger the vibration, music play on the speakers and subwoofer, engine and pipes sounds on vibrations Logitech Driving Force GT Racing Controller

  • Supercyzer

    They should stop making games for VR and instead start making VR for the games.

  • Mike Rodriguez

    God skyrim has been release like 5 times now. Why the fuck couldn't they remake oblivion or something this time around.

  • Thegamingowl

    Skryim vrSeems legit

  • Thaicakes

    I was starting to regret my psvr but most of these games look pretty fun

  • Chill Rap

    Who else here has a psvr?

  • Pontifex Redirect

    I don't understand why they call it virtual REALITY if the ain't going to bother making realistic games. Makes no fracking sense

  • Vordaq

    18:07 that hair interaction, what does that remind me of... my god! Skyrims HDT physics are going to be in VR! Do you know what this means!?!

  • Shiva rides Cthulhu

    i understand the complaints, but guys, come on. you know you can't do justice to the VR experience with these clips... in spite of all the flaws, you know these games would be really, really fun

  • Louis S.W

    Ok superhot looks like it has potential

  • sw3d3r

    wouldnt it be awesome in a giant list of games tat the name of the game was overlayed on the video as it was playing :) :) :)

  • Thomas Boswell

    Star child looks like shit


    Archangel, Bravo Team, Superhot Vr the only ones that seemed promising to me.

  • 200016lLIVE☮

    super!!good luck!!love you!!<3visit me friends!!SUBB4SUBB!!GOgoGO!!! :)

  • manu Man

    Lmao how they tried to make something super intense when it's just a chest game x)

  • SephirothTheGod

    The only one good is Skyrim, the rest is trash.Skyrim, a game of 2011.And now in 2017 people can't do good games.Want to go 20 years back...

  • brian daly

    forist1 , boring i wouldent buy any these games look like shit .

  • M H

    What happened to Ace Combat 7, isn't that for early 2018?

  • Lex's long lost brother

    Doom VFR does stand for Virtual Fucking Reality, right?

  • Zoltan Gremsperger

    great upcoming stuff finally! thanks for the update. Theseus, Skyrim looking goood! Bravo Team finally FPS on VR. The Inpatient will make u shit into your pants. guys, I can't wait to try these

  • Louis S.W

    Can someone ELI5 why VR graphics look like ps1/early ps2 graphics?

  • Freddie B in tha place 2 be

    why would want a side scroller in vr? it defeats the purpose of vr

  • wesler218

    Thats why I dont believe trailers. Developers can make chess look badass....fucking chess

  • Kharnige1594

    started doing PSVR vids on my channel is farpoint any good?

  • Pandabearmadness

    Wow doom looks great lol


    So why isn't Ace Combat 7 in this list???

  • MrFinky

    SUPERHOT looks very cool

  • Peckham Chanel

    Should just make porn games

  • Moka Pony

    I have PS4 and vr but no PlayStation network

  • Josh P

    Wow some games I haven't even heard about yet.

  • Jessica Autry

    I have a psvr and I just got Arizona sunshine and I am super hyped to play it

  • Nick S

    If this really is all what the PSVR has to bring in terms of gaming experience, I'll probably resell my headset very soon... Basically after finishing R7 there's not a single game I was tempted to purchase

  • Nicholas Clark

    Seems like a waste of time and money to make a 3rd person vr game, its virtual REALITY not screen thats the same as a tv but really close to your face

  • Bm138 millar

    they should make a really good pacific rim game with 2 player coop

  • cory drysdale

    I cant believe that in this day and age VR looks so NOT VR. Pixels , tron lights, bad games and terrible game play. Who in their right mind would spend 500 bucks to play such shit. Developers need to rethink this whole idea and fix it quick.

  • Lorraine Stone

    Exept for "Inpatient" it LOOKS LIKE THESE GAMES ARE GUNNA SUCK

  • maxithebuiler /Max

    skydance is making games nice

  • OtherFabbros

    Interesting onesNo heroes AllowedSparcStar childSpecial Delivery Dexed Infinite GolfThe rest are the same old fucking shooters. Bethesda shits doesn't count

  • Paul Stein

    Skyrim & Doom for VR + Aim Controller :-)

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