ADORABLE FACE - Skyrim Mods - Week 158

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Ayleid Palace by Lazz
Adorable Face by Lumina
Carry On Skyrim - M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. by skinnytecboy
Belethors Overrated Goods by iWilliBlecha
Fair Skin Complexion by HHaleyy
Emfy Cleric Robes UNP - CBBE by Deserter X – Mitosuke
Pierced Ears - Earrings by Nos
  • Free Shovacado

    What a hoot "happy 2016" boy this was published January 4th 2015

  • Bva Yay

    i found a new link to adorable face mod ( )

  • NightlingX

    well, ONE: it's pronounced AY- LEE- ID, and TWO: was that Dragon age inquisition's main theme in the background?

  • Jason Bentley

    You keep using the word Aesthetic wrong. I love your reviews but it is really annoying. Aesthetic is the way something looks and not a quantitative thing. Something can have an aesthetic not not be aesthetic.

  • Joshua Wan

    didn't know nipples can be shown on youtube

  • Mixed Magical

    i cant believe i haven't been subscribed to him, i watch every weekly vid.

  • CaPtAiN WoBbLeS

    I really don't think that he is suppose to be using don't starve music

  • ZaFalPai Afzal

    what mod do u use like.. ur player look flawless and do catwalk?

  • Green Mania

    What is the name of the song at 0:20

  • Edwin Mejia

    The Ayleid Palace is lovely 😎

  • Kamcsatkai Arábiusz Jenő

    This is porno, man! Good show!

  • Venonymous Games

    why dont people understand that when he said 1995 was 30 years that is was goddamn joke

  • izanagi Mikoto

    brooo can u make a video for best follower mod to marry please

  • anominon

    Does no one get that M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N. is a reference to Marvin the paranoid android from The HitchHiker's Guide To The Galaxy? (the original, not the dumb movie version).

  • Secret-Psychopath

    OMG i love M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N.. Im gonna use this mod ALL THE TIME.

  • Eric Richardson

    They took something and modded to Nothing. What are you complaining about? DUH!

  • -XodiaK-

    This confuses me, the video is called "Adorable Face", but the video doesn't even cover the mod "Adorable Face".It's in the description, but when you click on the link, it says the file is hidden.The mod itself doesn't show up when you search for it on the Nexus.

  • Super Janemba

    Dude with all the slooty mods you tf are you not a porn addict?

  • freya

    this mod seriously annoys mewhenever I try to download it, I don't get the same facein the pictures? can somebody help tell me how to get this mod to work( maybe comment a working download link )

  • Terran Clearwater

    Girl in the thumbnail looks drunk af

  • Ryafezz Silverscales

    It's Aylied(A-lee-id)! Geez!

  • ILyk2Sip

    I know I'm a year later but it's pronounced ah-layd-pal-as

  • Justin Noguess

    1995 wasn't thirty years ago it was 20 years ago

  • charles dilmore

    sooo, which mod is in Belethor's Basement?

  • Zoo Chaos

    mxr a lot of people play the game because of the never ending mods. very few actually play the game for the story. I rate the story a five. I mean its not really too boreing for a mmo RPG trys to keep you interested buts nothing too eventful. but with every mod you show cased I rate it a whoping 9!

  • Rodian

    "It's not really a review""I'm just sharing what my first thoughts on it was"That is a review.. LMAO

  • Jens Olsen

    What is that bikini mod in the outro

  • Yub aka Skudblaze

    could someone gives me a list of mods for having better archery fighting and also sexy walk armors and ladies ?

  • Juan Jose

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME? marphin is the best follower mod of all time. i would give my Brothers life in order to get him in the ps4 (i dont like my brother very much)

  • Benjamin Newton

    the ayleid palace looks like it's made out of stilton cheese

  • Hyperhorse

    Why with the Dragon Age Inquisition music?

  • Dio Balugay

    Does this work on legendary edition?

  • Electrical Porkchop

    Which NPC is being used as the thumbnail pic for this video? She's beautiful!

  • //Haley MSP//

    How old are you MxR?You look like your around 19-20

  • Eric Richardson

    You're right. None of  this belongs in Skyrim.

  • MaryJane Bergen

    It's not 'Aye lid'. Correct proncouncement is "Ay-lee-id' for the word Ayleid. :)

  • Truck-san

    M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N is literally Marvin from Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy

  • Bawk Sedmacaroniandcheese

    "1995 was 30 years ago"me:wait IS my brother actually 30 and not 20????

  • Hafeezur Rahman

    '1995 was 30 years ago' but how? You're asian!

  • toasty toast

    shit marphin is actually marvin from hitchhickers guide to the galaxy...

  • Katelyn Wiegand

    Ayleid is pronounced Ay-lee-īd

  • Mochi-Rose Dovah-Kriid

    I am afraid of M.H.A.R.P.H.I.N.'s voice......

  • Simge Bulut

    i cant find adorable face :'

  • Enclave Soldier

    This guy is so fucking anoying

  • Isabella Fleming

    You know, this was the first MxR video I ever watched... it was the beginning of a great wonderful adventure :D

  • Reza Amandhika

    hey mxr, i cant find those adorable face mod anymore, can you upload it maybe?

  • Kristatos Durgan

    Adorable Face was removed of Nexusmods.

  • Thrilling Raisedhand

    1995 was 30 years ago?Damn time travelers and their youtubing ways...

  • :Horizon:

    1995 was 22 years ago wtf

  • Juls Barz

    how to install mods? new dragonborn here i would like to make my bow cooler please help!!

  • warlock040269

    Really you did not know who Marvin is, He is the robot from the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. Pick up a book watch a BBC tv show or how about a the movie. What Nerd does not know Who Marvin is?

  • TheDemonOfWales

    Wait what 1995 was 22 years ago

  • Xcaliburz

    hey what is the mod he use to make his girls look that sexy what mod is that ?

  • Ubera Maximus

    Gonna finally have a good pc for Skyrim in Feb of next year, these videos are great for keeping my sanity.

  • Jipsy Jeepies

    What did the librarian say to the kids? Read more

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