ULTIMATE POLYGAMY MOD - Skyrim Mods Remastered - #5

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Pure Waters by Laast
Realistic Water Two by isoku
Marriage Mod - To Have And To Hold by joeThinkStudios
Dragon Falls Manor by Mattcm919
Elven Dresses by Naihaan by Naihaan Kragnaidael
Triss' Dress UNP-CBBE by Oaristys and Raven
Fancy Dress by lostdaywalker (LoversLab)
  • Samael

    damn this guy is so frigging straight

  • CrabMeat

    Anyone notice he put on an enb while changing from vanilla to the others?

  • Abby Lizipo

    I literally bought a PC to not play with shithole mods

  • SerenityTV

    "i didnt marry 10 spouses... i married 9 what do you take me for a hoe" (quotes with iinterpretation) lmao

  • corbyn cooper

    I have the legendary edion

  • johnny blaze

    be glad,mxr.i didn't skip the ad because i like your videos.

  • Crispy Cancer Macaw

    You can see Alex's nipple at 6:57

  • Evie Ingram

    Watter Is not ugleae.

  • Redoran 2017

    So politically incorrect. 100% Anita Sarkeesian disapproved! THUMBS UP!

  • Mikey fishing

    What is the mod he has that make male and female characters look so real like there textures and all that?

  • Neokami

    no more skyrim mods remastered?

  • David Jones

    we need to see more of this

  • David C Dun

    Polygamy mod, that one should have been from Temple of Dibella.

  • Loris Siviero

    Hi dear,what is the mod for have the NPC female like you? Aela is wonderful!!

  • QuiteDaPlayer_

    What idle mod does his use?

  • Waya Night-Crow

    anyone know a Xbox one marriage mod that allows more then one npc marriage. tried to have and to hold, but nothing pops up

  • An Nguyen

    What mods did you used to make the NPCs looked different?

  • Alepap

    10:17 eew glitched boobs

  • Nina Firstavina

    I really love your narrating style, in all of your vids. ^_^

  • Alexandra Kuper

    I love that I’m hearing zelda music

  • Zoo Chaos

    getting computer mxr mods lol in a week lol

  • Ridikis

    Was not ready for 7:38

  • A Chubby Bastard

    which walk and run animations are you using?

  • Darkmagic Gaming

    Skyrim turned Harem?

  • Turmoilx

    plz make more of these vids

  • TheVeryShyguy

    What textures do you use to make ysolda more attractive?

  • nathan coffey

    😂😂 I love these videos and I haven't even played Skyrim in months.

  • Tyler Tessneer

    Anytime you look at Lydia it's a beautiful scene

  • kingslayer Gaming

    "I'm also straight too"

  • Daniel Lindberg

    All Hail the Glorious PC Master Race!!!!

  • xxxCODExxx1

    Your character walks like she didn't wipe good enough.

  • Exit Humanity

    The polygamy perk should give you a Viagra spell. You're going to need it.


    U made my day,bro,I laughed a lot.awesome.

  • Wesley Johnson

    Lol lydia's head on the table.

  • Tropigers

    at 5:29 look it the bottom left of the screen XD

  • Allen Fox

    I may have have a ps4 but I got a badass pc!

  • Jlox

    Please bring back this series!

  • Mikey fishing

    What is the mod he has that make men and women’s skin and features look so real

  • Owen Manning

    ... and Batman ... FUCK SAKE HENRY! roflmao

  • GregWolf

    Its ironic because "realistic water" is not realistic at all but looks super clean and pure while "pure water" is green and brown and dirty as fuck, not pure at all, but realistic for sure. They mixed something up

  • Greg Harris

    Anyone else thinks he sounds like Pewdiepie

  • GregWolf

    Its ironic because "realistic water" is not realistic at all but looks super clean and pure while "pure water" is green and brown and dirty as fuck, not pure at all, but realistic for sure. They mixed something up

  • Kibs Kibs

    Why is this the Skyrim playthrough but doesn't show the link to Skyrim SE.... fail.

  • anon sandifer

    gosh, sound like pewdiepie

  • LaMarque Drew

    I remember seeing you review dragon falls manor before, like a long time agoI use it because of it, but nice to see it again.

  • LookingForRealAnswers

    And Batman... Hahahahaaa

  • 2Fingerzzz

    Omg, did someone say multiple marriage mod? Time to divorce my ps4 and marry a sexy gaming pc, haha.F**k Sony. Really enjoyed your video as always, hilarious.😂😂😂

  • gawreluck

    That outro song...it sounds familiar....anyone know the name of it?

  • Tyler Tobeck

    Ysolda looks amazing with that CBBE Mod

  • Jordan Trizisky

    remember guys if you couldn't tell, Mxr is SUPER STRAIGHT... don't forget

  • Naberius

    3:31 my my xD xD that was good

  • Furry lover

    I fucking lost it at the beating Lydia part 😂

  • Jasper Asten

    pewdiepie ???????????????????

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