Top 20 Best Upcoming PSVR Games of 2017 & 2018

In this video, we take a look at the 20 Best Playstation VR Games Coming in 2017 & Beyond. Some Game in this List also Coming on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Share your thoughts, leave a comment also Subscribe.

The Persistence
Skyrim VR - The Elder Scrolls V
Bravo Team
The Inpatient
Star Child
Arizona Sunshine
Chess Ultra
ROM Extraction
No Heroes Allowed!
Ancient Amuletor
Special Delivery
Smashbox Arena
Infinite Minigolf

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  • PanelPlayz

    I have this headset.

  • GamingLegends

    You guys are all complaining about visuals, and graphics but you need to understand how new vr is. They are doing the best they can with this new generation of gaming so give them a break... I mean vr is amazing, but yes I do understand they have a long way to go.

  • #JulioJones 11

    I would admit Oculus Rift has a lot of games. But PSVR has a lot of games as well - anybody who thinks otherwise is in denial. Only thing I would agree with was that its not worth the price of being - $400 at the time. Now its around $200. But PSVR games - Skyrim, Theasus, Thumper, The Impatient, Bravo Team, Resident Evil 7, Paranormal Activity The Lost One, Don't Knock Twice. There is a shit load of games you can play with the VR. Arizona Sunshine is a decent game, not great. But okay. I only picked it up because it was on sale for $20. I suggest if you want a zombie based game wait for Dayz Gone or if you can't wait and your impatient like I am - try Dying Light the following


    At 15.21min. What is The song during the chess game. HELP

  • hawkesworth1712

    If there are any VR programmers out there, please, please, please look into programming the ability to reassign controller buttons so that us older users can tailor a game to our needs.One of the good things about universal TV remotes is the ability to programme a button to do something you are used to and we need that functionality in games, because as we all know, programmers are never going to agree to a universal standard.I can play one game that has the Move button assigned for reloading. Then I play another that has the (X) button reloading. Then I play another where the (O) reloads and in my limited experience the Move button feels the most intuitive.

  • Benjamin Sancho

    Wow i never in my life would i experienced poor graphics on the PS4 VR. Big time let down...

  • StingingSumo

    Some of they games look absolutely terrible and look like there running on a super Nintendo. Resident evil is the only decent vr game and that's unplayable in vr

  • Pressu4 Freelion28

    Waste of money. These games don't excite about buying the VR. Sorry, I'm not sold

  • BunnyLovin

    too bas the graphics look like ps2.....pure ass

  • ajaz sheikh

    Bro this is sooo awesome

  • Carlos Jones

    More games like skyrim for vr Or Arizona sunshine. Full head movement on a nice game with a certain goal. Not just looking around shooting things or making it feel like a demo they do need to give Arizona sunshine a bit more updates but still.

  • Tovarisch Maxim

    3rd person in VR? Chess in VR?For fucks sake, what are you smoking?

  • Exzerpt

    VFR just released and it sucks ass

  • marvelousmarvin71

    Well what a load of shit

  • Tu Put4 M4DRE

    la verdad que sos un cornudo cada juego pedorro pusiste, top de mierda que lo hiiciste conn 2 pesos

  • Alejandro Chavez


  • Pc -gaming-awesome

    People underestimate how complicated this technology is , it's only just being under stood am expecting ps5 and new vr unit late 2019 will be mind blowing . If every one just adopts a bit of chill and let PlayStation do their thing . Have they very let us down before ? Not really (apart for the issue with 4K HDR pass through on the vr unit being missing ) that fucking annoys me . But other than that it will all be fine

  • Andrew Hill

    The people complaining about how the graphics look bad and how vr is pointless are the people who don’t own vr or who haven’t actually taken time to play a good vr game. It’s not just a screen closer to your face it really does make a difference to your gaming and it’s amazing. Just cause u can’t afford it doesn’t mean you have to hate on it :/

  • Jordan Vandevegte

    Why does every psvr game look like a shit arcade game...

  • Hubris00

    Skyrim gave me extreme motion sickness in the first 5mins :(

  • iSwearSheWasPlat

    vr skyrim looks very incomplete

  • L1ghtP1ng

    What I want is CSGO in VR!!! Like if you would like CSGO in VR

  • Not Happy Not Lucky And I Don't Go

    PS2 VR. They all look shit! And I'm paying $400 for all this crap?!?

  • George Korf

    Skyrim looks good, also i think that we're just a tired bunch of nerds, that cannot appreciate anything ordinary or less qualified, did you remember orrible games we used to play on nes in the old days, did you?

  • Sil van der Zee

    Who agrees with me that their should be a Avatar vr game, Harry potter vr game and a james bond vr game

  • On Ly

    I hate vr on rail shooters. Re7 is the way to make vr. I like how Skyrim looks and plays to.

  • Swank Scott

    A gta Vr where I can escape reality would be great

  • Christian Knight

    Whoever made star child can you fucking kill yourself

  • AmazingMojo2567

    5:45 ..... when your buddy just flags the shit out of you with his weapon... lit bud

  • Martin VR

    Hey I do #Psvr videos on my channel . Would you kindly sub.

  • adam berg

    If a VR game doesn't make you feel immersed, it's not a VR game. It's a normal game with a big ass screen.

  • Kane Smith

    Idea:Portal VR like if you agree

  • Gavin Suwara

    Superhot is sooooo good

  • David Barton

    A game like Dying Light but in VR. That's the dream 😚

  • Paul Russo

    Damn. I was literally on my way to the store to buy a PSVR...until I saw this list. This is all you got Sony??

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    A lot of these games are on Demo Disc 2. Moss seems amazing. Graphics are great, it's fun to play, music is amazing, and it seems like it'll be a great game.

  • RoundPitt

    Literally do not care. PSVR resolution is too terrible.

  • Richie Rich

    Half of the people making comments DON'T have a VR. The graphics are better when you're actually playing the game. How do I know? Because I have one.

  • zedek iaha

    A pilot wings experience would be good in VR (I know thats nintendo)....any flying type games coming out?

  • ICanHazGaming12345

    I really hope we get more games adapted for VR on the PS4, and hopefully at least one sandbox game.

  • GamingLegends

    This list is actually really good

  • schmollgrim ailbhinn

    why has the played character in vr games always flying amputated hands?

  • Chris C

    I have a psvr, watching videos doesn't compare to experiencing the real thing. The graphics are scaled down but you also have to consider the fact that psvr is limited to the PS4s hardware. They look slightly better on psPro but the experience of being inside the game makes up for the graphics.

  • U N T E D


  • Tacky Ostrich505

    PSVR games that you have to use the dualshock controller and move your head at same time is very disoriented

  • BAD DONKEY 900


  • chaz kramer

    The lack of commitment from developers is palpable. ...

  • Shane Weiant

    I have Resident Evil 7, RIGS mechanized combat league, Far Point, Bound, and Until Dawn Rush of Blood which are all VR compatible games. I am fine with head tracking or motion controls for aiming. I love Resident Evil 7 because it is so fucking cool, as well as it has a very interesting and carefully scripted story. I played Resident Evil 7 twice in VR. I also played many demos with demo disc 1 and 2. Raw Data is an amazing VR game. Raw Data has a person using the move controllers to aim and shoot guns in each hand. I played a demo of Raw Data and you can watch my playthrough of the demo on my youtube channel. I also have other videos on my channel though not many because most of the videos I have are on my facebook page. I am looking forward to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR. I learned from other videos that Skyrim VR is move controller and DS4 controller compatible. I also learned that you can move or teleport with the move controllers. You move by pressing the move button on the move controller in the left hand. In addition I learned that you can play all of Skyrim VR with the DS4 like normal but with head tracking as to see the world of Skyrim around you in VR. There will be many VR options in Skyrim VR some of which are for comfort.

  • Slasher

    Don’t you hate when you get something new but then someone says that it is bad for those reasons and your like can you please shut the fuck up and kys.

  • jay dee

    I just bought PS VR because it was on sale and my initial thoughts on it are so-so. The graphics are kinda shit. Skyrim looked terrible. Granted I wear glasses and this might effect it some. I am also going to buy a new HDMI cord because I am sure the one that came with it is shit. Also I am used to playing on a ps4 pro with a fucking sweet OLED 4K HDR tv and I am used to higher resolution. Most games so far look like a gimmick. I kinda figured this would be the case until VR becomes more mainstream. Far Point is fun but we will see after I play it for a couple days.

  • Sal Paradise

    You put Chess VR in this trailer, Chess fucking VR... :/

  • Ebray413

    I’m going outside to enjoy reality reality

  • DreamyWorld

    Good video thanks for upload

  • Wayne G

    I got the PS4-Pro. It helps with the graphics slightly compared to when I used the VR on my original PS4. But I grew up playing Nintendo so I don't complain about graphics like most of these spoiled little babies who grew up playing games online with people all over the world. Meanwhile when I was growing up the only way you could play a game with other people, youd better have an extra controller and hope a friend comes over to your house. PSVR is awesome, so stop bitching about graphics. You have a damn miracle on your face. Appreciate it for how far games have come. But heres an idea.. If it hurts your eyes, or you dont like the graphics... Don't buy it.

  • jtno2

    Capcom should remake the original Steel Battalion into a PSVR game. SWAT 4 for PSVR would be an incredible co-op game too.

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