If you're playing the PC version, open up the command console and type player.moveto 02002b74
This'll warp you right to her location, hopefully.

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  • Tim Alley

    I need help serana just disappeard and I can't find her so do I have to search all around skyrim or is there an easyer way to find her cus it would be a real pain in the ass if I had to walk all around skyrim.

  • xXToxic MortemXx

    She was my follower till she randomly disappeared same goes for shadowmere

  • Werewolf Night Lord

    When I finish the dawnguard quest I can't find serana?

  • Brian Boardwell

    I went to go save the Jarl of Riften from a Vampire. She wanted proof that the person was a vampire when I warned her. If I killed the vampire then the guards would've attacked me. I tried to pickpocket the vampire and read a note that told him what to do, but I got caught. I went back to my house to equip my thieves guild boots and figured that wouldn't be enough, so I went to Arcadia's cauldron to get some potions. I went back to Riften and realized that Serana wasn't with me. I saved the Jarl anyway and went back to Whiterun. I searched you house and Arcadia's cauldron, but I couldn't find her. I also searched Fort Dawnguard and Castle Volkihar, and again, I couldn't find her. I'm playing on Xbox 360 so I can't use console commands. I even tried getting the Orc at Fort Dawnguard as a follower, but he said that I already had someone with me. Please help.


    I cant find serana what should i do i went to the castle and dawngard i looked at my house too plz help

  • The New Seorarek

    I accidentally got a new follower and serana said she would be with the dawnguard if i need her and shes not there. Can anyone help?

  • Garrett Monk

    For me its been a long time and I still cant find her

  • Dovakhiin

    You need dlc see is in an vampire castle

  • Javier Mayorga

    If anyone is watching this can you help me plzzzz~I lost Serana( I sided with vampires so I don't think she is in fort Dawnguard) and I have no idea where she could be...Also, I try to get another person to be my follower but it says I already have someone with me...any help is appreciated

  • PATE Gom

    I already found Serena she was in a mushroom tree I ask her to grab the potion I forgot to come with me yay I found again

  • Rex The Infinately Stupefying

    I am having the same problem and cant find serana anywhere. If anyone knows how to fix this please tell me!

  • ihab darawshy

    i parted ways with her and she said she would meet me back at darkfall cave (the place where you find auriel's bow). i looked for her there but i couldnt find her. can someone help?

  • mr.nice guy

    plzz help i parted ways with serana and she said something about ill be at the glade even though i finished all the dawnguard quests any one message me if u know plzz

  • Gabriel Kelly

    i lost serana on the to a mission and I ant find her please hlp

  • Alexis Avalos

    I am just wondering around all of skyrim using detect dead sleep to see if I find her but no luck it's been like 5 days of me doing this I'm getting bored of it man

  • Dubbie - Skyrim & More

    she will be on a throne at Fort dawnGuard

  • dallascowboysfan221

    when i parted ways with serana i found her at fort dawnguard sitting down on a bench before i parted ways with her she didnt tell me where she was going she just says ok goodbye then i thought i lost her for good but since shes at fort dawnguard i feel better now

  • Harley Quinn

    I can't find Serana anywhere I checked everywhere! Can anyone help?

  • Killer Monkey

    I said Serana to part ways with me in Sheogorath and Pelagius mission. I never found her anymore. I wonder if is in the place of the mission...

  • Tree_ Baca_MC

    My Serena is stuck in a dungeon help

  • Sarah Calvert

    I've been to Fort Dawnguard and Volkihar castle, and I still can't find her. Please help.

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